Mission Update and Emergency Transmission, filed by Agent Jacob Hardigan

Time Unknown: Outside the Ghost Zone

Agent Armature jacks into the Digital Web to the location specified in the last report. Agents Hardigan and Nedry brief him on the events leading them to the location. Agent Sorin uses Enlightened Science to heal the damage previously taken by Agents Dasha and Thea. Agents Sorin and Armature then familiarize themselves with the mech Agent Sorin had acquired while Agents Dasha, Hardigan, Nedry, Satori, and Thea use adjustments to better acclimate themselves to the Digital Web.

Time Unknown: Ghost Zone Mars

The first Ghost Zone entered possess the appearance of the Mars Dimension. Agent Armature uses the mech to do a scan of the area to discover the remains of a living entity of unknown origin. Agent Hardigan confirms the data signatures the amalgam was tracking in the same direction. Agent Nedry uses a procedure to conjure a horse to ride and Agent Thea maintains the avatar of her familiar flying behind the mech. Agents Dasha and Hardigan jump onto the mech and ride it. Agent Satori travels on foot but is unable to keep up with the mech.

Agent Satori gets separated from the group and begins to hear whispering from behind him. As it begins to form around him he runs toward the rest of the amalgam calling out to alert them. The noise made by the mech drowns out his screams to all but Agent Thea who attempts to alert the others but also gets drowned out by the excess noise. She turns back to aid him. 

Through the haze and the fog, and perhaps being unfamiliar with the avatar, Agent Satori strikes at Agent Thea as she flies in. The force connecting with the energy field she created sends both of them flying in the opposite direction. Agent Satori lands flat on his back and he can feel an undetermined number of hands grabbing for him to pull him into the ground. He was able to free his upper body but his lower torso gets dragged down trapping him inside. Agent Thea pulls free him, angering the entity which was pursuing him and letting off a scream characterized as of a banshee. 

Agent Sorin senses the harm done to Agent Thea and turns the mech around. Agent Nedry using a similar procedure as before pulls them both to the amalgam’s location unharmed. The momentary pause allows for the discovery of an area within the mech’s legs allowing for safe transportation. Other than the pilots, all agents enter the mech with the exception of Agent Thea who continues to fly behind it.

The entity detected by the mech’s systems gets found and appears to be the derezzed body of one of the kidnappers. Agent Hardigan discovers the body wearing a suit made Primium in order to reduce the effectiveness against enlightened science adjustments and procedures and removes it for study back at the construct. In the process it’s discovered the body contains multiple cybernetic enhancements, which Agent Satori successfully removes by using Life procedures to prevent further damage from being done. Agent Armature gathers physical details to scan the construct’s database to identify this RD. The amalgam discovers an exit to another Ghost Zone and climbs into the mech before proceeding. 

Time Unknown: Ghost Zone Desert.

The second Ghost Zone possesses the appearance of a Desert. While I have never been it appears similar to the Sahara. Almost immediately upon entering signs of something large moving through the sand dunes toward the mech can be seen. A giant metallic snake emerges. Agent Hardigan disembarked from the mech and fired an energy ray on it exposing an unseen shield of some sort. Large metal spiders emerge from the snake’s mouth moving toward the mech. Agent Sorin uses the mech weaponry at it while Agent Armature generates an electrical shield around the mech. Agent Haridgan identifies a signal giving directions to the spiders and reverses the signal sending some against the snake. At this point it dives into the sand burrowing under before shooting out underneath the mech knocking it over. 

The spiders which are still active split between attacking the snake, the mech, and Agent Thea. Agent Satori exits the mech attacking the snake. From inside the mech Agent Dasha puts up another shield. The mech’s gun malfunctions, sending out a pulse knocking unconscious all agents outside of it with the exception of Agent Nedry. He wakes up Agent Hardigan who in turn wakes Agents Thea and Sorin. Spiders still under the control of the snake continue to attack the amalgam. Agent Nedry disables one with an EMP while Satori overpowers one. Agent Dasha is able to use a procedure to weaken the snake’s metal body while Agent Haridgan uses an adjustment to turn more spiders against the snake. What appears to be green acid sprays onto the mech, damaging the compartment Agent Dasha is in before it begins lashing out, knocking Agents Hardigan and Thea back 100 yards into the desert. 

At this point the amalgam unleashes on the snake. Agent Nedry manifests a giant spear and pierces the snake’s maw, Agent Satori continues to unleash his martial arts training on it, while Dasha stripped of the acidic clothing joins the fray as Agent Thea flies in. Unable to get back to the fight, Agent Hardigan boosts Thea. Agent Armature rights the mech allowing Agent Sorin to use it to punch the snake. Agents Dasha, Nedry, and Satori continue their assault while Agent Thea transfers the heat from the mech to the snake causing it to explode. 

Time Unknow: Aftermath

In the aftermath it’s discovered Satori derezzed. Using Correspondence Agent Nedry discovers he returned to the lab the amalgam entered the Digital Web through, crawling toward the exit. As this risks a paranormal anomaly, Agent Hardigan attempts to exit but finds the Ghost Zone too difficult to use a Correspondence procedure. Coming up with only one way out, Agent Dasha shoots Agent Hardigan. 

Something went wrong. I find myself in the body of what appears to be one of the kidnappers. While concerning, the ramifications of this are secondary to the problem of an heavily injured agent in need of immediate medical attention in the Orochi computer lab risking exposure of the mission if discovered by the Orochi security. I request an emergency medical team be sent to the facility immediately to prevent unenlightened citizens to learn about the status of the mission. Be cautioned that if I am in the body of a suspected RD then the consciousness of that RD may currently reside in my body. For the safety of the agents deployed and of the mission, I should be taken into custody immediately and brought to Room 101. All devices should be confiscated and treated as if compromised until such time that they can be properly evaluated.

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