Hey there snickersnacks!

2022 is a big year for Vorpal Tales. As an entity, we’ve resolved to work even harder to provide you with better content. With a wide variety of shows, we have a dearth of books and material to cover to make sure that we have all the rules and supplements to give our players the proper materials to conduct themselves in our shows. We’re starting a regular recurring Starfinder series here in a few weeks, and we’ll be using roll20 as our tabletop platform. There are a lot of cool virtual books that help make the game easier to play. We want to try and get the attention of big daddy Paizo with this show as they could help the Vorpal Tales brand immensely.

We’re looking to our fans to help donate some extra monies to our drive to purchase online virtual books for our recurring Starfinder game. If you’d like to help the show get that much better, look to our KoFi and drop a few dollars into our coffee cups:

We appreciate any donations you can give. Simply label it as “for Starfinder” or “space opera the sh%T outta this game” or something like that — we’ll give you a shoutout here in the Discord and on the stream when it rolls through here in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your support.

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