Vol. 1 Issue 3

July 2021

Howdy Snicker-Snacks! June seems to have come and gone and now the full power of summer is upon us. For the cold-blooded lizard people we have hired to run our cameras and balance our audio this can only be good and lead to increased productivity. For us humans, especially the Vorpal Cast located in Florida, this means sunscreen and shorts and the praise upon the Last House of R’lyeh for the invention of air conditioning. July also means all that time inside escaping the heat will (hopefully) lead to bigger and better ideas and shows.

We just hit 600 followers at the end of June, and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you, some of our first followers. Your belief in us has allowed us to reach this level of growth, and the deep, dark depths of the ocean blue can’t contain how far we go. We will be doing 3 giveaways at 1000 followers: 1 drawing from among all our followers for a hardcover core rulebook, and for ALL patrons, giving away two dice sets! Details to come when we hit 1000.

Love Your Rebellion Charity Fundraiser July 2021:

Vorpal Tales is always looking for a way to give back to the various groups that we represent. Let us tell you a little bit about the fantastic group we’ve chosen this time, to support for the month of July:

You might be wondering – why did Vorpal Tales pick Love Your Rebellion for this month’s charity? Love Your Rebellion is a non-profit whose mission we believe in, because they employ, discover, assist, and empower minority communities. Those that self-identify as women, immigrants, people of color, people from queer and trans communities, people from low-income communities, and people with disabilities, are all included and uplifted through LYR. This is done through music, art, poetry, and literature promotion and publications. Attending or taking part in events put on by LYR is an opportunity to connect with who you are, celebrating pride in your identities, supporting intersectionality, learning, and awareness across the communities in our beautiful diversity.

LYR is obviously putting in the work to better the world and their communities, so Vorpal Tales is doing their small part to help them out. All of July we will be taking donations for LYR and 100% of the donations collected will go to empower diversity. LYR is a group that Vorpal Tales is close to IRL. They are fantastic people who do amazing work.

On July 23rd we will be running a special set of charity one shots, back to back! First up will be Blue Rose run by Rachel, then Extreme Meatpunks Forever! run by Steve. Rewards and milestones are available during ALL liveplays played on the Vorpal Tales Twitch ALL month long


Troubadours and Tender Keepers, Pugilists and Pact Makers, a full length character creation supplement for Scarred Lands focusing on Bards, Druids, Monks, and Warlocks.


They Came from Beyond the Stars, a full length character creation and monster supplement for They Came from Beneath the Sea.

A complete supplement based on the Vorpal Tales Call of Cthulhu game called The Lurking Silence! Yes, there will be a Large Marge menu included.

A Ravenloft supplement in both Pathfinder AND 5e rules; sub classes, ancestries, spells, feats, backgrounds, monsters, magic items, and FIVE, NEW, FULL CLASSES!


Mondays: Join the wonderful @VoodooArcade as he gives the people what they want with They Came from Beyond the Grave!: The Wicker VVitch at 9PM EST

Tuesdays: On the Vorpal Tales channel watch as we go through the CoD splats with a contiguous storyline called Insurgence and the first book is Mage the Awakening – Defiance 2e helmed by @EldritchEchoes, starting at 5PM EST. Over on the Onyx Path Channel, you can catch a variety of our GMs running games for Onyx Path Publishing on their twitch channel at 9PM EST

Wednesdays: Brave the Wastelands of Florida with GM @SpacelordPJs as he tells the story of a group of adventurers in Fallout 2d20: Radioactive Summers at 9PM EST for 2 more sessions, then Savage Worlds; Deadlands helmed by @VoodooArcade takes over for the rest of the summer.

Thursdays: Game Over Man! Our Marine squad takes on bugs led by @EldritchEchoes with Alien: The RPG: Acid and Ice starting at 9PM EST with 2 sessions left, then the USS Dauntless engages warp engines and Star Trek Adventures takes over.

Fridays: The second season of our Contagion Chronicles, No Time for Reality enters it’s second half to kick things off at 5PM EST led by @MadeOfKimchi, and then we brave the domains of Ravenloft and @EldritchEchoes attempts to TPK us  in our 5e game: Torment at 9PM EST

Saturdays: Things kick off with a dark forest and grim prospects as we play Symbaroum: Heirs to Darkness from Free League with @EldritchEchoes at 4PM EST and then things only get more terrifying as we play Werewolf 20th: Rite of Passage led by @The_Toering at 8PM EST

Sundays: It’s the @MarronRecluse variety show starting at 4PM EST where they are playing Unknown Armies: Burn right now. Then you can come get your vampire on with @StolenFire with Vampire: The Masquerade: Starlight and Smoke at 9PM EST.


@MarronRecluse ‘s Variety grab bag on Sundays with systems like Powers for Good & Lasers & Feelings coming up!

That 5e maniac who loves to torment his players is coming back, no its not Lolth, its @PattyShakes_ and Season 2 of Scarred Lands: Dracogenesis on Fridays in July

You never know what new, juicy, awesome Kickstarter we might be playing for Onyx Path Publishing! Check us out on Tuesdays and get a sneak peak at a new supplement for your favorite games.


YOU can always stay up to date with the latest information about our schedule by heading on over to vorpaltales.com where the schedule is posted every week?! Feel like a time wizard with the ability to see into the near future and know what shows Vorpal Tales will be playing over the next 7 days.


Check out the ‘About Us’ heading on our website vorpaltales.com and select the affiliate link. There you can get some great tabletop tools for a discount and benefit the show.

Check out the ‘Shop’ heading to see a link to our merch store, drivethrurpg store, and dms guild store. Don’t be afraid to wear a Vorpal Tales shirt while you use a Vorpal Tales created monster to slay your party with!


On July 8th, 1947 a “weather balloon” crashed near Roswell, New Mexico and sparked countless controversies as well fuel for many, many, many tabletop systems. Aliens and the idea they might be closer than one thinks has always been a fun trope to explore.


Remember the scene from Babylon 5 where Susan Ivanova stares down Earth’s Destroyer Group and tells them she is Death Incarnate? Tyler is the Susan Ivanova of Vorpal Tales.

He’s one of our three founders, an  Elder Thing in a flimsy disguise, a DM and player that has not only seen it all but led people through it all and out the other side. Tyler can run any system but specializes in horror gaming and has left a trail of death, insanity, and hilarity in his wake. He has been playing TTRPGs since AD&D 2e and the first edition of Vampire the Masquerade.

Tyler is also responsible for a large amount of the behind-the-scenes work that it takes to run our show, and we can’t thank him enough. He is also a freelance writer for TTRPGs, currently working on Mage the Ascension and They Came from the Cyclops Cave! along with most Vorpal Tales created game supplements.

Find him on our Twitch channel most days that we stream and online @EldritchEchoes

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