Welcome back one and all, you have found yourselves once again on that awesome website known as Vorpal Tales and somehow ended up clicking on this man’s ramblings about all things comic book and awesome.  That’s right kids, welcome to this week’s edition of Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  We got a really awesome looking stack of comics to get through this week, some highly anticipated issues of books like Daredevil, Swamp Thing and Conan not to mention all the other goodies.  I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on all that I’m reading this week and I hope you too are excited to read it.  So without any further random statements from me, let’s get on with the comics!

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #4

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Luke Ross

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Luke’s apparent moment of cowardice is not what it first appeared to be.  Realizing that he is not ready to face Vader face to face, he instead taunts Vader out to space to hopefully give Leia and friends an opening to rescue Han.  The rebels pursue the imperial shuttle, little do they know that on their tail is none other than Slave 1, piloted by Boba Fett with his reluctant new partner for the time being, Valance.  After the rebels immobilize the imperial shuttle they are taken out of the fight with a low powered seismic charge from Slave 1, leaving Fett and Valance with a clear path to Han Solo.  Fun issue here, story is coming together nicely as we near the conclusion.  Their ability to progress the hunt for Solo storyline as well as the emergence of Crimson Dawn has been executed very nicely and makes me look forward to the recently announced Crimson Reign event.

Mighty Morphin #11

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Marco Renna

Publisher: Boom Studios

After last month’s reveal that Lord Zedd is actually a former supreme guardian of Eltar who was painfully transformed when he attempted to wield the power of the Zeo Crystal.  Things are about to get interesting in Power Rangers yo.  Meanwhile, in present time Zordon and the current supreme guardian inform the Power Rangers of their plan to attack Zedd’s moon base and free the Eltarian hostage, Zelya.  When Zelya appears after “escaping” (in reality Zedd let her go after revealing the truth of his origin to her) she is immediately taken down after attempting to take out the supreme guardian but not before warning Zordon and the rangers that the Eltarian invasion is imminent.  Really good issue here, setting up the upcoming big storyline.  Some really good character development as well as some good action showcasing The Supreme Guardian’s elite warriors.

Daredevil #34

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Stefano Landini

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Daredevil has been exposed to a drug that the prison has been using on prisoners being released that incites feelings of violence and encourages criminal activity.  All in an attempt to keep the prison population high they are causing released prisoners to lose any chance of reform just for the money they get and create with full prisons.  DD is now at the head of a prison riot and his friend in the police, Detective Cole has come in to try to talk some sense into him.  This of course does not work and the two soon come to blows.  The only thing that seems to snap him out of it is when Cole tells him that Bullseye is out in the city killing people.  Matt quickly disappears and escapes the prison in order to go stop his old nemesis just as Typhoid Mary and Elektra square off against all of the Bullseye clones.  Like wow, what more can I say other than this was just awesome.  This now 34 issue run might be the best, most consistent thing in comic books these days.  The thought provoking multi-layered narrative that this book has is just amazing and an absolute joy to read.  Two issue to go in this phenomenal run before the next stage.  I can’t wait to see how they bring this all together and am stoked for what the future holds.

Conan the Barbarian #25

Writers: Jim Zub, Larry Hama, Dan Slott & Christopher Priest

Art: Cory Smith, Paul Davidson, Marcos Martin & Roberto De La Torre

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Conan’s 25th as well as 300th legacy issue brings us four separate tales of Cimmerian goodness.  For sake of keeping this short and sweet I’m gonna focus on the first one that is done by the book’s main creative team and continues the current narrative of the book.  That being said I just have to say all four stories were a joy to read.  Conan and Belit are entering a temple emblazoned with the symbol Conan saw years ago out at sea (last issue).  Deep inside Conan is struck with visions of himself from different time periods when he peers into a silvery orb.  Just then, different versions of himself (King Conan and young Conan) walk out of the orb and engage Conan and Belit in battle.  As Conan takes down King Conan, Belit takes down the young Conan with some nice footwork and guile.  Just as King Conan yields the fight current Conan is sent into a rage lopping his head off declaring “I would never yield!”.  The two escape as the temple crumbles around them leaving no clue as to why this symbol brought them here.  Really enjoyable anthology issue here, Conan is always a good read.  I don’t usually enjoy the books filled with a bunch of short stories but everything here was really good.  Nice to see Belit show up again, always a good  back and forth between the two.  As always, this book gets two thumbs way up.

Batman #112

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Jorge Jimenez

Publisher: DC Comics

The Fear State mega event over a year in the making is upon us.  Batman is off the grid and being subjected to Scarecrow’s new fear torture.  His new techniques go far beyond the fear toxin and get inside the subject’s brain.  Batman comes to inside The Batmobile with no memory of his time in custody.  After regrouping with Oracle and the others they put a call out to Ghostmaker in hopes that his personal communication net is the only thing not corrupted by the Anti-Oracle that has hacked their systems.  Nice open here, really setting the stage for the big , much anticipated event.  The use of Future State characters but changing them just enough so we can still be surprised is really good use of content.  This event will be going on for awhile and serves to be a good swan song for Tynion and Jimenez’s run on the title.

Swamp Thing #7

Writer: Ram V

Art: Mike Perkins

Publisher: DC Comics

A Peacemaker led Suicide Squad is on the hunt for The Swamp Thing for Waller.  Waller recognizes that the Swamp Thing is the ultimate weapon and hopes to capture and utilize that weapon.  One by one the members of Task Force X have fallen to Swamp Thing leading Peacemaker to believe that this is one mission that they can not complete.  Nightmare Nurse manages to track down Swamp Thing and sink her mental hooks in.  Revealing all of his struggles and trauma of guilt for the death of his father, she offers to take it all away so the Green will have no trauma to latch onto.  Levi denies her offer and Chemo is on the attack and Swamp Thing goes super forest creature as the two go toe to toe in the forest center.  Another great issue here, this book has been really amazing.  We are 7 issues in of a scheduled 10 and I really hope this gets picked up for another long mini or ongoing because the combination of Ram V’s writing and Mike Perkins gorgeous art is absolutely perfect for a Swamp Thing book. 

Suicide Squad #7

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Eduardo Pensica

Publisher: DC Comics

Ambush Bug has joined Task Force X!  Yeah you read that right, the wise cracking, fourth wall breaking, teleporting hero/villain has joined cuz Waller needs a teleporter to get the team out of Hell.  That’s right, Waller is sending them into Hell after the Rock of Eternity.  After it’s been revealed that Waller has been messing with all their minds in order to get them to comply better be it with mind wipes, fake memories, or simple mind altering using their “therapists”  After the reveal in the annual that Superboy is actually Match (the superboy clone) nobody is trusting Waller, not that they ever did.  After actually making it to hell, the squad comes face to face with The Hell Squad that declares they are coming for Waller’s head.  Interesting issue here, really showing more and more of Waller’s plan to form her own Justice League and take over another Earth.  I have admittedly become less interested in this book now that it’s revealed that Connor is not in it but we will see where they go from here.

Savage Avengers #24

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Patrick Zircher

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Conan and Doctor Strange are prepared to face Kulan Gath in the heart of New York but the evil, cannibal sorcerer has been waiting for them and is justly prepared and uber powered up.  In an attempt to combat the horrible odds Doc Strange summons every hero he can think of.  A super team of Avengers, X-Men, and villains alike all attack the sorcerer and it’s all for naught.  After a viscous battle, Kulan Gath reigns supreme over the planet and sends his minions off to eradicate mankind.  In the midst of the battle Conan and Doctor Doom had escaped but Doctor Strange has been captured and tortured for years.  Just as Kulan Gath is at his most braggadocious, Doctor Doom murders his main priest after magically reappearing and removes his helmet to reveal Conan.  Right before Doom fell at the Battle of Latveria he enchanted his armor so Conan could wear it and sneak inside Gath’s stronghold.  Even with this surprise, Gath is still too powerful but not all may be lost as Strange sends Conan to an apparent previously set up run in with the time traveling despot, Kang the Conqueror.  Really good issue here, kind of amazing how they’ve kept a single storyline going for 24 issues.  I really do like this long term storytelling.  Really glad I got in on this book from the beginning and really looking forward to where they could be going from here.  I smell time traveling shenanigans.

Infinite Frontier #6

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Xermanico

Publisher: DC Comics

This is it folks!  The last issue of the big DC event of the summer that will set the stage for the direction of the DC Universe from this day forth.  Well, at least until their next Crisis wipes it all away again.  I mean, no way that could happen ever, ever, ever.  The ultimate Darkseid is trying to use The Flash to break through the barrier of the multiverse so he can wield that which is beyond and he thinks the Omega Lantern (Roy Harper) is the key.  After a full on battle royale President Superman is able to stop The Flash but he disappears in a flash. (haha puns)  Darkseid sends all the heroes and villains back and they are all left to pick up the pieces.  Elsewhere, The Flash comes to as he comes face to face with the original multiverse that was destroyed by Anti-Monitor and it appears old character Pariah is out to just make everyone happy where he creates a world in Flash’s head called Earth-Flash-1 and he just wants to make everyone happy.  Ugh, even books, amirite?  Yeah you can skip this whole series, it’s been uninspired and dull to be honest.  Inclusion of characters like President Superman and Flashpoint Batman is cool and all but the story was so blah.  One positive it’s brought the JSA back to the main Earth so that makes me hella happy.  Gimme a JSA book now please.

Wow, what a week folks.  We’ve had some good, some bad, some freaking awesome and everything in between.  Was a tough call this week with really quality installments from books like Swamp Thing and Conan the Barbarian but this week’s pick of the week is going to definitely have to Marvel Comics’ Daredevil #34.  This amazing book just never fails to disappoint and is always an absolute pleasure to read.  I would definitely recommend anyone interested in Daredevil to look out for the trades of it as I’m sure most of it is available and definitely worth your time and money.

So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.  

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