Prepare yourselves for a Marvel-U level action and adventure campaign!  Yer ol’ pal Spacelord Pajamas is back in his old Thursday evening time slot bringing a bit of Legends of Tomorrow and a dash of Suicide Squad right to your doorstep.  Utilizing the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Vorpal Tales will dive into the fantastic world of brave superheroes and fiendish villains.  In The City, five new superheroes will combat crime and injustice.  Share in all the ‘KER-POW’ action, as the team utilizes new gadgets and strange super powers to take down the bad guys, bringing light to darkness.  Join us Thursdays live on Twitch to catch superheroes ‘King’, ‘WitchMoth’, ‘Majestic Maw’ and the like, as they crush evil doers to save the past, by defending the future!

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