Radioactive Summers – Season 1

As your ol’Baron heard it, those Wastelanders got part of their origin existence out of that ol’BOS Elder-boy. Seems they might have been specimens in an experiment done by some crazy ol’scientist whose responsible for the hydrangeas wanting blood instead of sunlight for sustenance. However, that’s all they learned, and not quite how they may have gotten to the Peninsula Wasteland itself. Maybe it did not matter.

The Wastelanders decided to look into ol’Ricky Streams who was rumored to have gone on the straight and narrow after the Brotherhood exposed him as a poisoner with some contaminated Blood Yak. The Doctor concocted a plan to try to get at Ricky who was running a coffee shop in the middle of town. Ricky was taken aback by the scheme and offered to tell the Wastelanders everything if they’d just stop ruining his business. It would seem there was a “Sawbones” doctor in each town — each of them taking to task to distribute some bad Blood Yak simply for the sake of ruining the doctor’s good name. There was however, an individual in Bay City who was known to funnel the money to.

Knowing this, the Wastelanders resupplied and made their way across the Peninsula westward and arrived at Bay City. There one of their daily competitions for citizenship to Lowtown was taking place. Seems this month’s challenge was to fight off an irradiated kudzu beast down the shores. Also it seems that everyone died in that evening’s competition. The Wastelanders did some shopping, commeserating, and signed themselves up for the next day’s competition.

The next morning they drifted off to their deaths on a pontoon raft that connected up with the main battle arena. The kudzu sent out its plant drones, only to have certain death rained upon them by the Wastelanders. This caused the Kudzu Queen herself to get angry. The Wastelander did bare witness to that anger, and felt like they were about to have a very bad morning.

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