For the love of the dice — game on.

Let’s have an awesome adventure.

Awesome Adventures are tales of daring-do! These are tales of high adventure where the heroes are brave and true-ish, the villains are always monologuing, and
our wild and eccentric superheroes are solving strange and unusual super villainy crime. Check our heroic adventure nightly on The Stream.

Our premier Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition night! Love seeing adventures with dwarves, elves, and tieflings in high fantasy, dungeon delving romps? This is your night to watch! Every Monday night at 7pm EASTERN!
Stories have meaning; directing and guiding us while we read, even when we least expect it. Watch us glide through fantastic whimsy and grasp the stars in our hands in these wild stories beyond dimension. Check it out every Tuesday night at 7pm EASTERN!
All adventures are awesome, but only the greatest Tales are Awesome Adventures! Watch us in our signature show choosing violence in a post-apocalyptic world, or trick-shot in a sci-fi future, or wander a far flung future Earth in these exciting tales every Thursday at 9pm EASTERN!
We worship Dice, and thank the Old Ones for staying away so we could have some awesome childhoods. Now watch us get giddy fighting side-by-side with some of our most enduring heroes every Wednesday at 8pm EASTERN!
Paizo took one of the best gaming systems out there and made it their own — made it better! Golarion is vast and wondrous and our crew chooses to explore it all on this night dedicated to this vast adventure. Watch us every Saturday at 7pm EASTERN!

Current Happenings with the Awesome Adventures

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