After the viscera of the slain mouther splatters all over Luca we head back to the inn for a long rest. In the middle of the night Knackle hears something calling his name and sends tiny Knackles aka Knackles Prime to investigate. What appears to be an undead man shambling down the street is calling his name. The undead’s eyes flash red and he charges Knackles prime, but before he can get to tiny Knackles a red flash shoots in the sky and the undead screeches “I will not be denied my prey” then disappears.

The morning meets us, and a letter shows up from winter and it reads thusly; She wishes us well, and Her senior Sestia wishes to have words with us, and they will await our arrival at the Sleeping Villa.

As we venture into town, we hear many rumors that there have been more abductions, and the City Watch traced them to a cave outside the city. Half of the watch sent out to the cave system did not make it back.

We march up to the Sleepless Villa and find Winter inside talking with her boss Sestia. Sestia tells us of the witch rumored to habit the caves just outside of town, but she thinks there is a connection between Count Sestos and the disappearances. Sestia bids us to go to Fort Hailcourse looking for these lost souls and lets us know that being in the Count’s employ should help us enter.

The party makes its way into the cave where we do battle with the witch and her fungi dogs. The battle is fearsome, but the ghoul summoned by Kazimir stuns the witch in the back of the cave. The stunned witch falls with relative ease, and her mushroom dogs fall soon after. We pause here, waiting to loot the cave next week…

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