Ya know what’s more awesome than smoking a nine pound pork butt the day after your birthday in preparation for DnD night? Well honestly not much but damn if comics aren’t an awesome addition to that right there.  So we are here today on this wonderful new comic book day, smoking meats, sipping whiskey and reading some awesome comics.  

Do I use the word awesome too much? 
I may, but not as much as Captain Awesome did once upon a time.  Welcome one and all to this week’s installment of the best damn comic review article that this guy writes.  That’s right kids, it’s Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List!  Come with me — if you will — as I take you through everything I’m reading this week (and yes it’s a light week so I don’t even need to skip anything — yer welcome).  We’ll talk about the good, the bad, the stupendously awesome and everything in between.  Make sure you stick around all the way until the end to find out what wonderful comic I bestow the honor of being the pick of the week!

Avengers #48

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Javier Garron

Publisher: Marvel Comics

World War She Hulk continues on as we find Gorilla Man brooding in a bar of supervillains explaining his recent betrayals of The Avengers.  Would seem the immortal Gorilla just wants to die and The Red Room promised to do it for him and abandoned him to his fate.  She Hulk finds him in the bar and lays waste to the entire bar as well as a cadre of vampires that had been feasting on her blood whilst in The Red Room.  It is unclear if her action right now are her own or a result of her brainwashing but it ends with her going out into the middle of the ocean and laying waste to some Atlanteans where it would seem her mission is to take out Namor whilst Red Widow is planting a nuclear bomb to take out Atlantis once and for all.  Pretty solid issue here, they are really building to something big with the upcoming 50th issue as well as legacy 750th issue that is being much hyped.  I’ve really enjoyed the World War She Hulk stuff thus far, it has been a real breath of fresh air after months of meh stories and if you’re looking for a good jumping on point for Avengers 3 issues back might be a good spot.

Batman: Fear State-Alpha #1

Writer: James Tynion IV

Art: Riccardo Federici

Publisher: DC Comics

The much hyped and much anticipated Batman event that they’ve been building up to for months is finally here.  That’s right kids, it’s Fear State time!  Batman is Scarecrow’s prisoner, being subjected to his fear torture as the beginning of the master villain’s plan begins to take shape as Gotham is becoming a police state.  Saint Industries is spending millions of dollars to spin a PR story of Peacekeeper-01 as the ultimate hero, all the while said soldier has been subjected to Scarecrow’s fear toxin and is on the streets out of his mind and undetectable thanks to their cloaking technology.  Just as Oracle is about to step in and coordinate the Bat-family and reach out to the people of Gotham, someone hacks her signal and sends out a less inspirational message warning the people of Gotham to trust no one but themselves.  Don’t trust the police, the government and most of all anyone wearing a bat on their chest.  Really good opening issue here to this event.  They’ve really been planting the seeds for this for months and it all seems to be coming together quite well.  Let’s see if they can live up to all the hype they’ve created for this event, I for one think they will and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Dark Ages #1

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Iban Coello

Publisher: Marvel Comics

We got a good old fashioned “What If” type tale here folks.  No back story needed, just jump in head first and let’s go.  

The Earth is breaking apart from the inside as an ancient robot being known as The Unmaker that was buried inside the planet’s core awakens.  The heroes throw everything they have at it but after absorbing the power of black holes for a millenia it just unmakes everything they throw at it.  In a last ditch effort, Doctor Strange opens up a portal to a world bathed with EMP rays to shut down the machine.  The plan works but Doc Strange is killed leaving no one to shut the portal so electricity on the entire planet is nullified.  This event series was teased pre-shutdown and never seemed to happen, glad to see it finally see the light of day.  As usual, Taylor’s story crafting is on point and I can’t wait to see how the heroes and villains operate in a world without electricity.  

Wonder Girl #3

Writer: Joelle Jones

Art: Joelle Jones & Adriana Melo

Publisher: DC Comics

Everyone is still after Yara Flor.  Amazons, Wonder Girl and even gods like Aphrodite and Eros.  AFter encountering some vicious creatures in the jungle near where her plane crashed Yara is stuck with the Greek god of love’s arrow and is compelled to follow him wherever he goes.  The god whisks her away to Mount Olympus where she is  brought face to face with the queen of the gods, Hera herself.  Pretty ok issue here, almost too much going on at once so at the end it almost feels like not much advanced in the story.  The purpose of all this seems to have been to get Yara to Hera so that is accomplished at least, we will have to wait and see where they go from here.

Star Wars: The High Republic #9

Writer: Cavan Scott

Art: Ario Anindito

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jedi Kreeve has gone deep undercover in an attempt to find out who is leading the Nihil after The Eye was taken out.  The council on Coruscant does now approve yet Marshal Kriss has sent the young jedi without their consent.  In an attempt to win over the Nihil, Kreeve poses as a Nihil and attacks a Jedi starship.  Just as the Jedi are about to overrun her she is saved by a Nihil battle cruiser that whisks her away to safety.  Only problem is, now her real test begins.  She must prove to the Nihil that she is truly one of them but when they command her to murder a Hutt, can she go against everything that makes her a jedi just for the sake of the mission?  Decent enough issue here, art is good, story is compelling for what it is.  These characters are as of yet just really failing to capture my attention.  I’m gonna give this book a couple more issues but it might be on the axing block.  I want to love it cuz it’s Star Wars and i’m a huge Star Wars guy just really not with this entire High Republic stuff be it novels or comics.

Teen Titans Academy #6

Writer: Tim Sheridan

Art: Rafa Sandoval

Publisher: DC Comics

A  bunch of the kid Titans are off to a hidden pond in the shadow of New York to relax and have fun.  They are confused to find none of the locals partaking of the excitement and enjoyment of a good summer spot.  They venture into town to find it too is abandoned.  Just when it all gets too confusing the kids are attacked by the locals and Gorilla Gregg is taken away.  After doing some detective work of their own the kids are able to track down the locals to an abandoned building where they find Gregg at the front of what is seemingly a group of mind controlled locals with his uncle, Gorilla Grodd.  Pretty decent issue here focusing on the new characters in the book.  Now I’m sure Gregg hasn’t turned evil and is under the control of his uncle, or is he? Dun dun dun!  All jokes aside, it did seem weird for them to immediately shift from the Red X storyline to what just felt like filler.  Filler is not the right word, it’s got good character development and everything so that’s good just seemed with the current narrative of the title for it to be a sudden and weird shift but hey, it’s Titans they do wacky stuff like that.

The Last Annihilation: Wiccan & Hulkling

Writer: Anthony Oliveira

Art: Jan Bazaldua

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The newly married super couple of Wiccan and Hulkling have been forced to the opposite end of the galaxy to lead groups fighting against the incursions of Dormammu.  After realizing they can use Captain Mar-vell’s bands to teleport across the galaxy and change places, Wiccan uses the power of  Dormammu to reforge his husband’s super sword and then transfers places with him so Hulkling can use his magic disrupting sword on the remnant of Dormammu that happens to be made of magic.  Pretty good tie in issue to the Last Annihilation event.  Probably not incredibly necessary for the narrative but some really good background story for Wiccan and Hulkling which is always a good thing.

Well folks that is as they say, all she wrote.  Pretty decent week of books that go around, nothing really stupendous to choose from but we had solid outings from books like Avengers and Dark Ages.  Alas, in every competition there can be only one winner and this week’s pick of the week is going to have to go to DC Comics’ Batman: Fear State-Alpha #1.  This official open to the Fear State event spanning over multiple Bat books is off to a great start and I for one can not wait to see where they go with it.

So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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