Radioactive Summers – Season 1

So the time those Wastelanders got back to the ol’Bait and Tackle, a few things had changed. Your ol’Baron managed to exchange that capsule for some cold hard caps and bring the ol’homestead to code as it were. With a protective junk fence, and turrets, the Blue Creek was a safe place to sleep once again. Even had some beds back in the ol’storage shed now that it was minus the radroaches.

With the Wastelanders having cleared the ol’junction up north, the leftover caps hired a couple of caravan guards and get a nice route passing back and forth to Space Beach. Hell, even one of them BOS boys walked the beat with’em to make sure things were safe between here and the coast.

Now those Wastelanders; they came back with stories of imposter chemists in Ocrosstown and possibly elsewhere. Not to mention, they apparently managed to survive the ol’Walt’s Wonderland tellin’ tall tales that the robots there were stealing brains right out of good folks’ bodies and puttin’ them in robots. Lil’ far fetched, but it made the Old Possum Lite’s go down quicker.

T’was a weird time in the Wasteland. The only thing your ol’Baron knew for certain was that life was gonna keep changin’ in the Peninsula Wasteland…

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