Ravenloft: Torment

It’s a bit of an awkward morning, as Klaudia stays up most of the night contemplating her mortality. She feels strangely indebted to Jeglin’s god, Ezra. The morning begins with a Hero’s Feast, which protects those of us partaking from any number of threats the world of Ravenloft can throw at us. Kalmina appears to have left early in the morning, promising to meet up with us later. 

Horses wait for us outside, though Wiric seems to have some issues getting astride his. Jeglin conducts a ritual to ask his goddess where we should go. She appears to be silent, but Rigzukos spots what looks like an omen directing us to the east. However, after some discussion, we determine we’re being sent west. 

On the road, we do encounter some brigands. Klaudia tries to intimidate them, but Rigzukos spots thirty in the treeline. We decide to ride on at speed. The brigands don’t bother us, but clearly report on our movements. To whom, however?

After a half-day journey we arive at Rhyvallis. There’s a bit of a shakedown at the city gates. They’re not a fan of Rigzukos as an undead, but he pays so much to get into the city that they get over their prejudices rather quickly. Wiric picks up on their use of Thieves’ Cant, but keeps what he hears to himself for now. He does slip a little Thieves’ Cant into his own speech, which earns him a wooden token and a promise of safety. 

The next step of our journey requires a boat. Since most business in Darkon is done over a meal (for obvious undead-detecting reasons), Klaudia leads them to the nearest tavern. As we walk up to the Dragon’s Shank, a patron comes crashing through the window. “Huh, quiet night,” comments Klaudia as she leads them inside. 

Rigzukos attracts a little bit of attention, and Wiric orders a round of drinks for the table. It’s a delicious honey-apple cocktail. We discuss our plans a little bit before Klaudia makes her way to the bar to ask around about a boat captain. Since Rigzukos is with us, only one captain, Captain Vex, is crazy enough to sail us into the mists. Unfortunately, he pissed off the wrong person and is now both cursed and imprisoned in Glastonbury Aslyum. We’ve got a day or so to wait until we can speak to Vex. Rigzucos is unhappy with the delay, but we persuade him it’s for the best. 

Wiric stays up drinking, Jeglin is banished to the stables, Rigzukos stays up reading, and Klaudia tries to chase down rumors about Vex but gets distracted by a very attractive bard for the rest of the night. But as soon as the first rays of sun peek over the horizon, Rigzukos is banging on everyone else’s door, eager to set out for Glastonbury. 

Wiric tries to put the brakes on that, however. He pours himself a breakfast in the empty tavern while trying to explain the concept of morning routines to him. Jeglin and Tav wander down while Rigzukos counts down the minutes until he leaves for Glastonbury. Jeglin and Tav can’t immediately locate Claudia, so Wiric and Rigzukos leave. The asylum is firmly closed, but Wiric knows the name of someone who might be bribed to get Vex out of the asylum. It’s still morning, though, and the house is locked up tight. Wiric tries picking the lock, but it takes about an hour before he breaks into… an empty house. 

Back at the tavern, Klaudia finally emerges, a beautiful woman on her arm. It’s quite clear what they spent the majority of the last night doing. They share a quick breakfast and exchange information before departing to the asylum. Wiric and Rigzucos aren’t there, so we decide to wait for them. Wiric is busy excavating the wine cellar before trying to figure out where the person who lives here might have gone. He finds enough to indicate that this person probably spent the night in the red light district. 

We meet back up, and Wiric does eventually get around to explaining his contact, that he has syphilis, and that we can probably get him on our side if we offer to cure his disease and/or give him enough money to pay a healer. The asylum staff gives us a once-over, but whatever they’re looking for, we don’t have it. We do, however, see some of the secret police enter, and the staff act extremely deferential towards them. 

We’re left waiting for what Rigzukos thinks is an unreasonable amount of time. Jeglin tries to pull off some kind of god-con, but has the orderlies convinced he serves the evil god of werewolves. Klaudia successfully convinces them that Jeglin is just an idiot who serves a god of troublemakers, and they back down. Wiric bribes the merchants ahead of us to give up their place in line. They agree in exchange for a favor from Klaudia, who agrees to solve their monster problem. 

It takes awhile but eventually someone comes up. They say they’re Wiric’s contact, Calico, but Wiric can recognize an imposter. While they argue, the real Calico walks by. Wiric calls out to get his attention using Thieves’ Cant. After a coded discussion, Wiric has Jeglin cure this man’s VD upon which we flee with Captain Vex. The session closes with us sailing away with Captain Vex. Who is still cursed. 

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