The adren Strider saw the exhaustion on the cub’s face. While she could go on all night, this one was raised with mortals and was not prepared to travel as a Garou. They hadn’t even undergone their right of passage yet. Stopping for the night Faster-Than-Death could they had never spent a night under the stars. Once they had made camp and eaten dinner, the two sat around the campfire. 

“Once we get to your mother’s sept, you’ll undergo your Rite of Passage. The experience varies for each of us. I can’t tell you what yours will be like, but we have several moons between now and when we arrive. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt for me to tell you a tale or two during our travels, to help introduce you to what your life as a Garou might entail. And if it does hurt, I’ll be too far away for your mother to do anything about it.”

Tracey didn’t speak, but the curious expression on her face said it all. Faster-Than-Death leaned forward with a smile.

“It was March in Minnesota, at the end of the moot the Sept Elder called forward four cubs to let them know the time had come for their Rite of Passage. The New Moon was already off on the wrong foot, as he decided there were more important matters to attend to. The Sept Elder made his displeasure known. The remaining three cubs, two Children of Gaia and a Bone Gnawer, were told the sept was not able to contact Grandmother for some time and the cubs were tasked to re-establish communication. With no other words, the moot ended.

“The athro who was teaching them called the cubs over, providing a map and compass and showed them where to find Grandmother, on a small island on the opposite side of Lake Superior. The two homids, Sage Lovat and Linda Davis began planning how to drive there, while the lupus Breaker of Chains sat there with his head tilt to the side. He couldn’t comprehend driving there while they couldn’t comprehend traveling as a wolf to get to their destination. In the end, it didn’t matter, none of the cubs had a car, and they had already been given all the help they were going to receive in the form of the map. 

“The three cubs prepared and shifted in their wolf form. Breaker showed them how they could continue on just a little more by shifting into hispo before they stopped and made camp. The homid cubs were still not used to their wolf forms and shifted back into their human shapes. Just as I see you shiver in the night air, they learned quickly the clothing they had attuned to them was no match against their fur. The three huddled together as they went off to sleep.

“When the dawn rose they prepared to move out. Breaker sniffed out a deer and they began their first hunt as a pack. Working together Sage and Linda chased the deer into the waiting maw of Breaker who quickly put it down. After the hunt, Sage stepped into the umbra to thank the spirit of the deer for giving them strength.

Faster-Than-Death stretched how her long, thin legs. “That’s enough for tonight. We have many miles to go tomorrow and you need your energy to keep up. Next time we break for camp, I continue the tale.”

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