2017 brought us the visual recreation of Murder on the Orient Express, where the mustasched master detective Hercule Poirot solves murder on a train he’s traveling on.  Now what compliments a great detective story?  Cthulhu of course!  Starting early Spring, the obligatory vorpal goth, StolenFires, leads us through Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express by Chaosium.  

As the story goes, after an unfortunate murder, a group of individuals are drawn together as unlikely allies.  Their mission: to thwart more than one shadowy figure’s quest for immortality, at a terrible cost.  There’s going to be a little luxury, a dash of elegance, and trains!  Of course, true to Call of Cthulhu fashion, there will be plenty of cultists to contend with; and with an extremely high expected investigator mortality (and insanity!) rate, this story is bound to be captivating.

Just like our many other coming pre-recorded adventures, only Patreon supporters will be able to have access to this amazing production.  Swing by the Patreon page, toss some coin to your favorite storytellers, and join many other Snickersnacks as you watch StolenFires’ storytelling leave players wheezing and investigators dead.  Tiers of at least $10 or more get access to one or more shows respectively.

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