Season Two of the Vorpal Contagion Chronicle

We make it out of the house! A little out of breath, we stand on the lawn’s house with 3 of ESSI’s sisters, some in better condition than others. 

Irene is ready to drive away, but she only has a sedan that isn’t big enough for everyone. Fortunately, Anki can make the trunk big enough for ESSI and her sisters, and Kilowatt, to travel in relative comfort. As we pull away, the Mages hear the house inviting them back. 

En route, ESSI tries to find out what sort of memories her sisters might have. Aided by Kilowatt, she realizes someone has put up what are essentially firewalls on her sisters. But breaking through, she realizes they were targeted in an organized strike of other supernatural creatures. She does obtain what looks like a symbol or logo, a strange, angular ‘O’. Kilowatt vaguely recognizes it as a symbol affiliated with Mages, though doesn’t know the specific order. 

Back at the bar, ESSI shows us the symbol. Anki recognizes it as Orochi, a huge mega-corporation. Karo has vague memories of this business, and entering into projects and contracts with them. We discuss why Orochi might have wanted to go after ESSI’s sisters, but come up with no good conclusions. Karo asks a few questions about how Anki was able to enlarge the trunk, and he simply answers, “Magic.”

At the bar, Karo is served a Bee’s Knees while ESSI gets something rather oily. We discuss with the bartender what happened to ESSI’s sisters. The bartender can’t really give us any concrete information on what was going on, but is happy to hear that the house was destroyed. The entity is still around, though, and may pop up later. 

She does give us something else, however – the bar. She says we need a family, even though Irene is personally horrified by the idea of having to work in a social setting like a bar. However, accepting the job would help us function, especially as friends. It also gives us some supernatural advantages, including Pythian alchemy and Vectors, and the ability to swap powers.

We also have the ability to change the bar. ESSI shifts the honky-tonk bar into an Internet cafe slash hookah bar we dub Marra-waukee. We all get personal spaces as well, including a laboratory for Kilowatt, a tomb for Karo, a fallout shelter for Irene, a computer room for ESSI, and an unnamed room for Anki. 

Irene drives Kilowatt to their home to pick up some equipment, and Karo to get her canopic jars and relics. Unfortunately we’re a little too late to the museum. By the time we get there, police cars and first responders are already there, with bodies being pulled out and placed in vehicles. 

Kilowatt re-tunes the radio in Irene’s car to the police frequency. They’re talking about a violent robbery, probably an inside job. Karo charges out, offended at the interlopers desecrating her tomb. Irene tries to stop her from killing other people, but Kilowatt can at least turn us invisible. 

We sneak past the investigators going over security footage. Kilowatt asks Karo where she’s from. “Irem,” she answers. “No, I mean in the building,” Kilowatt says. But it’s pretty easy to follow the blood trail back to the exhibit. Karo’s incredibly unhappy with everything going on in this exhibit, and just wanders around, muttering to herself. She does find a display case next to her sarcophagus, with a smashed vessel. 

Karo is still unsure where her possessions are. They’re probably in a storage or curation room, away from the main exhibit halls. ESSI can use her lazer vision to see where we need to go, and as we walk past the crime scene, there are men in suits taking blood samples. Irene, ESSI, and Karo pick up that these aren’t normal beat cops, and they’re all wearing Orochi logo pins. 

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