Radioactive Summers – Season 1

Your ol’Baron knew those plucky Wastelanders were gonna survive that ol’Gatorclaw just fine. No really, he totally did.

Opening fire with their new found x-ray machines, Jerry and The Doctor stood squarely and proudly unleashing blazing electric molten death upon that gatordeathclaw. By the end of it, however, it just sorta shrugged it off and sized up which them it was going to eat first. Least it would have eaten them had a spacecraft not dropped down on its scaled noggin’.

Just as they had a few weeks earlier, a young lass popped out of that capsule frozen in time. Carolina “Rusty” Reaper — gunsmith exorindainare — was quickly brought up to speed of her situation. She gladly joined the Wastelanders ranks. Meanwhile water was spewing from the sewer line that the capsule had ruptured, and there were no signs of that ‘claw anywheres.

Assuming it had been obliterated, the Wastelanders went deep into the Health Program campus building and found themselves a virtual underground forest of citrus delights. Everything they could think of was here, except oranges. While most of the crew decided to try and rig up Jerry’s pipboy as a citrus finding device, Ian hacked the local terminal and found a formula for an old energy drink — that might be valuable to the right buyer. He also had coordinates to The Grove — the old Citrus Tower along the old 27, and tourist trap from back in the day. That’s where their oranges were.

Coming back up to ground level, the Wastelanders heard a buzzin’. Getting to the top of the campus building, they saw a fleet of raider airboats headin’ their way — probably after that capsule. Though they thought they might stay and fight, there was an airboat they discovered on the shores of the swamp. They decided to make a run for it, and Cherry nipped herself an entire bottle of vodka to steel herself against the situation — or maybe just loosen her goose just enough to hit on Jerry.

With the Handy Apple in the driver’s seat, the Wastelanders sped off onto the swamp prairie with some of the raiders taking note of them and following after. With a harrowing battle that saw a drunken Cherry sharp-shootin’, Ian nearly loosing himself to the swamp, and Apple piloting like the devil, the Wastelanders eluded the raiders by exploding airboat and found themselves further south, not far from The Grove.

There they came upon a shanty town of merchants and other wastelanders living off the wishful thinkin’ they were going to get into The Grove and get access to them oranges. With a tall stone wall surrounding the several acre complex, at the center was a large tower with a giant tree growing around it, reaching high into the sky with a tuft of oranges ripe for the taking. Jerry and Cherry shared a stroll that evenin’, Earl cooked up some chems, while Rusty swindled a rail gun from the clutches of a sleazy merchant. Meanwhile Doctor Bonesaws administered some medicine to some people and wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t die.

Upon the mornin’ one of the Children of the Grove came up to the wall and chastised the shanty town — as they did every morning. However, that Grover didn’t account for the Wastelander’s lucky wit. In a heated exchange, and a tossed tomato, Rusty managed to make the Child of the Grove up there on the wall so angry, that they threw and orange at Rusty.

There they are, our Wastelanders, in the middle of a crowd of greedy merchants with one of the most coveted things sitting there in Rusty’s palm. Things in the Wasteland, were definitely about to change.

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