So as I sit here staring at my Boba Fett desktop wallpaper (which is awesome by the way, you should be jealous), all I can think of is that I have no idea what to write in this week’s opening for the one and only, Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List.  We got a really fancy looking list to get through this week.  Hopefully it leads up to the expectations I have for it, I”m sure it will.  I mean, it’s a stack of comics after all so you know it’s gonna be all the awesomes at once.  And everyone make sure to wish good ole Vorpal Dad, Spacelord PJ’s a most joyous birthday celebration for he is now even older.  Rip Van Winkle ain’t got nothing on that man!  All joking aside, the lord of all the pajamas in space is one of this writer’s oldest and dearest friends so if you’re on a stream or see him in discord give him a yell, show da love as they say.  Back on topic, we got some DC, some Marvel, even some Dark Horse to look at this week.  It is sure to be a fantabulous week of reading so let’s get right into the comics.

Nightwing #83

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Bruno Redondo

Publisher: DC Comics

Nightwing has just met the half sister he never knew he had and she might not be the pawn of the mob that she appears to be.  The new mayor of Bludhaven is shocked to find out that her long lost brother is the guardian angel of Bludhaven and divulges to him that she has been using her ties to the Maroni crime family to take down the mob from the inside.  After a confrontation with Blockbuster leaves him weary Dick is heading to the press conference to announce the creation of the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation to attack the poverty and crime problem in the city.  He seems to have the backing and assistance from all the right people, people like Superman, Lucius Fox and not to mention the entire Bat-family.  Dick is going to try to save his city and honor his father figure, Alfred all at the same time.  Really great issue, the combo of Taylor and Redondo never fails to impress.  This book has really become my favorite thing to come out on a monthly basis and I’m always excited to see it.  The friendship and bond between Dick and Superman is always great to see when written well and am really interested to see how it could flesh out in Taylor’s new Superman ongoing with Dick maybe mentoring Jon as he attempts to fill his father’s shoes.

Nocterra #6

Writer: Scott Snyder

Art: Tony S. Daniel

Publisher: Image Comics

After the major cliffhanger at the end of issue 5, Synder and Daniel really bring the awesomeness with the finale of the first arc of Nocterra.  Val and her friends are being held by the evil Tiberius and even more evil Blacktop Bill.  Shades are swarming the sanctuary annihilating everyone in their path but the villains are not worried in the slightest and want Tiberius’ brother’s journal to buy their way into the uber sanctuary heaven.  As Val and others make their daring escape to their rig amidst the chaos we discover that Bill is obsessed with learning the language of the shades which is sure to set something interesting up in the arcs to come.  Really good finale here to a pretty amazing first arc for this book.  I always tend to recommend this one but be sure to try to check it out, it is definitely worth the time and money.  Really feel like this duo works perfectly together and how they manage to almost convey the sound of the looming danger with naught but art and words is absolutely amazing to me.

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III #3

Writers: Jody Houser & Matt Mercer

Art: Olivia Samson

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Vox Machina is partying it up at a village festival, life is a lot more fun when you have gold to spend.  Just when the fun reaches a climax, all hell breaks loose as an elvish looking ice queen thing emerges from a big ball of ice, freezing anyone else in the village and vanishing through a portal that the group of course jumps right through.  After catching up to their would be attacker it is revealed that she had journeyed to Exandria centuries ago for her lord, The Rimelord.  She reveals this and immediately jumps off of a cliff transforming into a mighty ice dragon.  Pretty damn good issue, first 2 were a little bit of blah thus far but this one really seemed to kick off the story in high gear with a damn good reveal on that last page.  The Critical Role books have been hit or miss for me and I find they read better as a complete story arc in a collection so maybe it would be best to wait for it to hit trades to check it out.  

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #1

Writer: Leah Williams

Art: Lucas Werneck

Publisher: Marvel Comics  

The ever powerful Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff was found dead at the Hellfire Gala.  All of X-Factor, X-Force and the X-Men are searching for clues left behind whether they be physical, psychic or other.  All the clues seem to lead to the culprit being none other than Wanda’s father, Magneto.  After failing to convince the council to resurrect Scarlet Witch, Magneto is confronted by the X-Men and in pure Magneto fashion immediately goes on the attack in so many ways that only he can pull off.  After a knock down drag out fight, Magneto is finally subdued when none other than Quicksilver appears out of nowhere and beats him senseless and at super high speeds.  Xavier goes off to inform The Avengers of the tragedy as X-Force and X-Factor prepare to question Magneto who they currently are keeping unconscious for obvious reasons.  Man, really good opening issue here to this short event series.  Went into this not expecting much, after finding out Wanda was found dead in X-Factor I really just figured this would be a big meh event.  I was very pleasantly surprised and I would just like to attest to the fact that super powerful, pissed off Magneto is the best Magneto ever.  I have grown tired of politician Magneto and am hoping to get more of this going forward with the character.  Two thumbs way up.

Power Rangers #10

Writers: Ryan Parrott & Rachel Wagner

Art: Moises Hidalgo

Publisher: Boom Studios

Did you know that  you needed an origin story of the Omega Rangers super awesome space cat, Yale? I didn’t know I needed it but I sure am glad I got it cuz it was totally tubular.  So after getting rejected by the neighborhood kids, Yale is wandering the jungle.  While this is happening we get backstory of how he was born, the runt of the litter and the only of his litter to survive being captured by some space poachers.  After hearing the kids scream for help when being attacked by a jungle monster, Yale does not hesitate to come to the kids’ aid and attack the monster head on.  After a vicious battle, Yale comes out on top and the kids apologize to him and enjoy their friendship all together.  And if that wasn’t awesome enough, Yale is then summoned by the Omega Rangers Blue Emissary who grants him access to the morphin grid to be the Alpha to the Rangers Omega.  So now we have a super awesome space lion cat power ranger, um yes please.  Pretty awesome issue here, really enjoyed this and every other issue of this book and can’t wait to see where they go from here. 

Guardians of the Galaxy #17

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juan Frigeri

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Guardians, on the recommendations of Rocket and Doctor Doom are splitting their forces to try and protect the 5 planets in the cosmos that Dormammu seems to be targeting.  These planets seem to be forming a universe sized pentagram of some sort but what could Dormammu be trying to summon?  In an effort to protect Chitauri Prime Doom creates an Annihilation Wave of his own consisting of bloody Doombots.  Yes, that’s right folks, an Annihilation Wave of Doombots.  Once they get to the planet they discover that Dormammu has already succeeded in taking over the planet and the pentagram is complete as Dormammu seems to be summoning a Galactus powered Ego Dormammu planet of his own.  Ok I know that’s confusing but once upon a time if you recall, Galactus powered up Ego which in turn gave him his own Galactus sized body but with Ego the planet as a head.  Now, imagine that, but Dormammu.  Yeah needless to say, it ain’t looking good for the heroes out in the cosmic universe at the moment.  Pretty damn fine issue here if not a bit on the ridiculous side.  Then again it’s Guardians so we expect it to be ridiculous.  Ewing has done a really good job of intertwining Marvel magic characters with Marvel cosmic characters and I was curious about how it would work but he’s done a masterful job.  They really seem to be building to something big, can’t even think of how they are gonna fight off this version of Dormammu.  Definitely should be an exciting read.

Star Wars #16

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Ramon Rosanas

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This War of the Bounty Hunters tie-in finds Qi’ra fighting Darth Vader toe to toe whilst Lando, Leia and Chewie try to figure out a way to sneak Solo off the base and back home with them.  The plan to have Luke fly in and distract Vader may be a bit on the weak side especially when Luke comes out of hyperspace to come face to face with an Imperial blockade.  After some nifty flying and some appropriate shooting Luke breaks away from the Imps and is headed down to the planet when he gets hailed on comms by Vader himself.  It has been established throughout the series that Luke’s connection to the Force is limited due to being filled with fear.  Fear of Vader, fear of failing, fear of his destiny.  So when this all comes crashing down, instead of rushing in to save his friend, Luke flies away telling Leia he is not ready to face Vader.  Welp, did not see that ending coming at all.  Really interesting to see the dynamic here of Luke struggling with the failure he endured at the end of Empire and the  possibilities of how it can be resolved.  All in all it was a really good issue, I was worried they were going to kill off Qi’ra so soon after bringing her back but she does survive, thus far at least so that is a good thing.  As major event tie-ins go it was top notch, continuing both the narratives of the big event and the ongoing narrative of the title which is not always easy to pull off.

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #3

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Luke Ross

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Crimson Dawn’s huge party on the ice planet of Jekara to auction off Han Solo’s frozen body has been crashed by the ultimate party crasher, that’s right kids, it’s the man in black himself; Darth Vader.  While Vader intimidates the Hutts and every other underworld boss, Boba Fett and Chewbacca are having a quiet battle which ends with Chewie being set on fire.  Don’t worry kids, Lando uses his favorite cape to put out your favorite wookie.  When Qi’ra takes to fighting Lord Vader in an attempt to get the money owed to Crimson Dawn she shows off some impressive moves most likely taught to her by the former Sith Lord, Maul.  It is a good back and forth battle but ultimately Vader does prove the victor due to his abilities with the Force.  Just as he’s about to deliver the killing blow he senses Luke Skywalker approaching in his X-Wing, sparing Qi’ra, for now at least.  Pretty good issue here, a lot of the same stuff happened in Star Wars 16 but with different angles and different art so that is cool.  Been enjoying the main title a lot of this big event and i’m interested to see where it goes now that Vader has Solo.  Really curious how Fett manages to get him  back, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well folks that is the end of our list for the week.  A lot of really good titles this week to pick from but like in every race there can be only one winner.  It was a tough call with fantastic outings from titles like Nightwing and Trial of Magneto but the nod this week is going to have to go to the finale of the first arc of Snyder and Daniel’s masterpiece that is Nocterra #6 from Image Comics.  I have enjoyed every issue of this book thus far and really hope it sticks around for a while as I feel like it can only get more and more awesome.  
So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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