Radioactive Summers – Season 1

Now your old Baron heard the tale of a radioactive kudzu monster and how it met its end to those crazy wastelanders. It would seem that plants don’t deal well with fire — lots of fire. Like they always do, those Wastelanders chose great violence and it was spectacular.

Their shenanigans won them the contest, and after some serious speechin’, they got themselves into Lowtown, or Vault 82 as it were. There they knew to be lookin’ for a flow of caps. The Wastelander split into two teams; one working on a nice buffet. The other…well, let’s say their plan was complicated. They discovered that the general store might be the source of their inquiry, but none of that seemed to matter. Because a young child and a man who was all about family showed up and taught them that for the weapons, powers, starships, or whatever one might have in the world — none of it mattered if you had, family.

A quick submarine chase crashed on land, and the Wastelanders discovered the location of the source of all of Doctor Bonesaw’s problems — a Vault, deep in the Swamp.

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