Work is hard yo.  It’s the end of another long week but we are here with your ultimate reward.  That’s right folks, it is time once again for the one and only Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  We here at The Pull List are oh so happy to bring you a brief but kinda rambly synopsis from everything our editor in chief is reading this week.  We got some good looking titles from DC, Marvel and of course some awesome looking indies as well.  It’s looking to be a damn awesome time and I can’t wait to fill my eye holes with all the gloriousness.  So come along on this trip of excitement and adventure that jedi’s most definitely crave but make sure you stick around all the way until the end of the insanity so you can learn the pick of the week so you know what book i’m recommending for you this wonderful week.

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants #1

Writers: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden

Art: Matt Smith

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

I’ve long anticipated this mini series adaptation of a personal favorite Hellboy novel and I’m stoked that it is finally here.  Why am I so excited, you ask?  Well it combines two of my favorite things, Hellboy and Norse Mythology!  After a mysterious ancient hammer crashes to the Earth in Sweden and is constantly surrounded by lightning strikes and ominous feelings.  Hellboy and Abe Sapien are called in to investigate and while everyone is trying to figure out what to do Hellboy in perfect Hellboy fashion just picks up the hammer.  He is then struck by lightning and struck with visions of Thor fighting the Midgard World Serpent.  He comes to with an unexplainable need to travel north to a cave that is seemingly the home of a great evil.  Hell of an opening issue here, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Absolutely love this novel and the first issue of the comic adaptation did not fail to impress.  Really interested to see how much of the novel they are able to get into a 4 issue series and how it will be conveyed in artistic form.  No matter what happens, I’m sure it will be one hell of a ride.

X-Men Legends #8

Writer: Larry Hama

Art: Billy Tan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wolverine has been teleported into Shanghai in an attempt to rescue Jubilee from Lady Deathstrike.  This of course leads to Jubilee escaping on her own as Logan and Deathstrike come to crazy adamantium blows against each other.  They are able to take down their opponents at the same time with some nifty teamwork just in time to get attacked by Omega Red.  After being warned by Wolverine to stay clear of his tentacles, Jubilee of course tries to intercede and gets smacked through a wall to discover they have even more villains to contend with when Sabretooth enters the fray.  Decent enough issue I guess, this title is kinda losing interest for me.  Think the concept of the book was a lot more intriguing than the reality of it.  They are obviously putting their B team on it and it shows.  Probably going to drop it.

Dark Knights of Steel #1

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Yasmine Putri

Publisher: DC Comics

This much hyped limited series written by Tom Taylor is right off with a jump as a familiar spaceship lands on Planet Earth but inside is actually Jor-El and Lara as she is giving birth to their son.  Jor-El is shocked to discover he has heat vision as he blasts a horde of attacking men on horseback into oblivion in defense of his wife and newborn son, Kal-El.  Fast forward 19 years where the Bat-Prince and his Robins are in defense of the Lands of El from magic  users everywhere.  In a shocking revelation, Bruce finds out he is actually the illegitimate son of his mother and Jor-El just as a Green Man infused arrow hits the king right in between the eyes.  Damn good opening issue to this 12 issue limited series.  Really interested to see the places it could go and in total Taylor style, he hits us with a jaw dropping revelation on the last page.  Interested to see why the “Green Lantern” is anti-El’s and who else can fall on either side of this upcoming battle, should be really fun to see.

Star Wars #18

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Ramon Rosanas

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the aftermath of the War of the Bounty Hunters event, they were all playing for keeps and not everyone came out a winner.  The Rebels are licking their wounds after failing to recover Han Solo when they receive a surprising hail in space.  It would seem the leader of The Crimson Dawn, Lady Qi’ra.  Qi’ra is coming about the Millenium Falcon, a ship with whom she is previously acquainted and wants to have a chat with Princess Leia.  After reminiscing about the man that both ladies have loved at different periods in their life they agree to a truce when Qi’ra pledges to give Crimson Dawn’s assistance in infiltrating  Jabba’s Palace at a later point to try and rescue Han.  The ladies part not as friends, but no longer as adversaries and both go their separate ways to their own destinies.  Pretty good tie up here, nice to see Leia and Qi’ra come face to face and not exactly be friendly towards one another.  Still undecided on the whole crossover event as a whole but most of the individual issues and stories worked really well so I’d say it’s a win.  Not everything I read was really necessary for the whole narrative but this issue was a very nice addition.

Mighty Morphin #13

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Marco Renna

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Eltarian War is in full effect as Zordon and the Rangers are under siege.  The Supreme Guardian of Eltar has his sights set on Earth and is not afraid to take out his former comrade, Zordon in the process.  After smashing his containment chamber, The Supreme Guardian orders his super team of super villains to take out The Power Rangers.  After some deft maneuvering Kim, Rocky and Adam manage to escape the battle of sure doom and manage to get caught up with Tommy and Aisha who were at Grace’s tower trying to contact The Omega Rangers.  They all are then horrified to be told that Grace has detected a major power fluctuation at the command center and that Zordon is gone.  They all need to do what she says now no matter what or else they can go outside and face off the impending alien invasion on their own.  Damn fine issue here, nice how they bounced back and forth between multiple groups and still manage to progress each story well on their own.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — me no like Grace.  She is a bitter ex-Ranger with a high and mighty point of view that needs to be put in her place.  I hope that we will get to see it soon, I kinda dislike her more than I dislike Zedd, but then again Zedd is awesome and we all know it.  This Eltarian War is really shaping up to be something epic and I can not wait to see how it all unfolds.

Robin & Batman #1

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art: Dustin Nguyen

Publisher: DC Comics

The appropriately named limited series tells the tale of the beginnings of the dynamic duo but from Dick Grayson’s point of view.  Dick has been training with Batman, growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that Batman does not trust him enough to bring him out into the field at night.  After fashioning his own costume out of his old family’s Flying Graysons outfit, feeling all too sure of himself Dick comes face to face with Killer Croc in the sewers.  Strangely enough it seems that Dick recognizes him from his traveling circus days.  After a timely intervention from Batman, the two go back to the cave where Bruce reveals the Robin costume he had made for his ward.  Really good opening issue here to this three part mini series.  Really stylistic art that really seems to fit the feeling of the story quite well.  Really interested to see where they are going from here, and I am all in after just one issue. 

Savage Avengers #26

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Patrick Zircher

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After a vicious showdown with old Conan in the future, Kulan Gath ventures back to the present to show his adversaries just how inevitable their defeat is.  Possessing the head of Conan, Gath tosses it at the feet of his foes and savors his for sure victory.  Unknowingly, the heroes have been up to a stratagem of their own as multiple Kang’s have brought all of the Savage Avengers together for a final clash with their seriously unbeatable foe.  Really good setup  here to an epic conclusion almost 3 years in the making.  Kulan Gath has been a great villain and the team of the “savage” group has meshed so well together.  I, for one, hope they do find a reason to keep this book going after this because it has been awesome.

Action Comics #1036

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art: Daniel Sampere

Publisher: DC Comics

The arc everyone has been waiting for is finally upon us.  After the events in Action Comics, Superman and Superman and The Authority the Man of Steel has recruited a team of heroes and some not so heroes to head into deep space with him to free Warworld and all it’s slaves from Mongol’s tyranny.  When Superman and The Authority arrive they find that scores of slaves have been murdered and lined up leading the way for them to the arena where they can find Mongol and the other people.  When a confrontation with Mongol’s supergroup goes wrong, it is revealed that Superman is suffering from radiation poisoning and is significantly depowered and aging.  With this knowledge, how can the Man of Steel and his comrades hope to free an entire planet from it’s tyrannical rule.  Really great opening issue to an arc I’ve been waiting a long time to get going.  Really interested to see where they go with it and how they combat Kal-El’s sudden weaknesses, really good stuff here.

Well folks, that’s about all that she wrote here at The Pull List for this week.  I do feel the need to apologize for the lack of articles as of late.  The Funkiest of Thunderr’s needed a bit to recharge both mentally and physically but we’re back and better than ever.  This week’s pick is really a no brainer for me.  We had really solid issues from books like Action Comics and Dark Knights of Steel but I think i’m going to have to give the nod to issue 1 of a 3 part series with Robin & Batman #1.  This telling of the birth of the dynamic duo from Dick Grayson’s perspective was a joy to read as well as having really great art to go along with it.  
So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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