Lightning crashes through the sky as the one and only, funkiest of all the Thunderr’s makes his triumphant return to once again grace your eye holes with a most amazing review of a most amazing stack of comics that is his most amazing pleasure to read.  That’s right kids, we’re back after our week off in sunny Florida to bring you Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  We have a fantastic stack of comics this week, it’s looking like it’s going to be one hell of a time and I am totally psyched to get into the books and share with all of you my thoughts on this week’s readings.  So come with me if you will, on a tale of excitement and wonder and make sure you stick around all the way to the end to discover my pick of the week so you know just what book you can’t live without this week. 

Superman and The Authority #4

Writer: Grant Morrison

Art: Mikel Janin

Publisher: DC Comics

Superman is in the clutches of The Ultra Humanite as The Authority is going toe to toe with the evil, ragtag group of villains.  Just as The Ultra Humanite is about to cut Superman’s head open to insert his own brain inside he is taken out by Lois Lane wielding a sizable Kryptonite gun.  After dispatching Solomon Grundy’s controlled body they discover the Ultra Humanite’s partner in crime is none other than Brainiac.  After trading verbal jabs with each other they watch on as The Authority takes the fight to the evil group.  After leaving the super villains behind, Superman reveals to The Authority that the next mission will be to travel to The Warworld and set its people free.  Pretty decent finale to a good mini series.  Whole conclusion did seem a bit rushed, I felt like they could have fleshed out the story a bit more with 6 issues instead of 4 but it was still an enjoyable read nonetheless.  I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a different kind of Superman story.

Immortal Hulk #50

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Joe Bennett

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the end of an era as the epic run of Immortal Hulk comes to an end.  Regular Hulk and the newly Red Hulk (Joe Fixit) are wandering Hulk Hell looking for answers and most importantly, Bruce Banner himself.  After encountering the gods of this hell they decide to say eff it and just leave.  With some help from their friends at The Fantastic Four Bruce Banner escapes The Place Below, taking the different versions of The Hulk back into himself and re-emerges back on Earth.  This was a less than stellar conclusion to a really great run on Hulk, a bit disappointing to be honest.  The book was double sized with the art inside was absolutely gorgeous so in that area they definitely delivered.  Story-wise it was very meh for me.  This book started out absolutely fantastic but it kind of lost me about 15 issues ago. It’s still been good and worth a read but lost some of the magic it had there for awhile.  All in all though if you look at the entire 50 issue run as a whole it was absolutely amazing and definitely worth checking out. 

Wonder Woman #780

Writers: Michael Conrad & Becky Cloonan

Art:Travis Moore & Steve Pugh

Publisher: DC Comics 

After her Odyssey throughout the afterlife, Diana has finally returned to Earth much to the elation of her friends and pretty much everyone on the planet.  After checking in with the Justice League at their headquarters she has a good heart to heart with her mother Hippolyta who is quick to demand that she return to Themyscira and rest after her ordeal.  After stopping off to save a boat filled with workers, Diana returns to her island home and is greeted with open arms by Queen Nubia and the rest of her amazonian sisters.  After getting her old lasso back, Diana reaffirms her vow to humanity and flies off, uncertain of what her future will bring, but ready to embrace it as only a Wonder Woman can.  Really good issue here, probably the best since the events of Death Metal.  While Diana’s odyssey through the afterlife was enjoyable to read, it is nice to see her returned to the land of the living and back on Earth to be the hero she has always been, two thumbs way up.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #5

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Luke Ross & David Messina

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The epic conclusion to the summer long Star Wars event, War of the Bounty Hunters has finally arrived.  There is a multi-sided battle for the body of Han Solo going on in many different places.  The Empire currently has Solo but they are fighting off an attack by The Hutt Council all the while the rebels and Fett and Valance all are aboard the imperial flagship trying to get their hands on Solo.  Vader is single handedly taking out the Hutts and the rebels are inches away from getting Solo when Boba Fett swoops in and snatches him up at the last second and disappears out to space with his prize for Jabba the Hutt.  With the Hutt council out of the way, maybe this is the opening Crimson Dawn needs to get a good foothold in the galaxy.  With the forthcoming Crimson Reign event that sure does seem to be the case.  Really enjoyed this series, a lot of the tie-ins were highly unnecessary for the overall narrative but that’s nothing new.  Apparently this is the start of a 2 year Star Wars event trilogy with the upcoming Crimson Reign and in 2022 it was announced that they will be doing one called Hidden Empire.  Star Wars comics are really at a high point right now, here’s hoping they don’t try to put out too much stuff out there but right now it’s looking really good and I’m definitely excited for it.

Power Rangers #12

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Francesco Mortarino

Publisher: Boom Studios

 After last episode’s shocking events involving Lord Drakkon’s sudden but inevitable betrayal, the Omega Rangers are in a whole lot of trouble.  After the last of the Emissaries is killed, the last of the Empyreals is resurrected by The Supreme Guardian of Eltar with orders to come to his aid.  As a parting gift the Empyreals unleash their full might on the planet leaving The Rangers to figure out a way off a dying planet with no ship, no zords and no hope whatsoever.  Really great issue here as The Rangers come to grips with the reality of their situation and they probably don’t have a way off the planet.  Little do they know that Xi had powered up their super space lion cat thing as the newest of the Omega Rangers and he is most assuredly coming to save the day.  This is all leading to the upcoming Eltarian War which is looking like it’s going to be something really great and I can’t wait to see where they go with it all.

Avengers #49

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Javier Garron

Publisher: Marvel Comics

World War She Hulk continues on as the newly brainwashed “Winter Hulk” is on the attack in Atlantis.  She has been sent on an assasination mission by The WinterGuard to take out the King of Atlantis, Namor.  All the while, the true purpose of her mission has been revealed to be a patsy to take the blame when The Winter Guard detonates a gamma nuke on Atlantis, effectively wiping them off the ocean floor.  Just as She Hulk is about to take out Namor, she suddenly stops and tells him to evacuate his people as she jumps into action to attack Red Widow and her cronies.  It would seem that she allowed herself to be taken, knowing they could not actually break her and calls in The Avengers to fight off the onslaught.  Pretty damn good issue here, this arc has been like a breath of fresh air for the series and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The reveal that She Hulk has been working undercover this whole time was really well done and building off the character’s history of being the most mentally stable of all the Hulks and her ability to fight off the brainwashing was really cool and nice to see.  

Titans United #2

Writer: Cavan Scott

Art: Jose Luis

Publisher: DC Comics

The Titans are in a head to head confrontation that is pushing them to their limits with……….Kite Man?  Yeah you heard that right folks, freakin Kite Man of all people.  It would seem that Kite Man has been infused with the powers of all of The Titans and he is utilizing those powers to take the fight to the super team.  With some nifty teamwork as well as a hand from super duo Hawk and Dove. The Titans manage to take him down before he goes nuclear.  After Superboy does some investigating on the Batcomputer, he discovers that the connection to all those involved is a doctor who used to work at Cadmus Labs of all places.  After the team splits up to go after the assassin who takes out the doctor Superboy in a fit of rage flies up into space and wakes up in the clutches of Starfire’s villainous sister, Blackfire.  Pretty solid issue here, really curious how they are linking Superboy to the power stealing that Cadmus is doing here but it’s bound to be a good time.  They are really utilizing every character from the show even having Red Hood working with The Titans, which is a bit odd if you ask me but hey, he’s kinda a hero?  No, I don’t actually believe that, he’s a douche.  You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.  But anyways we’re 2 issues into this 7 issue series which leaves them plenty of time to flesh out the narrative, only ground work thus far but it’s looking pretty good if you ask me.

X-Men #4

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Javier Pina

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s the night before Halloween and most of New York is asleep and unknowingly under the keen eye of the evil being known as Nightmare.  Nightmare is taking advantage of the fact that Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme has recently died and is sifting through the dreams of the X-Men and causing hellacious nightmares.  He is of course thwarted by an Omega level mutant known as Jean Grey.  After showing him just how powerful she really is and what kinds of kindness her heart has she casts him out with a promise to not be so forgiving should he infiltrate their dreams again.  Decent enough issue here, served more of a quick way to remind readers of issues going on in all the individual team member’s lives than anything else.  I was definitely disappointed that the cover teased a Cyclops Headless Horseman and I never received it.  Insert sad face here, but overall pretty decent issue, this book has been pretty solid since the restart of the new volume.

X-Force #24

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Martin Coccolo

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So Colossus’ evil brother, Mikhail Rasputin has his nesting doll agents implanted inside Beast and Black Tom Cassidy is on the job folks.  After using a mini-him to infiltrate and fight off the tiny beings inside Beast with some nifty talents of using his control of plant life to use the salad inside Beast’s stomach to fight off the intruder Black Tom is shocked when Beasts plucks out his own eye to get out the last of the sleeper agents that’s in his eye.  Meanwhile, after a day in the field’s with his girlfriends, the most horrifying concept is made real.  Mikhail Rasputin uses another to control the mind of his brother and uses his art skills to get layouts of X-Force’s activities and when Kayla discovers this he makes him kill her quite viciously.  Pretty decent issue here, I tire of Black Tom using every Scottish stereotype every single time he talks but hey that’s a small gripe.  In reality, nothing is more terrifying than the concept of a mind controlled or influenced Colossus.  That could be horrible for everyone.  X-Force has been  pretty solid since the get go and nice to see it continue on in the same way.

Okie dokie folks, that brings us to the end of another great week of comics here at The Pull List.  Picking a winner this week is proving more difficult than usual being that everything was good but nothing stood head and shoulders above the pack.  If I was gonna pick one it would have to be Boom Studios’ Power Rangers #12.  Great to see Drakkon back in evil douche mode and with all of this leading to the Eltarian War it was a damn good issue to behold.  We will see you here again next week, same funky time, same funky place.
So until then…………Stay Funky My Friends.

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