Alien – Acid & Ice

4 days since last mission.  Yesterday in a ceremony on the space station.  We are Awarded and ranked up.  Alot of people allot our actions during the mission.  Increase 1 step for all characters. And get backpay for 3 months. Naval crew gets Distinguished Service Metal and Marines get Gallantry Cross.  Command of the USS Osipon is granted to CPT Lockwood.  Well all spend our experience points and explain how they are acquired.  We also get our short term

Lockwood orders an autopsy on the prior Captain.  Prepare an airlock burial.  +2 to helping the investigation and -2 to that trying to cover up.  We learn that the capt had been killed 7 days before everyone was revived from stasis, and whomever did the tampering with the pod was not tech savvy.

Phantasmagoria, forward operating base.  Create a safe space for project life force and it’s scientists.

Surveillance Team: Chase, Ruth, Harrison, Gardener, Baker

Setup Team:

Capt. Lockwood tries to take up a collection for a sentry turret.  He acquires 2 turrets and 

Shift 1: There are no good landing spots, but at least Chase keeps us in the air and we don’t crash. Brutal short summers, brutal long winters.  

Shift 2: As we fly over the second area the ambient temp drops 20 degrees C.  The stick freezes and the VTOL hits the ground, and takes significant damage but is still in tact.  Gardner successfully sets up a camp that will keep for 2 shifts and will then degrade.  Harrison is able to secure the camp so that everyone is safe from the weather.  Ruth then talks Gardener into fixing the VTOL during the night watch.  She entices him with the chance to touch her sacred ‘Petunia’.  Thinking back on his memorable encounter with Zeek, Gardener is able to completely fix the VTOL.

Shift 3: Oh shit, the camp was set up on ice, so the camp, VTOL and all the crew go sliding downhill due to the unstable tectonics.  Gardener and Harrison go to tie down the VTOL but Harrison pulls rank, threatens Gardener then secures the VTOL himself.

Day 2 Shift 1: We find a “perfect spot”.  So much flora but at the last second, Harrison realizes there is a deadly pathogen that kills all no flora.

Shift 2:  Severe natural occurrence.  A blizzard rolls in and careens the VTOL extremely off course.  Way up in the mountains.  Pick up something on long range sensors; large mineral deposits.  3 sweeps, organic lifeforms inside. Meter and a half high.  Giving off heat, like an “egg”.

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