Batman day is here again, doo doo doo da doo da doo.  You like my song? Damn right you do.  Batman Day was this week, so ya know the most important of all holidays.  Yeah that’s right, even more important than Boxing Day.  Needless to say I got a fair amount of Bat-family books to look at this week here at Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  Here at this most amazing and stupendous column we shall endeavor to entertain you with our reviews of all the comics the wise sage known as Funky Thunderr is reading this week.  We got a bunch of DC books, some books from Marvel and one very highly anticipated title from IDW to get through this week.  It’s looking like an awesome week so let’s get right to it but don’t forget to stick around until the end to discover the most important information in the world.  That’s right, Funky Thunderr’s pick of the week! And…………….go!

Batman #113

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Jorge Jimenez

Publisher: DC Comics

Well, it’s the week of Batman Day so ya just had to know I’d start with the main Batman title.  Fear State is in full swing and Tynion’s and Jimenez’s big anticipated event is off to a rocking start.  The Anti-Oracle is spewing their message of fear and hatred to everyone of Gotham City posing as the real Oracle and Babs is not happy about it.  Meanwhile, Batman has to find proof that this whole ordeal was orchestrated by Simon Saint in order to get The Magistrate set into power by the mayor.  After coming face to face with a squad of The Magistrate’s peacekeepers, Batman takes them down in pure Batman style showing Simon Saint how easy it is for him to take him down at any time and puts the fear straight into him.  After that action packed scene of awesomeness, Batman enlists Ghostmaker’s help in scouring his psyche for any subliminal commands or whatnot and is brought up to speed on Doctor Crane’s concept of enacting a Fear State to improve a civilization and knows he must be stopped at all costs.  Pretty damn good follow up issue here to a good opener.  I really like the use of Scarecrow as a master mental manipulator but all the while show him very little in the issue.  I think that does wonders for the aura of his character and Fear State is really shaping up nicely and I look forward to where it could be going.

Nightwing #84

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Robbi Rodriguez

Publisher: DC Comics

This Fear State tie in finds our favorite blue bird themed superhero heading into Gotham after the signal from Oracle appears to be corrupted.  After recently pledging to do everything he can to help the city of Bludhaven, Dick feels a bit guilty leaving but maybe seeing exactly the type of city he does not want to see Bludhaven become will be good inspiration for how best to help his city.  Lured to Crime Alley by the Anti-Oracle that he thinks is the real Oracle, Nightwing finds himself ambushed by Magistrate drones and robots.  Just when the numbers appear to be getting to him, Batman shows up to fight alongside his old protege.  After the dynamic duo fights off and escapes the ambush they have a real touching moment when Dick thanks Bruce.  Batman says, “I watched my parents die in that alley, I wasn’t about to let it happen to my son”  Oh damn you Tom Taylor, you hit me right in the feels man, not cool!  Anyway Bruce sends Dick to Oracle’s tower to help her in tracking down the Anti-Oracle and after finding out that her tech was used to lure Nightwing into a trap Babs has had enough and quickly suits back up into her Batgirl gear ready to take the fight to the enemy.  Man, that issue.  Just when i’m least expecting a moment like that during an event tie, Bam Tom Taylor hits me right in the heartstrings.  Really loved this issue, love this book, love me some Nightwing.  Taylor’s ability to spin a tale that furthers the plot of the Fear State Batman event all the while not sacrificing his own Nightwing narrative is really impressive and should be commended

Batman: The Detective #5

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Andy Kubert

Publisher: DC Comics

Another Batman title you say? Damn right I do, it was Batman Day afterall.  Batman has called in his European Alliance of the Bat to help track down the Anti-Batman group led by Equilibrium.  After crossing into Belgium he discovers that they have taken 37 people hostage in the city and plan to kill them all cuz ya know, they had all been saved by Batman.  After a thrilling rescue with Batman taking on the group as Squire frees all the people Batman is not surprised to know that Equilibrium escaped in the chaos.  After meeting up with his old mentor Ducard, Bruce discovers the motive behind all these actions.  Would seem this woman, a former spec ops soldier who had trained with the best in the world, had her world turned upside down when a drunk driver killed her husband and baby child.  Looking for someone to blame she found out this man had been saved by Batman a year earlier and sees him as an agent of chaos and must eliminate all the people he has saved.  Really interesting character revelation for the villain of this story.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this mini series and am hella glad I signed up for it.   The combo of Taylor’s storytelling and Kubert’s gorgeous art has really made for a winner and definitely worth checking out back issues or picking up the trade when it comes out, I”m sure it will be much sought after by readers.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #4

Writers: Paul Dini & Alan Burnett

Art: Jordan Gibson

Publisher: DC Comics

A hitman by the name of The Muscle (so deep that one) has been hired by mafia boss Rupert Thorne to take out the thorn in his side if you will (oh i’m hilarious) by the name of Detective Renee Montoya.  After multiple failed attempts thwarted by Batman, The Muscle lures Montoya out into the open by kidnapping her girlfriend and holding her ransom.  Montoya is of course more than happy to spring the trap and with the help of Batman is able to take down The Muscle even implicating Rupert Thorne in the process.  Fun little issue here done well in the animated series style.  First appearance i’ve seen of animated Montoya for years and it was very well done and true to character.

Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juan Frigeri

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The finale of The Last Annihilation has finally arrived.  Will Planet Dormammu succeed in his nefarious plan to dominate the galaxy?  Will the super huge team of Guardians of the Galaxy be able to thwart him?  Is Doom trustworthy? Does Rocket have fleas? Tune in next week here at Dragonba……oh wait, no right now, huzzah!  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to watch Doctor Doom cast a spell/do a reading with tarot cards then man is this the comic for you.  Doom uses all his allies’ spirits and auras to suck the magical mojo right out of Dormammu so Rocket’s giant gun can do the trick.  This anti-magic Mysterium bullet has been crafted by mutants of Krakoa and is now infused with the power of the sun thanks to Star-lord and has the entirety of the Nova Force behind it and it one shots the evil space wizard demon, must’ve been a vorpal gun and they rolled a nat 20.  Dormammu is ripped out of the vessel, sent back to the dark dimension and the heroes have saved the day at last.  When they are all partying it up in celebration it has revealed that Doom sucked out more power from Dormammu than they thought and has it all stored in his armor waiting for the day when he can unleash it for his own nefarious deeds.  Pretty awesome finale here, only negative is it felt a bit rushed, like they could have used another issue to set up the big shot I feel but still pretty damn awesome.  With the last page announcement of this being the last issue with nothing in solicitations of a new Guardians book I am admittedly a bit confused but I’m sure there will be something down the pipe but the earliest could be January of 2022.  But all that aside, a great way to finish off Ewing and Frigeri’s run, it has been absolutely stellar to say the least.  Two thumbs way up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #4

Writers: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz & Peter Laird

Art: Esau & Isaac Escorza, Ben Bishop & Kevin Eastman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Our last surviving ninja turtle has taken it upon himself to train Casey and April’s daughter, Casey Marie.  She has the drive, determination and skill to take the fight to Saki’s clan but lacks the discipline that only Mikey can teach her.  While they plan out an attack on Stockman’s compound on Roosevelt Island with the rest of the resistance we get a really awesome flashback showing the story of how Splinter and Donatello fought to their dying breath but were ultimately defeated by The Foot Clan in Japan.  Back in present time the resistance is about to meet it’s end from a swarm of Mousers but is ultimately saved when April comes flying through with their armored car and hits them all with a concentrated EMP blast.  After breaking in, they release Professor Honeycutt who promptly takes his ultimate revenge on Stockman and takes control of the facility. Man, what an issue, everything that makes Ninja Turtles great is on display in this book.  Awesome, gritty art, seriousness mixed with smartass jokes in all the best spots.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this premier format series and am super sad it only has one more issue.  I really hope the main Ninja Turtles book creative team is taking notes because this title has been absolutely stellar.

X-Men #3

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Pepe Larraz

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The X-Men are called into Vietnam by S.W.O.R.D to deal with a planetary incursion that caught everyone unaware when it’s ship appeared from the sun.  The X-Men then come face to face with The High Evolutionary and his group of super powered beings.  This does sit well with Rogue who has had previous dealings with The High Evolutionary.  She is quick to attack after he offers to kill all of base humans with a virus so the mutants can inherit the Earth.  What follows is some of the best crafted action scenes one can ask for.  Larraz really has a knack for that aspect of the art for the book.  After some really cool moments involving Synch and Wolverine, the X-Men find themselves outmatched.  The High Evolutionary offers to retreat if Synch gives up some of his blood, which the young mutant quickly obliges to do even after Wolverine swears she will sacrifice her own life to protect him.  Pretty solid issue here, the first 3 issues of the relaunch have been really good thus far.  Nice to see them touching on the relationship between Wolverine and Synch that was in the end of the last volume of X-Men and showing just how powerful Synch’s power copying ability can really be.  Interested to see how much grander this book might get with several X  books supposedly ending in December, but with all the big events coming that will probably just mean new titles for those characters to appear in but we shall see what we see.

X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So this one was a bit weird.  They been setting this up for months in the Way of X book with it being apparent that every time a mutant is killed and resurrected the resulting lifespan between mind download and death is consumed by Onslaught and allows him to get his hooks inside their brain.  The first one they manage to free using the unifying power of Legion’s brain is Pixie who can use her soul knife to short circuit people’s brains and free them from Onslaught’s influence which has them creating all kinds of chaos across the island.  One after one they manage to free their brother and sisters until finally the last one’s in possession are the one’s that Onslaught was born of, Xavier and Magneto.  Pixie manages Magneto easily enough due to her soul knife not being magnetic but Xavier leads them on a chase all the way to Mars.  After subduing Charles and freeing him, the team is able to subdue Onslaught and free all of mutantkind from his influence once and for all, we think.  Pretty long winded finale to the story arc.  Don’t know why they needed a special for this and didn’t just do another Way of X issue, but hey it was enjoyable so win win.  

Ok folks, that is the end of our list for the week.  It was a really great week of comics, making my job of picking a pick of the week super hard.  We had phenomenal issues from books like Nightwing and Batman but ultimately I’m gonna have to give the nod to IDW Publishing’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #4.  This entire series has been absolutely stellar and I can’t wait to see how they are gonna wrap it all up and who will be left standing at the end.  Next week is looking super stacked and I can’t wait to get ahold of that lovely stack of awesomeness.  I look forward to going through it all with you once again next week.

So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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