Dark fantasy?  Planetary romance?  Dying Earth subgenre?  OH SNAP!  Vorpal Tales is doing it old school and heading into the original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting, Dark Sun!  Starting in late February or early March live on Twitch, the one and only reverberating elder thing, EldritchEchoes, will take a handful of unsuspecting adventurers to the dark lands of Athas, but with a fifth edition upgrade.  Athas, that beautiful world where magic is utterly dangerous and the gods care not for your pleas. If you are a fan of our Scarred Lands series, love fierce landscapes, and get excited when monsters deliver beatdowns to PC; then this show is exactly what you need to make Monday evenings exciting!  Join us as we D&D Mad Max it up and fight oppression by the sorcerer overloads.

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