Radioactive Summers – Season 1

Those Wastelanders never cease to amaze your ol’Baron. After having tricked them Children of the Grove into tossing down an orange, they proceeded to sow chaos in their escape. The Grove wall was broken, causing the merchants to climb it, desperate for a taste of that orange. The Wastelanders though, they high tailed it outta there on their airboat and made it back safe and sound to the ol’Bait and Tackle.

Your ol’Baron managed a few upgrades, with walls, a fine sturdy gate, and a few farmhands who knew their way around a rake as much as a gun. By the time the Wastelanders returned, it was a fine lil’ homestead. When they showed your ol’Baron that orange, why…he just wanted to reach out and sink his ancient teeth into it. Taking it inside, the Wastelanders sectioned off that orange pretty easily and got four seeds from it. It tasted like nothing they ever had tasted. Cherry took two of the seeds out back and in some profane farming ritual, buried those seeds in the swamp soil. The other two seeds were kept in a plastic baggie to be delivered to them ol’BOS boys out on the coast.

While Cherry baked an orange-zest cake, the others geared up for their next adventure, Rusty outfitted their weapons with new mods, and Earl made them more chems. Later that evening after a celebratory diner, them crusty raiders from the canals showed up. Cane Syrup, the herald of Swamp Ape the Foreman arrived demanding tribute. Well, them Wastelanders were probably going to balk at that offer regardless, but Handsome Jerry made that decision solid by choosing good ol’violence. Jerry domed that raider boss, and then Cherry vaporized the poor bastard’s leg. The raider’s resolve was broken, and the Wastelanders had themselves a prisoner.

However, by morning, that prisoner was quickly turned into an employee by Doctor Bonesaw’s outlandish wit. Death Pirate Cane Syrup Asshole was now their new airboat tour guide after some confounded convincing from The Good Doctor. The Wastelanders then headed out to the Space Coast where Ian was brought back into the Brotherhood ranks, having completed his mission to the Fsuf, and Handsome Jerry made a deal to get them some caps for the two orange seeds.

The Brotherhood also gave Doctor Bonesaws the true formula to Blood Yak. It was something they had suss’d out from the fake version being pushed by a then “Bonesaws” impersonator who was now going by the name Ricky Streams. They were still in town, and those BOS boys suggested the Wastelanders pay him a visit. After all the pleasantries, they were about to leave, when it occurred to them, they were at the very site connected to Vault 23. Elder McNamara, let out a long sigh, and was about to explain…

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