At the bar, Emma Rose helps Anki with the bar by hiring the coolest DJ she can find while Anki continues finding good help. 

Our group quietly makes our way to the employees-only section of the museum, in search of Karo’s remaining canopic jars. We’re stopped at the electronic lock on the door. Only temporarily, however, as Kilowatt can easily break the lock. But just a few steps inside the hallway, and Karo insists on splitting up. She heads straight for the loading dock, eyes peeled for her jars. She does find evidence that there are tomb raiders operating here when she encounters some other sarcophagi in a room full of cages. 

Irene checks out the cages. There’s a small computer at the door of each artifact cage, for inventory purposes. Irene digs up that a recent delivery in the E section, brought in from somewhere offsite. The source isn’t listed, which is odd. THe object is said to be a lead box. Karo doesn’t answer when Irene asks if we’re looking for a lead box, but the fact that it’s made out of lead intrigues her. She asks Kilowatt to help her break past the lock on the cage so she can get to the box. For some reason, the closer she gets to the box the more she wants it. 

It’s a solid lead box, four by four by four, almost ammo crate looking. It’s locked with an almost Victorian looking lock. A little regretfully, Irene forces the lock open. A strange emotion washes over her as she looks in the box. There’s some strange power emanating from the box, a percussive or radiant force which even the others can pick up on and understand. 

But the box is empty. Whatever power was in here released when Irene opened the box. Kilowatt catches sight of something almost like an Aurora Borealis before it dissipates thru the walls. Irene suspects that it was concentrated Pyros in the box. Not Zeky Pyros, but something similar that was somehow extracted and contained within this thick lead box. 

Meanwhile, ESSI has encountered a truly epic vault door. Kilowatt is attracted to the puzzle this door represents. The big puzzle is the retinal scan. ESSI finds a security guard’s log, which at least gives her a list of names. Kilowatt hands her a tablet computer which she can use to look up pictures of the security guards. 

Back at our home base, Emma Rose has hired some bar help. She’s specifically sought out another changeling to provide music at the bar, promising the bar will be a solid source of Glamour. 

Karo, trying to past the vault, uses her magic to summon a museum worker using the power of dread. ESSI and Kilowatt experience some kind of strange visions as the result of this magic. 

We wait for Karo’s newest cultist. Everyone makes themselves scarce except for Karo. “Hello. You serve me now. Your dog is in the vault. I need to release Slobberchops. Very carefully.”

The woman opens the vault for Karo. Or at least, she gets past the security checks. Karo still needs to open the heavy vault wheel. Fortunately, one of Karo’s canopic jars is within. But the woman tries to explain that this belongs to the museum. Karo doesn’t like this, at all, wondering who dares to own her tomb. Karo bullies her into being the newest servant of her cult. 

Kilowatt and ESSI realize they can’t perceive anything within the vault. Irene can, however, and steps inside. She starts glowing, but they still can’t see her. Meanwhile, Karo continues bullying his new cult member. She opens another door, and Karo finds another canopic jar. Looking in the jar, it explodes in her face. There’s now black goo distributed throughout the room, some of it on the old woman. She falls to the ground as the goo begins eating through her flesh. Irene tries to help, but Karo says to leave her, she’s already dead. 

She might be right, because the woman undergoes a dramatic transformation as needles emerge from her skin. She starts flailing at Karo. Irene tries to shoot her but her shot goes wide. Karo uses magic to increase her strength to crush the old woman’s arms and throw her into the wall. It’d kill a normal old woman, but somehow this person is still going. What used to be the old woman grows bone spikes, and she takes a swipe at Karo. A detached bone hand attacks Irene. 

Thankfully for us, Kilowatt and Anki have been texting, and Anki can send a wave of Paradox to us. It royally screws with our enemies’ ability to hurt her. Kilowatt takes advantage of this by unleashing a blast of electricity that puts her down for good. Examining the shards of the canopic jar, Karo concludes this used to belong to her, but someone has since defaced it. We have to leave, but before we do, Kilowatt sets a fire to cover our tracks. 

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