Unfiled Report found in the files of Agent Jacob Hardigan

Ghost Zone

Remaining Agents Nedry, Dasha, and Armature find themselves in a changing zone. Taking gear from the damaged mech they move on. Arriving at what they believe to be the next location, they are blocked by a firewall. The agents quickly realize its an exit back into our dimension. Agent Nedry overrides the firewall and digitally transfers them back into our world. During the time Agent Armature breaks down the plasma cannon from the mech and rebuilds it as a smaller weapon of reasonable size. Agent Dasha prepares himself to exit.

Orochi Lab

Injured and confused, Agent Satori finds himself on the floor of the lab back at the Orochi Facility. He crawls toward the exit. His body has taken too much damage. Agent Hardigan steps over him as he passes out. But Agent Hardigan does not have a scottish accent.

Pentex Facility, Scottsbluff, NE

Agent Hardigan wakes up in an unknown location. His mind in the body of a guard and in a guards barracks. He reports to duty at the front entry, determining the location is Pentex facility. His mind wipe fails, memories of the Special Projects Division and Pentex returning to him. This takes a physical toll on him as his nose starts to bleed.

Underneath the Denver International Airport

Agents Armature, Dasha, and Nedry find themselves in an air hanger underneath DIA. There appears to be Orochi, Pentex, and Technocracy employees moving through the facility. The agents make their way to an employee elevator and use adjustments to get through unnoticed.

Pentex Facility, Scottsbluff, NE

Agent Satori wakes up in a hospital bed, cuffed and strapped to the bed. Breaking his thumb, Satori removes one of the handcuffs and frees the rest of himself. Can sense Hardigan’s mind but something doesn’t feel right. Looking around the room for clothing finding only a hospital gown. He spots a guard, quickly knocking him out and taking his outfit, heading off to find Hardigan.

An alarm goes off signaling to Agent Hardigan he has been discovered. He locks down part of the facility and triggers the fire suppression system in the data center before heading out. Agent Satori pulls him into a cubicle room where they discuss the situation at hand. Four guards, including the body of Hardigan, burst into the room. Agent Satori shoves Agent Hardigan toward the vent. The guards fire tasers at Satori hitting him, Agent Hardigan dodges and hits the RD in his body switching back. Satori knocks a mother fucker out, Agent Hardigan tells the guards to get “him” and they taze the body his mind recently occupied before shooting one with a taser. The last guard runs and Satori and Hardigan escape.

Detroit Construct

The amalgam discusses what they are going to say during their debriefing. Nedry gives additional details and earns himself an enhanced debriefing. Afterward on Agents Hardigan’s suggestion, they decide to use their given time off to head to the park that contains the coordinates found for the dead drop. The amalgam designs a plan of action on how to approach the dead drop. Agent Satori will retrieve the package, Agent Armature and Dasha are to provide support as Agent Hardigan provides scouting. Agent Nedry acts as a driver. 

Dead Drop in the Park

At the park nothing at the bench. After some time a father and son have been playing catch without speaking. Agents Armature and Satori investigate to determine they are not natural beings, leading to a blonde woman. Agent Dasha spots three government vehicles blocking in Agent Nedry, who uses an adjustment to scan for mind activity and find only a “perfect sentient mind”. Agent Armature speaks with the woman, who speaks in a monotone voice and hands him a disk drive before leaving. After handing over the disk she speaks normally and leaves. A shot rings out killing her.

Agent Nedry abandons the car and heads into one of the SUVs. Agent Dasha shoots to wound the assassin. Four unseen antagonists appear going after Agent’s Hardigan, Armature, and Satori. Agent Harigian shoots one in the face with a taser, somehow missing. As the SUVs move in the high enlightenment antagonist presses the issue. Agents Armature and Satori join Nedry in an SUV while another hits an antagonist. Agent Dasha purses the assassin until he realizes her enlightenment to be far beyond her own and retreats. Agent Hardigan jumps in as the SUV departs.

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