Out on the boat, Davos and the rest still have Sardaukar to deal with. They’ve taken one prisoner and aren’t sure what to do with him. At least, until “Daphne” reveals herself to be a Face Dancer who can take his place. Davos immediately slits his throat, strips his uniform, and tosses the body overboard. Still, we know this place will be swarming with Sardaukar by evening. 

Pardot secretly communicates with the Face Dancer – kill everyone. Lysander realizes Daphne isn’t actually here, which causes him to lose his temper and grab at the Face Dancer and demand to know how long he’s been Daphne. But the Face Dancer follows order, and simply smiles rather than answer. Free of the Sardaukar, they make their way back to the village. 

Back in the cottage. Gwyllion tells Norma to get the drone while he goes for the Botani assassin. Norma grabs for a fire poker and uses that to smash the Hunter-Seeker. Which she does, quite well. Gwyllion wings the assassin, who turns on a shield and begins fleeing. Gwyllion gives chase. Despite the shield, Gwyllion and his assets capture the assassin. “Much respect, we should exchange notes sometime,” before knocking him out. He suggests perhaps turning the assassin’s loyalty. 

Daphne still doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. Kyra reveals the Emperor made a deal with the Bene Gesserit a long time ago. Kyra was part of their plan to dethrone House Corrino, and ensure that Shaddam’s legacy would be only daughters. He must have secretly broken the agreement in exchange for a son. 

Norma, however, insists that once a Bene Gesserit always a Bene Gesserit. But now that the Botani is here, that means House Moritani knows who Kyra is. They must flee. 

The boat crew must avoid the notice of Sardaukar, as must the cottage group. Fortunately, we avoid any notice and re-unite at a pre-arranged location. Norma briefly disappears, then reappears with a small child in town. 

“Davos, Pardot,” asks Gwyllion, “what’s the escape plan?” Davos comes with *a* plan. Gwyllion decides to peel off on his own and steal an ornithopter so we can escape. Luckily, the ornithopter is of House Cheshire make, and Gwyllion can override its controls. Meanwhile, he overhears Sardaukar chatter about Norma kidnapping a young child. Gwyllion breaks into the radio and sends them towards the valley, while we head towards the coast. 

While waiting for Gwyllion, we have a chance to speak about what’s going on. We have a few too many people for the ornithoper, and some hard decisions must be made. Lady Kyra insists on being the one to stay behind. 

“But we just met…” says Daphne, right as Gwyllion lands the ornithopter. He jumps out, intending to use his deceptive abilities continue mimicking the Sardaukar. Davos also chooses to remain behind. Gwyllion agrees, then shoots Davos. He gives Davos a spare Sardaukar uniform so he appears wounded. 

Lady Daphne says goodbye to Kyra with a fierce, tearful hug. Massum does not want to leave his monther, but eventually relents. 

Now we must flee. One of their shots manages to shear a bit of metal off our ornithopter, rendering it unstable. Lady Daphne tries to fire the ship’s armaments, but it goes wide. The Sardakar return fire. On the ground, Gwyllion escorts a bleeding Davos to ostensibly get medical care. Instead, he steals a horse cart and starts heading for the spaceport. Elsewhere, a squad of Lysander’s soldiers attempt to extract Kyra and get her to the spaceport as well. It’s a bloody battle, and his men sadly do not survive. But they do buy Gwyllion and Davos enough time to escape the village.  

Ornithopters emerge from the spaceport and appear to be on our side. A few Sardakar ornithopters explode, and Lady Daphne shoots another one down. Lysander also attacks, while the mystery ornithopters take out the final pursuers. Pardot receives an incoming transmission. It’s not a message, it’s coordinates. And the other ornithopters assume escort formation, and recognize it as House Aingeru, the governing House of this planet. We land, and the other ornithopter opens, revealing the leader of the House. He makes a gesture of invitation, and Daphne gets into conversation distance. 

“Timely rescue,” says Daphne. She picks up, at least, they’re not here for altruistic reasons. Collectively, we understand they probably set us up to get access to the young prince. We decline their assistance and leave. Davos makes excellent use of his smuggling contacts to get us offworld and back to Jabberwock. 

It’s a weeklong trip. Daphne tries to establish a rappor with Massum, who is grieving the loss of his mother. Norma offers to continue his Bene Gesserit training, though he seems wary of her. One night, however, he wakes up screaming. Somehow, he knows that his mother is dead. Daphne lets slip to Lysander who’s child Massum is, in case he must ever decide between her and the boy. 

Meanwhile, Gwyllion and Pardot occupy themselves with torturing our captured assassin. He reveals his name is Durand Rambullot, and they have revived an ancient assassin order on behalf of House Mauritani. Their target was Kyra, as the last heir of House Iasi, and had no idea Massum even existed. When they’re done, Gwyllion offers him a job. 

Finally, we arrive Jabberwock. Lady Adelaide is glad to see us, but confused to see Massum. She knows what the return of the stones mean. Omelas delivers an Imperial summons. The Emperor wants to see us. Now. 

Lady Daphne responds to the summons and is brought forthwith to the Emperor’s private chamber. Lady Adelaide comes with us. 

The Emperor is quite upset over the loss of the spice and the dead Sardaukar and the violations of the rules of Kanly. He also knows what House Mauritani has been up to, including resurrecting the Botani assassins. The House is stripped of all their status. Our House fortunately is awarded for our service and discretion. We’re granted leave to assist House Harkkonnen on Arrakis. 

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