USS Ossipon

It has been 4 days since the last mission.  Yesterday in a ceremony on the space station, we were awarded with merit and ranked up.  Alot of people, most of whom we don’t know and don’t care about, allot our actions during the mission.  Our awards included: Increase 1 step for all characters, Backpay for 3 months, Naval crew gets Distinguished Service Medal and Marines get Gallantry Cross.  With the death of the prior Captain, command of the USS Osipon was granted to now acting Captain Lockwood.  Well all spend our experience points and explain how they are acquired.  

Before this happens, Lockwood orders an autopsy on the prior Captain. We learn that the captain had been killed 7 days before everyone was revived from stasis, and whoever did the tampering with the pod was not tech savvy.  After the autopsy, the remains of the prior captain are to be put to rest via your standard airlock burial.  All of the bells and whistles are on display and all of the party attend; some even passing along words and eulogies.  

Our next mission: Phantasmagoria in order to establish a forward operating base. Secondly we are to create a safe space for Project Life Force and it’s scientists.

Surveillance Team: Chase, Ruth, Harrison, Gardener, Baker

Capt. Lockwood tries to take up a collection for a sentry turret.  He is able to acquires 2 turrets and Sgt Harrison purchases a control head mount for Ruth.

On Day 1 of our planetary surveillance, we seem to not be able to find any good landing spots, but at least Chase keeps us in the air and we don’t crash.  The planet itself has brutal short summers, brutal long winters.  As we continue to sector Two, the ambient temperature drops 20 degrees C.  The flight stick freezes and the VTOL hits the ground, and takes significant damage but is still intact.  Now grounded, Gardner successfully sets up a camp that will keep for 2 shifts and will then degrade.  Harrison is able to secure the camp so that everyone is safe from the weather.  Ruth then talks Gardener into fixing the VTOL during the night watch.  She entices him with the chance to touch her sacred ‘Petunia’.  Thinking back on his memorable encounter with Zeek, Gardener is able to completely fix the VTOL.  As night falls, to our own stupidity, we discover the camp was set up on ice, so the camp, VTOL and all the crew go sliding downhill due to the unstable tectonics.  Gardener and Harrison go to tie down the VTOL but Harrison pulls rank, threatens Gardener then secures the VTOL himself.

Day 2 begins with more surveillance.  We find a “perfect spot”.  There is so much flora,  but at the last second, Harrison realizes there is a deadly pathogen that has killed all organisms save the flora.  As the day drags on, a severe blizzard rolls in catching us off guard.  This causes the VTOL to careen extremely off course, way up into the mountains.  Once we get stabilized again, we pick up something on long range sensors; some that resembles large mineral deposits.  We make three aerial sweeps of this…ship…humungus in size…  Sensors indicate organic life within the structure, approximately a meter and a half high.  All of these entities are giving off heat, like an “egg”.  We will land and establish our forward operating base and call in the research team.

Forward research team – 

Drop ship lands half a click away from the derelict.

We gear up and head out with Sgt Harrison in the lead.

Zeek gets a new set of armor, and some grenades.

Tie ourselves together and set out through the blizzard

Zeeks rope comes loose but we don’t notice for 15-20 minutes.

Zeek gets lost following odd shadows but stumbles on a cave

Warm in cave, stays outside.

Harrison tries to use his PUPS to find Zeek but continually has problems.  Dr. Lam helps with some techiness and the PUPS finally are off and ping Zeek’s location not far away in the mouth of a cave.  Que trek montage!  

Dr. Lam begins to examine the unknown substance on the walls of the cave.  Find it is organic and fauna secretion.

Density and strength of steel but flexes like rubber.

We take a sample and reconnect everyone and head to crash site.

8000 years old (alloy of ship)

PUPS show that: Top of ship – tech

Cargo bay – heat signature

One alien body 6 meters tall

We head towards the cargo bay.

Time passes and we Make our way 

Raised platforms

Scattered throughout are large leathery egg sacks.

Thick leather outside, inside is fleshy.  Something, moves inside

Eggs are approx 500 yrs old

Ship itself – Bioorganic technology.

253 empty eggs, 31 intact, 20 look frozen.

So this humanoid – no idea

Control panel- using the power of music we turn on 

Adam stays behind by order of Capt Lockwood, turning down his heat he places one of the unfrozen eggs in the specimen containers.  Returns t othe group.

Go to check out the body of the alien, flip it over after resistance from Harrison.  Strange black matter particulates in the facial area, and the mask is shattered.

Radical and violent DNA re-write.

PRIORITY subruitin rewrite, Adam turns the middle switch activating lights and symbols all over the ship.

Agent Leetham and Capt. Lockwood speak

Letham knows about engineers.  Big find.  Activates Adam to get navigation data.

Stopped at 3 worlds and point of origin (unknown if homeworld)

System = Wolfpack of trexes with working arms / assault the crew damage the ship / causing the dissemination of contents of strange canister.

Ship can not fly but ship begins to boot up. 12 eggs are now empty

Automated repairs start up.  Door shuts and fingery appendages with a whipping tale fly through the air.

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