We are Vorpal Tales.

A group of gaming friends ready to take on any RPG system. Join us through the digital looking glass as we play some of the greatest adventures of all time!

The Vorpal Tales Crew

Tyler Middleton – Elder Thing

Remember the scene from Babylon 5 where Susan Ivanova stares down Earth’s Destroyer Group and tells them she is Death Incarnate? Tyler is the Susan Ivanova of Vorpal Tales. A DM and player that has not only seen it all but led people through it all and out the other side. Tyler can run any system but specializes in horror gaming and has left a trail of death, insanity, and hilarity in his wake. He has been playing TTRPGs since AD&D 2e and the first edition of Vampire the Masquerade. Tyler is also responsible for many behind the scenes projects here at Vorpal Tales that we can’t thank him enough for. Find him on our Twitch channel every day that we stream and online @EldritchEchoes

Shawn McNamara – Elder Thing

Sometimes you find that friend that you instantly know is always gonna be there for you. That’s Shawn (Shawn O’Mac to those to know him closest). He is quick to help you learn a new system or let you move in with him in less than 5 hours’ notice (true story) and he is someone you want in your party and in your life. Shawn has been rolling dice since 1988 and still holds D&D 3.5 to such a high standard it had to learn breathing techniques to cope with the thinning air. You can find Shawn at home watching What We Do in the Shadows with his wife or playing video games covered in way too many cats or you can find him online @SpacelordPJs.

Steve is ponderous.

Stephen Greene – Elder Thing

Hello everyone, my name is Steve and I love gaming. Seriously, I love it. I have been gaming since 2005 and have been gaming consistently ever since. My first game was a Mutants and Masterminds session in the aisle of a local comic shop and included Vorpal Tales’ own Shawn (@SpacelordPJs). I have played more systems than I can count. When I am not gaming with Vorpal Tales I am probably trying toconvince a group of people to play an RPG with me. You can find me on Twitter and other social media @VoodooArcade

Eric Rodriguez – Auxiliary Elder Thing

Eric is the hot Latin game lover you’ve always wanted. Hair like Picard, the “frak it” attitude of Kirk, coolness of Sisko, and the coffee addiction of Janeway. Even though he can roll dice with the best of them he will lead you down a path of pure imagination that leave dice behind in preference of pure roll play. Eric has been playing all forms of RPGs in any medium for basically his whole life. He brings to life some of our favorite PCs and can run a killer horror, noir, or cyberpunk game that you will remember for years after. You can find him online @MarronRecluse

Duane, with a drink.

Duane Moree – Auxiliary Elder Thing

Greetings dungeon delvers of the Internet! My name is Duane, and I started my RPG experience when I was 13 but I really did not get into it until I was in my early 20s. At that time a group of guys that I worked with would come together on weekends and play D&D 3.5. This was total theater of the mind as we didn’t play with maps or miniatures — just dice, and pen and paper. I took up interest again with the creation of Roll20 and the ability to play with people not in my local sphere. This led me to playing with the crew of Vorpal Tales. You can find me on Twitter and other social media @MadeOfKimchi — made of kimchi is a state of mind.

Savannah – Auxiliary Elder Thing

Savannah is one of those people you instantly know is going to be an asset to anything she decides to throw herself into. She is quick to help in any way she can, is a versatile voice actress and roleplayer, and is someone you want in your party and in your life. She is an accomplished LARPer and loves to cosplay, along with many other talents. She has even managed to steal the hearts of our very own Eldritch Echoes and OhHelloMere. You can find her all over the place on our show as well as sometimes on her own channel, https://twitch.tv/missmissemofox.

Patrick Warren – Auxiliary Elder Thing

You’re probably asking, who’s Patrick? You don’t know that name because everyone calls me Patty. I can thank my wife for that. 

I have been playing tabletop games for 4 years, but dreaming of adventure and hijinks for much longer. My first ever game was DM’ed by Steve (@VoodooArcade), and since that first Bard I was hooked. The Vorpal Tales people like to call me the King of D&D, and I humbly accept. I am one of those people that once I discover something, I go all in, and let me tell ya, I went all in.

The days are running short on having the reaction time to be able to, but I also play FPS games and many other PC games in my free time. In the Vorpal Tales server you can reach out to me about your homebrew idea or writing tips or revisions or how to play your PC including how to do an accent or portray a quirk in the next tabletop game you play. I love sharing ideas and getting deep into roleplay.

You can find me online @PattyShakes_

Rachel – Auxiliary Elder Thing

Rachel, existing as some kind of mashup of goth and nerd, does things with words and games in Los Angeles. She earned her English Literature degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. Several years later, she followed that up by studying game design at Santa Monica College. She has put her blend of skills to use as an RPG editor, with credits at By Night Studios, Mighty Narwhal, and various community content creators. Along with her editing work, she’s contributed to titles for Modiphius and Onyx Path and produced her own community content titles. Rachel also enjoys every aspect of LARP, and is currently working on a political theatrical style LARP, The Council of Nicaea. When she’s not eyeballs deep in game writing, she’s usually out for a run, sewing another costume, or brewing beer in her closet.

Ambrose Sullivan – Auxiliary Elder Thing

Ambrose (he/him or they/them) is an artist of many materials (both fine and not so fine), an Autism advocate, published writer, published illustrator, and public speaker. He came across D&D style gaming thanks to his partner Devin, and their mutual friend (aka “big brother”) Tyler – he’s been heartily addicted ever since! His favorite worlds to play and GM in are centered around horror and wonder, like World & Chronicles of Darkness, Vaesen, and more. TTRPGs, for him, have been an opportunity for learning, social engagement, and connection to a whole community of chosen family. Ambrose enjoys, most of all, that tabletop games can be magnificently queer inclusive and accommodating to neurodiversity. In his sparingly spare time, he can be found cuddling the various animals of their household zoo and going on adventures with his partners. Find him online @AmChangeling and on Etsy at Neat & Co. Designs!

Devin at the fence.

Devin Sullivan – Vorpal Peeps

Devin has always loved a good RPG but did not truly get into TTRPGs until he was dropped in without a parachute by Tyler almost a decade ago. He never looked back. He has played all manner of systems, and loves him a good rogue or rage battler. He played the most memorable werebear in Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th any of us have ever seen. When he’s not gaming or assisting in surgeries (not even kidding) you can find him at home with his wife Sarah buried in a pile of fur babies. You can find him online @SortaSullied

Jane – Vorpal Peeps

Hello! I am Jane (She/Her), also known as @TheConfusedCrow on the interwebs. I am a very tired college student of Asian studies and also an art double major. Not only that, but I’m also a TTRPG gamer, and an already accomplished artist. Most of my time is spent drawing, cooking, and screaming into the void!

Harry – Vorpal Peeps

Harry has been many things throughout his life, ranging from wolf handler to radio host. He is currently studying History at Skidmore College. In his spare time he enjoys miniature painting, writing, and watching movies. Harry also hosts the Saratoga By Night Podcast, is a player in The Last Faerie Tale, and appears on Vorpal Tales in multiple games. @SalubriCat

Zak – Vorpal Peeps

You are reading these words because of the show Kindred the Embraced. Yes, that Kindred the Embraced. When it aired in April of 1996 a teenage boy watched it with his step-brother, asking annoying questions until he was allowed to join a Vampire: The Dark Ages game. He was hooked until he went to college and forgot about the game for twenty years. 
Spring of 2018, now a man, he popped his old Kindred the Embraced DVD and got the idea to start playing again. There were no Gentleman Gamer videos to watch in the 90s, no LA by Night, no PDFs to download of previously released title or community content. He began his journey, back into role-playing games. 
A brief conversation that started on the Gehenna Gaming discord led to a short zoom meeting led to him streaming and writing and making new friends.
It was me. My name is Zak, my pronouns are he/him, and it is nice to meet you. You can tweet me @ZakRulz

Mere – Vorpal Peeps

Oh, hello there! I’m Mere (She/Her)! Storytelling has been a part of my life since I was young, from reading books about fantasy and magic to working in theatre and film after college. My RPG journey began somewhere in between, with DnD and Vampire the Masquerade leading the forefront, along with numerous collaborative creative writing ventures across the internet and Fantasy RPG video games. Offline, I continue storytelling in a different form as a high school history teacher. You can find me on Twitter & Twitch at @OhHelloMere where I do my best to share positivity, mindfulness, and a bit of tarot, oracle, and yoga. Come get your good vibes!

Jason Toering – Vorpal Peeps

The Toering is a Veteran of both the US Navy and TTRPG world, having been introduced to the second while serving in the first. Starting back in the Dark Ages with AD&D 2e and quickly moving on to the World of Darkness, Rifts, and many other systems. All in all he’s been gaming across a multitude of systems for over 25 years with no plan to stop. Currently he is involved in several online Play by Post games both as a Player and Game Master as well as a handful of live games. When able to he also works part time on his Podcast, Lore of the Apocalypse, where he strives to introduce newcomers to the incredibly deep lore of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. Find them online @The_Toering

Jarred – Vorpal Peeps

The name is Jarred (he/him). I’m fairly new to the TTRPG universe. My first game was a D&D game that was set in the Underdark. Then from there I was hooked, I did everything I could to be a part of the universe. I even got inspired by most of my games to write short stories of my characters to flesh them out. I’m also a huge gamer, my favorite kind of video games are RPGs, MMORPGs, and JRPGs. I also love working out, taking long walks with my cute puppy, and the love of my life!!! Find them online @RealLifeJarred

John Bedore – Vorpal Peeps

I’m a person who loves and adores tabletop games. In between streaming with Vorpal Tales, I’m teaching my son and daughter that dad is a jungle gym always, but under protest. My better half doesn’t know what to do with me on the daily, but back rubs heal all – remember that everyone. I also love and adore my fellow streamers, they are the best and it really is the best of times when you get to work with your friends. You can find them online @J3Billion

Mike – Vorpal Peeps

Mike’s been gaming over 80% of his life, which has exposed him to all sorts of amazing games, travel, people and experiences. He spends most of his time these days as a Storyteller – in LARPs or at tabletop games, and is excited to get back into the realm of being a player here with Vorpal Tales. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram as @doctorfuzion.

Kitty Kimchi – Vorpal Peeps

Hewo! First my name I go by when playing or streaming is Kitty Kimchi. I’m a baby gamer. I’ve only been playing for about two years now. I’m blasian Korean/Black which inspired my soc-meds handle (@YepShesBlasian) along with my signature Kitty gaming headphones. My favorite games include Changeling, Kult, and VTM V5.

Rosie – Vorpal Peeps

Hello there! I am Rosie or regular_sized_mom, a mom and ttrpg lover. I have been gaming for a dozen years. My dice are tattooed on my right arm. My first ttrpg was Call of Cthulhu and since then I have played everything from Mouse Guard to Kult to Shadowrun to Orpheus. Whatever I have the chance to try, I do. I am beginning to explore GM/STing. I have played with a lot of wonderful people at Vorpal Tales, Gehenna Gaming, and Carrion Comfort Studios. Find me on twitter at @mom_sized

John ‘JT’ Thomas – Vorpal Peeps

John ‘JT’ Thomas (he/him) is Rival Theories’ lead writer and designer. In recent times, he comes from a software development and cybersecurity background, though previously worked as a game designer and writer on a number of original and licensed mobile game titles.

Outside of the TTRPG community, JT is a privacy activist and digital security trainer, using his background to train political activists, protestors, and the like on staying safe in a increasingly surveilled world. Find them online @zensomancer

Rae – Vorpal Peeps

Hi, I’m Rae! I’m a Capricorn who uses they/he pronouns. I co-host a podcast with my friend, called Falconreach Fables. I am also a lover of TTRPGs and am the resident pink dice Goblin. I grew up in Georgia before making a move to Oregon six years ago, and then moved back. Planning the next great adventure. Follow me on Twitter! @rachastaway

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