It’s the final new comic book day of August and woohoo is it a doozy.  We here, and  by we I mean me, there’s only one of me on staff.  We here at Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List would like to once again welcome you to my weekly diatribe of all things comic and awesome as we look at the comics I’m reading this week.  We got Superpeople, not so super people, and all kinda of awesome cybernetic people to look at in my fat stack of books to read.  I’m looking forward to it so let’s get right to it but don’t forget to stick around all the way until the end of all my insane ramblings to you can find out what Funky Thunderr’s pick of the week is, cuz that’s just the most awesome info ever and you just gots to have it.

Superman: Son of Kal El #2

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: John Timms

Publisher: DC Comics

Jon Kent is off to his first day of college with a blonde wig and a brand new secret identity as Finn Connors.  This new facade that has been carefully crafted for him by Batman and Oracle lasts all of 5 seconds when a gunman attacks and Jon has to spring to action and use his body to block 67 bullets (almost weird that they included that info) and save a group of college students from surefire doom.  After meeting up with his father on the moon for a heart to heart where he gets the key to the Fortress of Solitude and a brand new suit, Jon finds himself asking his father why he doesn’t do more to better the world.  After saving some unwanted refugees from certain death in the middle of the ocean Jon might be about to find out why always doing the right thing can be all that more difficult.  Really awesome follow up  to a good opening issue here.  Does a real good job of setting the tone for the series going forward and what kind of series it’s going to be.

Thor #16

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Michele Bandini

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After leaving his hammer with Captain America, Thor is walking the streets of New York with his old friend Jane Foster telling her all about a nightmare that has been plaguing his nights lately depicting his end at the hands of a Mjolniir wielding Thanos.  After getting some hot dogs and having a run in with the OG Wrecking Crew, Thor’s ravens appear to inform him that he has been summoned by his mother.  After a heated confrontation with his father that he was not expecting to see, the pair come face to face with Freyja and Thor’s sister, Angela and everyone wants to discuss the whereabouts of Thor’s hammer.  Pretty solid issue here, personal highlight for me was seeing Thor getting all excited about some New York City street hot dogs. The family reunion is bound to be filled with fireworks and I am so looking forward to the follow up and soon hopefully we can find out what is going on with Mjolniir.

Robin #5

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Gleb Melnikov

Publisher: DC Comics

Damian is trapped away from Lazarus Island as the tournament is about to officially commence and all the current and former Robins are there to take him home.  That’s right folks, Nightwing, Red Hood, Spoiler and Robin (Tim Drake) have arrived on the scene worried about their comrade in arms.  After giving the rest of the crew the slip, Damian has a face to face with Nightwing where Dick puts trust in his old protege bringing up memories of their time together as Batman and Robin.  Dick lets him go to get back to Lazarus Island telling the rest of The Robins it’s time to put trust in Damian, saying every one of them has to go through an ordeal like this it’s his turn and to let Batman know that his son will be fine.  Damn solid issue here, probably the best one yet of the young series.  Now the murder tournament can officially begin and Damian has a renewed sense of self and is at his most dangerous.  News came out today of the author of this book taking the reins over at the main Batman book so I am really excited to see what he can do with both titles. 

Wolverine #15

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Adam Kubert

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Our favorite Canucklehead is tossing back a few trying to get some of that good old information out of his no nosed frenemy, Blackmore.  Logan is trying to find his old foe, Solem and Blackmore seems to know where he has been and where he is going.  After they trade notes the inevitable betrayal between the two goes down and they come to blows.  Just as Wolverine goes in for the kill, Blackmore reveals he has one of the faded Muramasa blades and will give it to Logan if he takes down Solem for him.  Being that Logan is intending to do that anyway he grumpily agrees.  Pretty solid issue here, nice to see this title getting its own thing going after dealing with all the X event’s tie ins and whatnot.  Looks like Logan is taking his mission personally and is about to get all Weapon X style on these villains and I’m all for it.

Action Comics #1034

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art: Christian Duce

Publisher: DC Comics

Lois Lane is head to head with some vicious aliens from Warworld and is of course not backing down an inch.  Lois and the stranded Kryptonian refugee fight valiantly but are overpowered.  That is until 2 of the Kryptonian refugees are slain and Lois’ new ally, Thao-La erupts with an enormous heat vision attack that melts all their attackers.  Meanwhile the US Navy and The Atlanteans are coming to blows over a dispute over alien wreckage.  That is, until Superman had had enough of their bickering and posturing and utter foolishness  and in an act of frustration snatches up The Warworld relic and flies off telling both the humans and The Atlanteans to keep away.  They arrive back at The Fortress to find what they thought was their Kryptonian ally with her hand around Lois’ throat and Jon is of course on the attack.  Really, really solid issue here.  This arc has been a slow burner but it is really coming together here as it nears its climax.  Can not wait to see how they finish this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #120

Writer: Sophie Campbell

Art: Jodi Nishijima

Publisher: IDW Publishing

The Turtles and their students are fighting off an attack by Hobs’ thugs and the Turtles find themselves impressed by their proteges.  After clearing the block of the attackers they find out the weasel kids have been kidnapped by Hobs’ main henchman who is seemingly following his own agenda.  It all ends with the Turtles’ army attacking the compound to little or no resistance that ends with Hobs and Raphael coming face to face.  Their pure hatred boils over and they come to blows with no quarter being asked or given that ends with Hobs being cornered by everyone.  Pretty fun issue here with lots and lots of action and who doesn’t love action in a Ninja Turtles book?  I know this guy does.  As always this book is a blast to read and I am always glad to see it show up in my box.  Don’t know if it’ll ever win pick of the week, it’s not quite on that level but it’s definitely always a good read.

Cable: Reloaded #1

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Bob Quinn

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So apparently OG badass Cable is back, guess Kid Cable is no more.  This guy right here definitely approves.  Wasn’t a huge fan of teenage Cable, love the big armed cybernetically enhanced Cable with all the pouches and everything.  Sent on a mission by SWORD Commander Abigail Brand and Rocket Raccoon to tackle the Dormammu threat by assembling a super team on Breakworld.  What are they after?  Why a freaking enormous bullet for their enormous gun of course!  All manners of super heroics and explosions ensue and the heroes achieve their ultimate goal.  Fun issue here with a nice tie in to The Last Annihilation event in Guardians and Sword.  Personal highlight for me is how when Cable’s cybernetic arm was damaged it was immediately removed and replaced by a holographic one with a built-in A.I.  Top notch read here, as one-shots go I would say it is definitely worth checking out.

Conan the Barbarian #24

Writer: Jim Zub

Art: Cory Smith

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Holy setup issue Batman.  This issue did little more than set up the big 25th issue as well as 300th Legacy issue coming out next month.  Story was negligible, only purpose to Conan seeing a symbol in the sky at sea that he would see at a temple with Belit years later.  So all in all, nothing really exciting here if looked at in a vacuum but i’m sure it will set up the next issue quite well so after that I’ll probably appreciate it better.

Hella good week of comics this week folks.  Picking a winner this week was a really tough call.  We had really quality issues from the likes of Robin and Cable but this week’s winner is definitely going to have to go to DC Comics’ Superman: Son of Kal-El #2.  Tom Taylor’s new title has really got off to an amazing start and the sky is supposedly no limit at all.  I am definitely hooked on this book and can’t wait to see where they are going to go with it.

So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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