Holy totally enormous pull list Batman!  That’s right kids, they done hit me with like every book in the world this week so this edition of Funky Thunderr’s The Pull List might be a bit late seeing as I got 15 comics to get through.  So put some coffee on cuz this might take awhile as we talk about all the books i’m reading this week.  We got some big events, some key issues and a whole lot to talk about and assuming  you have not slipped into a coma by the end of this make sure you stick around to the end for my pick of the week so you know what book to go grab for your awesome eye holes. Go go go go go go go…

Infinite Frontier #1

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Xermanico

Publisher: DC Comics

The DC super event of the summer has finally arrived and it’s off with a bang!  The newly formed multiverse might already be in chaos as Flashpoint Batman crash lands in President Superman’s corn field on Earth-23 and The Flash discovers The Quintessence seemingly murdered by the returned and super juiced up Darkseid.  Psycho Pirate says another crisis is coming and The Flash needs to help them find someone.  We also encounter the newly resurrected Roy Harper who seemingly is not as resurrected as one might think as it is revealed he is actually a Black Lantern.  Wow, that’s a lot to process and a heck of an opening salvo for this event and certainly left me wanting more.  A lot of different storylines all seemingly coming together at once, let’s hope they are up to the task on making it flow well and not seem to jumbled and bounce around too much, we shall just have to wait and see but this guy is hyped for it and can’t wait for the next installment.

Way of X #3

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Bob Quinn

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Knee deep into the Hellfire Gala, Nightcrawler gets really deep into some gin and tonics and starts spewing inappropriateness everywhere.  Waking up the next morning after deciding trying to found a mutant religion is hopeless he decides to focus on the 3 laws of Krakoa, the first being that they must make more mutants.  This leads him to discover that carefree life and death has no meaning; mutants are of course being like bunnies and taking no care for the raising of the children that it produces.  Yet again Nightcrawler finds himself completely disheartened with what the mutant nation is becoming at its core and doesn’t quite know how to lead them back to the side of the angels as it were.  Interesting issue here, pretty much focusing on all the mutant fornications that go on in an island of no responsibilities, a little off putting by the end of the issue but it does a good job of telling the story of the moral code of the mutants just eroding more and more by the day.  3 issues in and i’m not 100% sold on this book, I want to love it cuz I love me some Kurt Wagner but it hasn’t hit it’s stride yet.  Hopefully it finds its footing in the next couple issues as I tend to give new books 5 or 6 issues to grab me.

Superman #32

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art: Scott Godlewski

Publisher: DC Comics

The Shadowbreed have laid their trap for Superman and it’s Jonathan Kent off to the rescue with all the power and anger one would expect of a son scared to lose his father.  After Clark escapes from the super Shadowbreed being that is composed of everyone that they have ever assimilated they figure out the key to defeating them is Jonathan’s heat vision which has the ability to use Hyper-violet light which they are susceptible to.  Jon digs down deep and finds the right phase of the light spectrum to defeat The Shadowbreed and free all those trapped inside and we are treated at the end to a letter written to Jon by his father describing all the things about him that he is amazed by and how he is the Superman that Clark truly inspires to be.  Really good cap on this series as we lead into the next volume of Superman with Jonathan Kent taking the spotlight as his father goes off into space to free Warworld.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series, all 32 issues have been absolutely stellar from Bendis’ historic run all the way to Johnson’s finale of the series in recent months, two thumbs all the hell the way up.

Justice League #63

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis & Ram V

Art: David Marquez & Xermanico

Publisher: DC Comics

It’s the epic finale of the battle on Naomi’s home world against invader Brutus and the evil despot who murdered Naomi’s birth parents and enslaved her world.  In a moment of tactical retreat let’s just say Naomi loses it and goes in full on attack mode to get after her parents’ killer.  The team manages to contain the situation and in the aftermath Naomi is entirely apologetic but the team is pretty much “hey it happens to all of us from time to time” and offer to give her all the help and training should could ever possibly need in her aspirations to become a superhero with her newfound powers.  After inviting Naomi to join the League they also put out an olive branch to Hippolyta and Black Adam which Adam accepts with a promise to longtime respected and somewhat hated rival that he can be better.  Really good tie up to the first arc of Bendis’ JL run here, liked how they tied it all together to get the team roster all lined up in a good way that makes sense in the story.  Really looking forward to hopefully getting some good character development with these new members, all 3 are really good characters that really deserve the attention that I know Bendis will give them.  Back up Justice League Dark story in the end does a real good job of showing the team attempting to hunt down Merlin and really find out what kind of shenanigans this new foe could be up to and how they can combat him.

X-Men Legends #4

Writer: Louise Simonson

Art: Walter Simonson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This X Factor story that takes place during the Simonson’ historic run back in 1986 sees the team going face to face with the evil cyborg himself, Cameron Hodge.  Hodge knows that the team’s biggest weakness is the presence of the baby that will one day become Cable and uses that to take down the biggest hitters and knocks out Cyclops and Jean.  The rest of the team goes into protective uncle mode as they ensure Christopher’s safety whilst fighting off the gargantuan cyborg.  With his entire team down, Archangel uses the very wings given to him by Hodge and Apocalypse and takes down the Cyborg effectively saving the day with his Death powers.  Good issue here, really been enjoying these classic X-Men stories being finished up and interwoven in the old storylines.  Looks like from here we’ll be going up to early 90’s X Factor when the crew had characters like Polaris, Wolfsbane and Multiple Man.  Definitely one of my favorite line ups and I’m really looking forward to it.  

Power Rangers #8

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Francesco Mortarino

Publisher: Boom Studios

The Omega Rangers are doing all they can to save an alien race from destruction as The empyreals have targeted their planet for their next cleansing so it may be reborn anew and their douche of a tyrannical leader wants the glory of defeating the greatest power in the universe.  Luckily for some of the citizens the queen ain’t nearly as insane as she enlists the Omega Rangers to help save what people they can.  Jason and Trini go play distraction as Zack gets as many people to their ship as possible and in a very thrilling battle the rangers discover they are completely outmatched against these beings.  Fun issue, predictable but fun.  A bit of a let down after the thrilling events in Mighty Morphin but every arc has peaks and valleys.  Definitely wasn’t a bad issue but just not as thrilling as some of the others.  

Teen Titans Academy #4

Writer: Tim Sheridan

Art: Steve Lieber

Publisher: DC Comics

The “Bat Pack” of Titans Academy is off in search of the identity of the mysterious Red X.  Chupacabra, Brat Girl and Negabat are all students of the Titans and obvious Batman fans.  The crew uses their own brand of detective work to sift through all their suspects and come to dead end after dead end.  After being told to drop the subject by head honchos Donna Troy and Beast Boy the crew walks back into their dorm room only to find themselves face to face with Red X!  Oh my, never would have predicted that last page ( wink, wink)  Good issue here, probably my favorite yet.  I always love a good detective story and seeing this Bat Pack take on detective work and even come to grips with their own failures to detect effectively was some real good character development.  Good series thus far, can’t really wait to see where they are gonna go with it from here and wonder if the Titans are gonna go after the Suicide Squad after their attack on the tower.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #118

Writer: Sophie Campbell

Art: Nelson Daniel

Publisher: IDW Publishing

It’s background exposition time as we find out the ghost of Oroku Saki or at least a reborn Saki with ghost like abilities (not exactly sure on that one yet) has been in the background keeping an eye on and helping the turtles all along.  Meanwhile the never in danger April O’Neil finds herself in danger once again as she discovers that 3vil Mayor Stockman is smuggling evil eel mutant eggs into Mutant Town to create all kinds of havoc.  After narrowly escaping death by mutant eel digestion thanks to the timely intervention of Saki she gets herself to The Splinter Clan’s home in time to find out the mayor has had her listed as mutant infected and she is now being hunted!  Fun issue here setting up lots of things to be coming ahead.  I really dig how they manage to interweave so many different relationship dynamics at the same time and manage to make it flow so well.

Robin #3

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Gleb Melnikov

Publisher: DC Comics

Well hot damn, that last page.  So Mortal Kombat on Lazarus Island is paused at night and Ravager is trying to teach Damian a very important lesson; how to relax and have fun.  After all the other killers are impressed with him, but then just want to talk about his dad, he escapes up to a hill top and comes face to face with what is said to be his best competition, Connor Hawke.  The two joke together talking about how similar their fathers are until the League of Shadows commands Connor to take out Damian and he does manage to get the upper hand on him and tosses him off the cliff.  Just as it appears our young hero’s clock is about to be punched he is saved at the last second, assuming it is his father he is shocked when he comes face to face with his grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul!  Man, did not see that coming.  I mean I figured he’d show up eventually but last I heard he was dead but we all know that never sticks with Ra’s.  So what happened to him, what’s he been up to, what crazy lessons is he on Lazarus Island to teach his estranged grandson?  All questions I am dying to know and can not wait to get the answers.

Wolverine #13

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Scot Eaton

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Oh look, it’s another Hellfire Gala tie in, I”m soooo excited. Lolz.  Strangely enough though, this one I actually liked.  X-Force is playing damage control as they try to stop the terra flora from overtaking and murdering people.  Beast had them mind controlled and in service and they had a moment of awakening and lashed out, justifiably so.  After fighting them off and containing the threat they agreed to a treaty that served both sides’ sake and everyone went back to the party.  Beast has obviously become such a bastard that even Emma Frost is questioning his morality.  And of course the party ended with Deadpool wanting to do jello shots off of Wolverine, cuz ya know…….Deadpool.  Really enjoyed this issue, about time some of the council takes issue with some of  Beast’s tactics of late.  Can I just have a good Hank McCoy back please? This 3vil douche is a bit disturbing and is becoming more and more like Dark Beast from Age of Apocalypse every day.

Action Comics #1032

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art: Daniel Sampere

Publisher: DC Comics

Superman and the rest of the House of El are attempting to help the seemingly Kryptonian refugee that has their family crest burned into her hand.  Speaking an old dialect of Kryptonian that they don’t understand, the only one she seems to trust is Lois and absolutely refuses to let them remove the chains put on her by Mongol.  After discussing the concept that it might be a trap with his family Clark in such Superman style decrees that if people are being held against their will it doesn’t matter if it’s a trap, he has to help them.  That right there is a perfect example of why I absolutely love Superman comics.  The older I get the more I find myself drawn to the characters that are good and heroic with no need for darkness or edginess.  Action Comics has been working to get a good roll since Bendis’ run ended and Johnson’s run really seems to be coming into its own and I’m really getting into it and I can’t wait to see how they will do the storyline of him going off into space to free Warworld.

Detective Comics #1038

Writer: Mariko Tamaki

Art: Viktor Bogdanovic

It’s a battle of epic proportions as Batman and Mr. Worth go toe to toe under the city streets.  Worth is mad with grief after the death of his daughter and has pinned all the blame on Bruce Wayne’s shoulders.  After chasing Wayne down into the sewers, Worth assumes Batman is protecting his friend and immediately lashes out.  The battle reaches its climax as Worth comes face to face with the image of his dead daughter in the form of Lady Clayface as she melts away into the city sewers.  Pretty good issue here, Batman and Huntress teaming up to take down a foe and not fighting is a nice and pleasant change.  I’ve always been a fan of the Huntress character and it’s nice to see a writer taking her seriously and not just making her a crazy, vengeful psychopath.  As always Detective Comics does not fail to impress, I know it’s supposed to be a secondary Bat-book but I’ve always enjoyed it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #15

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juan Frigeri

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So………that just happened.  So as you remember last month a bunch of religious zealots sacrificed themselves on top of Ego the Living Planet and he was encased in a black almost cocoon like shell.  As the rest of the Guardians try to figure out what to do about this Starlord and Nova head back to Earth to attend the Hellfire Gala and let’s just say Nova and Magneto have a disagreement on the SWORD base orbiting the planet.  After a thoroughly exciting battle involving cars and fisticuffs they agree to a truce and talk out their differences.  I know, weird right?  So as they head back to the gala the shell around Ego hatches and Ego is no more replaced by freakin Dormammu the Living Planet!  Freaking Dormammu, man; somebody call Doc Strange stat!  Absolutely loved this issue, the back and forth between Rocket and Groot, the showdown between Nova and Magneto and man that damn last page, totally left my mouth agape and shocked.  With the newest Annihilation event coming I was wondering who the big baddy would be and give this to me now.  All of this, give it to me, my eye holes need it now.

Wonder Woman #774

Writers: Michael W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan

Art: Andy MacDonald

Publisher: DC Comics

Wonder Woman has returned to her proper afterlife in Olympus to find it in ruins and all the gods murdered.  After sifting through the rubble, her and Ratatosk find a Roman god buried deep in the rubble who tells them the story about how his other half took Diana’s place in Olympus and proceeded to murder all the gods with a weapon called the god scraper.  After checking in with Deadman she figures the only option is to head down below Tartarus to the Graveyard of the Gods and free them herself.  Only problem is, any god that goes down there can never leave but this is Diana of Themyscira, she’ll figure it out.  Pretty good issue here, nice to see anything involving Tartarus and the Underworld.  Now that her Asgardian adventures are over I look forward to where the writers are taking Diana and for how long she’ll be outside the proper DC Universe.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #13

Writer:Greg Pak

Art: Raffaele Ienco

This War of the Bounty Hunters tie-in finds Vader and his conscripted Hutt family member hot on the trail of bounty hunters that were sent after Boba Fett and Solo’s body.  This leads Vader to come face to face with everyone’s favorite assassin droid, IG-88.  After a pretty awesome battle that saw IG actually hack Vader’s mechanical components and turn them against him, Vader ends up getting the dub by using the force to force IG to shoot himself in the head.  But not to worry true believers, IG’s head is totes replaceable and this won’t be the end of our favorite murder happy droid.  Pretty fun issue here, always like to see the inclusion of any of the infamous bounty hunters from the lineup in Empire Strikes Back.  It has always amazed me how they’ve captured the imagination of millions for all these years with like 6 seconds of screen time.  But I digress, it’s an awesome issue.  I love this book; probably my favorite of all the Star Wars books I’ve read.  Anyone who loves them some Vader should look into it.  It’s a totally good time.

Ok folks that is the end of the single longest Pull List that there ever was.  I do apologize for the lateness but obviously I had a whole bunch of books to get through and I didn’t want to short change you on the reviews.  The pick of the week this week was really a tough one, I had it all coming down to either Superman or Action Comics but then the dark horse came running through and stole the show.  That’s right kids, this week’s pick of the week goes to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy #15 and that absolutely amazing last page.  Really solid week of reading that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire time.  Next week looks like a short list so it’ll be nice to have a normal write up for you all that I can get to ya a bit faster, lol. 

So until next time………Stay Funky My Friends.

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