We are Vorpal Tales.

A group of gaming friends ready to take on any RPG system. Join us through the digital looking glass as we play some of the greatest adventures of all time!

The Vorpal Tales Crew

Tyler, hugged by Sarah.

Tyler Middleton (Main tech guy, creates overlays, intro videos, manages all music and SFX, manages mailbox, ensures we don’t violate copyrights, maintains the calendar and scheduling, manages YouTube and Twitch accounts)

Remember the scene from Babylon 5 where Susan Ivanova stares down Earth’s Destroyer Group and tells them she is Death Incarnate? Tyler is the Susan Ivanova of Vorpal Tales. A DM and player that has not only seen it all but led people through it all and out the other side. Tyler can run any system but specializes in horror gaming and has left a trail of death, insanity, and hilarity in his wake. He has been playing TTRPGs since AD&D 2e and the first edition of Vampire the Masquerade. Tyler is also responsible for many behind the scenes projects here at Vorpal Tales that we can’t thank him enough for. Find him on our Twitch channel every day that we stream and online @EldritchEchoes

Shawn; thumbs up for progress.

Shawn McNamara — (Runs our website, does our custom art and our posters, GMs games)…

Sometimes you find that friend that you instantly know is always gonna be there for you. That’s Shawn (Shawn O’Mac to those to know him closest). He is quick to help you learn a new system or let you move in with him in less than 5 hours’ notice (true story) and he is someone you want in your party and in your life. Shawn has been rolling dice since 1988 and still holds D&D 3.5 to such a high standard it had to learn breathing techniques to cope with the thinning air. You can find Shawn at home watching What We Do in the Shadows with his wife or playing video games covered in way too many cats or you can
find him online @SpacelordPJs.

Steve is ponderous.

Stephen Greene — Handles our social media and most of our interactions with commenters, helps manage chat during streams, creates our show clips, and GMs games. Is also our backup tech guy)…

Hello everyone, my name is Steve and I love gaming. Seriously, I love it. I have been gaming since 2005 and have been gaming consistently ever since. My first game was a Mutants and Masterminds session in the aisle of a local comic shop and included Vorpal Tales’ own Shawn (@SpacelordPJs). I have played more systems than I can count. When I am not gaming with Vorpal Tales I am probably trying toconvince a group of people to play an RPG with me. You can find me on Twitter and other social media @VoodooArcade

Eric with his two boys.

Eric Rodriguez (Created our logos, helps with digital art, Player in 1 game)

Eric is the hot Latin game lover you’ve always wanted. Hair like Picard, the “frak it” attitude of Kirk, coolness of Sisko, and the coffee addiction of Janeway. Even though he can roll dice with the best of them he will lead you down a path of pure imagination that leave dice behind in preference of pure roll play. Eric has been playing all forms of RPGs in any medium for basically his whole life. He brings to life some of our favorite PCs and can run a killer horror, noir, or cyberpunk game that you will remember for years after. You can find him online @MarronRecluse

Duane, with a drink.

Duane Moree (Player in 2 of our games, helps manage chat during streams)

Greetings dungeon delvers of the Internet! My name is Duane, and I started my RPG experience when I was 13 but I really did not get into it until I was in my early 20s. At that time a group of guys that I worked with would come together on weekends and play D&D 3.5. This was total theater of the mind as we didn’t play with maps or miniatures — just dice, and pen and paper. I took up interest again with the creation of Roll20 and the ability to play with people not in my local sphere. This led me to playing with the crew of Vorpal Tales. You can find me on Twitter and other social media @MadeOfKimchi

Sarah in thought (black and white photo).

Sarah Sullivan (Coordinates our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels, player in 2 games)

Sarah is an artist of many materials (both fine and not so fine), an Autism advocate, published writer, published illustrator, public speaker and podcaster (as co‐host of Spectrum with SAS, and player for Vorpal Tales). She came across D&D style gaming thanks to her partner Devin, and their mutual friend (aka “big brother”) Tyler – she’s been heartily addicted ever since! Her favorite worlds run anywhere from more “traditional” Dungeons & Dragons, to World of Darkness and Mutants & Masterminds. Tabletop RPGs, for her, have been an opportunity for learning, social engagement, and connection to a whole new world of imagination. Sarah enjoys, most of all, that tabletop games can be inclusive and accommodating to neurodiversity. In her sparingly spare time, she can be found cuddling the various animals of her household zoo. Find her online @ChangelingEver

Devin at the fence.

Devin Sullivan (Player in 1 game)

Devin has always loved a good RPG but did not truly get into TTRPGs until he was dropped in without a parachute by Tyler almost a decade ago. He never looked back. He has played all manner of systems, and loves him a good rogue or rage battler. He played the most memorable werebear in Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th any of us have ever seen. When he’s not gaming or assisting in surgeries (not even kidding) you can find him at home with his wife Sarah buried in a pile of fur babies. You can find him online @SortaSullied

Tiffany, queen of flowers.

Tiffany Medina (Player in 2 of our games)

Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany and I love gaming of all types, but really RPGs because it’s a live action choose your own adventure book. New places to explore and it really pushes the boundaries of the imagination. I’m just a massive geek, and I’m loving every second of it. Cue heart emoji. You can find me on Twitter and other social media @Pinkie_88