We open on Karo and the dead bodies surrounding her. This is very confusing for her, and she decides to step outside to see what the world is now like. The city seems to her large but empty. She begins walking north, following some speeding cars and arriving at an automobile collision, and an out of place manor. 

Back at the bar, our mysterious bartender says one of our ostensible team has gotten into some trouble. She brings out her phone and sends Kilowatt a Google Map location, somewhere near the Museum of Natural History. Irene volunteers to drive, but does keep the music up to avoid awkward conversations. On arrival, Santos uses his Mage sight to examine the setting’s supernatural nature. He doesn’t see a house, but rather a large facility. He rips a hole in the world, through which come tentacles and screaming, and takes Kilowatt into the magical dimension. 

Meanwhile, Emma-Rose and Irene try poking through the manor but utterly fail to spot Karo. ESSI can sense our presence through her heat vision, but we continue wandering through the house, surmising only that there is something extremely supernatural about this place. 

The mages, however, have an entirely different experience. Kilowatt charges their gun with magical energy. They encounter a sign reading only “Tubes,” and some fire-escape style stairs. The stairs seem to go up forever, so they decide to investigate the tubes. It’s pretty much what the sign said, a room full of giant brass tubes. Nothing seems to be labeled, but there are quite a lot of levers here. 

Santos begins pulling levers at random. A feminine voice comes out of the tubes, asking why they’re in her home. She appears to be stuck in some way. Santos thinks he might know how to free her, but he doesn’t want to do it for free. Around the same time, Emma-Rose and Irene hear screaming and thudding. Irene also senses the presence of another Promethean, and follows that feeling while Emma-Rose continues on. 

Emma-Rose, followed by Karo, end up in a kitchen where it seems clear a struggle took place. There are blood trails and drag marks leading out of the kitchen, up to a locked door. Her curiosity piqued, Karo teleports behind the door. There’s no handle on the other end, so she just calls out, “Stand back!” Emma-Rose is quite confused by this, but does take a few steps backward. Karo uses her double-headed axe to chop through the door. She awkwardly introduces herself to to Emma-Rose, asking what year it is and what place she’s in. 

After introductions complete, the two continue following the blood trail down a set of stairs. Meanwhile, Irene and ESSI have a very awkward introduction, but do decide to be each other’s friend. They proceed to find where Emma-Rose (and Karo) have gone off to. 

In the magespace, Kilowatt continues his discussion with the voice in the tubes. She doesn’t like the ‘randos’ very much, accusing us of hurting her children. They determine that there’s some kind of magical effect on the house, keeping any supernatural creature from leaving. Santos zots away and back into the real world, warning us that it’s time to go. 

As we’re making our way out of the house, ESSI passes by what looks like a workshop, and an operating table containing the dessicated remains of one of her sisters. She rushes in, hoping to save her. Irene follows, as does Santos. Some kind of process seems to be repairing or remaking this ESSI-sister. She gets up, walking over to a large tube-y apparatus and getting inside. ESSI sees eight storage units. 

As ESSI goes into the room, another human body appears through a chute. The animated room begins the process anew, taking the body apart and putting it back together. Santos makes a comment about what’s going on to Irene, but she’s not listening. Instead, she pulls out her gun and starts firing wildly at the machinery. ESSI forces open the containment canister, but her sister stares at her with a blank, black stare. At the same time, Anki casts a spell to break every screw, bolt, and nail in the room. It works, messily so. 

ESSI recognizes three sisters, who we grab. But the canister Irene shot begins catching fire.

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