Seekers of knowledge that lie hidden in the fabric of the multiverse lend me your ears!  Has your warlock been out shined by fellow casters of your party?  The arrangement between yourself and your patron lacking?  Looking for a way to piece together new arcane secrets to further bolster your power?  A true warlock need look no further than the Shadelands and the warlock ruled city of Yon’Cath.  In The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock by Apotheosis Studios, the 5e stories center on you, the oft-overlooked and misunderstood warlock.  However, in this extensive series all can find the promise of intrigue, treachery, and betrayal.  With every deal and temporary bargain made, the powers of the Patron hierarchy will tilt, changing the world within.  So shed off that cloak you hide under, bear your eldritch invocations, and tell the alien elder gods you’re coming for dinner!  Catch the live exploits of Vorpal Tales, Saturday evenings at 11pm EST live on Twitch.  Remember, in the Shadelands…you’re family.

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