There you are!  I have been waiting for you all week to show your beautiful faces!  I know, I know……Who are you? Why are you following me? Hey, this isn’t a taco truck!  Nevermind all that, welcome back or welcome front?  Hellifiknow, anyways welcome to the internet’s 854th favorite comic book review column (yeah, I know I’m not even that high, but creative freedom man!), that’s right kids, it’s the one and only Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  Here we shall delve into that which our supreme leader known as Funky Thunderr has deemed worthy to read this week and tell you what we like about it, what we don’t like and how to make an amazing whiskey and soda.  Ok, one of those will happen.  So continue down this pathway of literary astonishment, and follow that yellow brick road all the way to the end so you can’t find out what is behind the curtain of Funky Thunderr’s pick of the week!  Don’t ever re-read your own intro, it might give ya a headache………….of AWESOMENESS! BOOM!  Ok, comics time, I swear………..Go!

Batman vs. Bigby!: A Wolf in Gotham #1

Writer: Bill Willingham

Art: Brian Level

Publisher: DC Comics Black Label

Oh you just knew I had to start my reading with this highly anticipated title.  This elseworlds tale is showcasing Batman and his army of Robins investigating a string of murders that has seemingly been caused by a gigantic wolf.  Yeah you heard right, Robins, there seems to be 3 different Robins, seemingly with Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown all donning the Robin costume at the same time.  Batman has been in pursuit of this murderer and has been stumped as to how said person is eluding him.  He does not believe the wolf murder theory being that all the murders are being committed in areas where security cameras have been deactivated at the same time.  After finally catching up to the man known as Bigby on a rooftop he manages to take him down using some knockout gas after discovering that he’s to physically imposing to take down with conventional means.  Shortly after, Bigby awakens in the Batcave chained to the floor next to the giant dinosaur.  Not too shabby of an opening here marking the return of Fables into the DC Multiverse.  Really interested to see where they are gonna go from here and how two of my favorite characters of all time will interact with each other.  Nothing phenomenal here but laying a lot of groundwork for what’s coming I think so stay tuned for awesomeness.

Star Wars #17

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Ramon Rosanas

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Yet another in a very long list of War of the Bounty Hunters tie-ins!  I feel like this has been going on for 98 years, lol.   Luke has led Darth Vader on a wild goose chase flying above the planet surface and even uses some of the terrain to take down Vader’s ship and give his friends some breathing room.  Up in the orbit around the planet Han is withing striking distance but the Millenium Falcon is dead in the water.  While the Hutt ships close in on their prey Lando and Chewie are doing everything they can to get The Falcon up and running again.  Really nice moment where Lando crawls inside the ship’s circuitry to get the diagnostic system working again and has a conversation with his old droid L3, who if you recall from Rogue One became the Falcon’s computer.  He succeeds of course and it’s off for the last stretch of the race for Han Solo between his Rebel friends, Boba Fett and The Hutts, can’t wait to see who comes out on top of this one.  Really enjoyed this tie in issue.  Interweaving like 3 different storylines all at once all the while continuing the narrative of the event and the main book was really impressive and a really touching moment between Lando and his old companion, pulls at the old heartstrings.  

Robin #6

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Gleb Melnikov

Publisher: DC Comics

Ding ding ding, the tournament on Lazarus Island has officially begun.  Robin quickly dispatches of his foes in the first two rounds giving him plenty of time to rest up and relax while everyone else continues on with their fights.  After some of the surviving members meet up to discuss how the tournament and Mother Soul are obviously not what they appear to be they are interrupted by Respawn who seemingly threatens them all, declaring himself to be the future winner because none of them are the avatars of death, merely rejects of life.  As round 3 takes off, Robin uses his fight with Respawn to take a big hit from Respawn so he can swipe Mother Soul’s tome so he can hopefully find out what’s really going on.  Damn good issue here, this has been a really solid series from the jump and just keeps getting better and better with each issue.  They are doing a really good job of expanding on the character growth that Damian has received in recent years and I can’t wait to see what kind of paths they ultimately take him down.

Inferno #1

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Valerio Schiti

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This mini-series has been dubbed as the “culmination of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men” so it’s obviously uber important and a must read for this X loving true believer.   A lot happened in this double sized super issue so i’ll try to keep it brief.  The leaders of Krakoa have tried time and time again to take out the Orchis headquarters floating in space, more importantly the Nimrod unit that has recently been brought online.  They have failed time and time again and in desperation they have turned to the most dangerous mutant on the planet, Moira Mactaggert.  Moira has agreed to help Xavier and Magneto but only if they erase all trace of Destiny from existence ensuring that she can never be resurrected again.  Destiny is the only being that Moira fears and wants to ensure her retirement.  After Cyclops steps down as Commander of the Captains of Krakoa so he can give his attention to leading the X-Men field team, Bishop is promoted to Commander and Psylocke is made a captain, replacing the recently taken out mutant, Gorgon.  The Quiet Council gathers to discuss making changes of their own, possibly replacing the missing seats at their table when everyone is shocked when Mystique nominates Destiny as she strides into the council chamber.  Man, this was an enjoyable read, a lot to process and get through but thoroughly enjoyable.  The changes in Moira’s character and backstory of late has made a constantly dull character really interesting to me.  She has threatened to burn Krakoa to the ground before so it sure will be interesting to see her reaction to Destiny being alive and well.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #3

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: John Timms

Publisher: DC Comics

The new Superman of Metropolis is not afraid to make a stand physically or politically.  After saving a building filled with 472 people and all their pets with his father, Jon Kent is shocked to discover that the government has agreed to return the refugees he saved last issue.  When a group of people protest this action, they are met with physical retaliation by the police who are quickly blocked by the new Superman.  Jon Kent then shocks everyone and stands with the protestors declaring if they are going to arrest them, they have to arrest him too.  After being released Jon introduces his new friend Jay to his parents and it’s absolutely glorious to see Jay gush when meeting Lois Lane because as a journalist, she is his hero.  In a touching father/son moment Clark says goodbye to his son, telling him how proud he is of the man he has become and he leaves the Earth in good hands as he heads out into space to free Warworld.  Man, absolutely stellar issue here, Taylor’s storytelling teamed with Timms’ visuals is a homerun every damn time.  Really interested to see the places they can go with this character, that’s basically a Superman with a blank slate.  They can go anywhere with it that they want, really is an exciting concept.  

Wolverine #16

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Adam Kubert

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wolverine is at a bar (I know, shocker) mulling over his target Solem and trying to figure him out when low and behold Solem walks right up to Logan wanting to have a chat.  After the two exchange verbal jabs with one another they come to an understanding and Solem agrees to return the Muramasa blade to Logan and help him take down Blackmoore, ensuring the Arakkoan pirate does not plunder Krakoa as well.  Just as the two spring their trap on the gigantic pirate, Solem of course betrays Logan and leaves him to fight Blackmoore alone.  Nonetheless, armed with a Muramasa blade and with hundreds of years of fighting experience, our favorite Canucklehead is able to take down his large foe.  After retrieving both Muramasa blades, Logan shows Emma Frost where she can find Solem and all her missing logic diamonds and her psychic manipulations are more than a match for him.  Really good tie up to a damn good arc here.  This has been one of the more solid X books over the last year and this issue was definitely one of the best, showing how good of a solo character Wolverine can be but at the same time showing his character’s development as a member of a team as well.


Writers: Matt Kindt & Keanu Reeves

Art: Ron Garney

Publisher: Boom Studios

The latest issue of Keanu Reeves first dive into comic writing waters finds B having a heart to heart with  his doctor, Diana.  The doc’s idea is by forming a more lasting bond with one another she can hopefully help him delve deeper into his memories and understand him.  What we need for that is scotch, 200 year old scotch to be more precise.  I mean, I agree.  B discloses to Diana how he has chosen not to love anymore because every time he tried in his long, storied history it always ends in pain and bloodshed.  Things like companionship and fathering a child is just not something the universe is going to allow this demigod.  The doc uses this info to craft a machine to unlock even more distant memories and hopefully unlock some of his powers for her employers’ own machinations and it appears to be a success.  Pretty solid issue here, this book is not at all what I was expecting.  Yes it has crazy, violent action but they are really going deep into the character of B in ways that I definitely approve of.  With the knowledge that this has already been option by Netflix I find myself thinking this reads like a movie with it’s slow build to an inevitable climax and confrontation and I’m really looking forward to it.

Thor #17

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Michele Bandini

Publisher: Marvel Comics

 Thor and Odin have been called to a distant land by Thor’s mother Freyja and his sister, Angela.  Here, Angela very cleanly states that Thor and Odin must fix the rift between them and put Asgard back in order or she as older sister will come and take the throne away from him.  After Angela leads Odin away, Thor and Freyja has a bit of a heart to heart where a troubled Thor has trouble addressing the knowledge that the original Phoenix is his actual birth mother and Freyja says in no uncertain terms that she is the one who raised him from infancy and she is her mother and he is her son.  And then folks we get the shock moment of the week when Thor gets an unexpected phone call from Captain America where Cap informs the god of thunder that his mighty hammer has been stolen from Avengers Tower.  Pretty good issue here, never been huge on the whole Angela character so her parts were very meh for me but the back and forth between Thor and his mother was really well done.  Worry not true believers, the lead in to the next issue says Thor will have his new master of spies on the trail of his beloved hammer, that’s right kids…………Throg!  I know, I can’t wait either, it will most surely be awesome.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #121

Writer: Sophie Campbell

Art: Jodi Nishijima

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Members of the Splinter Dojo and their allies have invading Hob’s Mutantimals and have succeeded in taking them down.  Hob is on the run and Raph and Mikey are hot on his trail which leads to Hob and Raph going toe to toe in a very viscous manner.  After taking down Hob and the rest of his gang the members of The Splinter Dojo come to realize that Mutant Town needs it’s own type of police and justice system for moments like this.  After unsuccessfully interrogating Hob in a cage, Leo and Donnie leave him as the weasels who think of Hob as their dada slip in and might be ready to free their dada.  Decent enough issue, good action sequences, story was uninspiring to be honest.  Book seems to be hit or miss month to month, can’t seem to string a bunch of good issues together but it’s still ninja turtles so it is definitely enjoyable.  

Well folks, that’s the end of the list for this week.  Really enjoyable week of comics, but how do you pick a winner out of a stack of winners?  *flips coin* Ok………..this week’s pick of the week is going to have to go to Marvel Comics with Inferno #1,  This big time X event book is sure to be huge and change the landscape for the foreseeable future and this double sized issue was definitely worth the 5.99 price tag and I would definitely recommend it.  We’re taking next week off as me and the wife head down to sunny ole Florida for vacation.  Gonna visit some peeps, my dad and hit the parks but we’ll be back the following week so until then…………….

Stay Funky My Friends.

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