Archaeologists made a big discovery in 2020 – a journal dating from the Triassic Age, unearthed in Siberia. It seems somewhat impossible that a journal dating from before the dinosaurs could exist. The language was unknown and untranslatable, so the book was hidden deep in the Miskatonic University library vaults. But then they found a similar book in England – dated in 1829. Professor Armitage began translation. Despite attempts to keep this secret, it seems to have gotten out anyway. He has an appointment today, with Mr. White and Ms. Pace. 

Back to the lighthouse. Sophie runs to one of the interns on the floor. It’s her personal intern. She looks, desperately hopeful, for any life signs. The intern screams at Sophie, “You did this to me!” and attacks. Sophie defends herself by trying to shut down the intern’s consciousness. But since the intern is, in reality, quite dead, all her unwarded mind does is send a mental shockwave out to her allies. Father Vega in particular just shuts off. The mages watch his body thump to the floor, then glance back to see that the interns are gone. 

Daniel takes his gun and goes looking for the missing bodies. The mages in the kitchen notice that a Nazi symbolhas been picked out in our countertop in broken plasticware. That took much longer than the five minutes in real time we were gone to Horizon. They must have their own time adept. 

Father Vega wanders out of the kitchen into his study, unaware his physical body is passed out on the kitchen floor. He paces back and forth, guilt-ridden and looking for comfort in prayer. “You think that garbage actually works?” Vega turns around to see… himself. Only his Roman collar is bloody and his stole embroidered with inverted crosses. And his eyes are night-black. Vega attacks his demon self, injuring his own self in the process. 

Meanwhile, Daniel is overwhelmed by nausea as he ventures away from the kitchen and finds himself in the lighthouse tower. Some kind of Correspondence magic happened. He warns us not to leave the kitchen. A black beam of light hits Daniel, bringing up every negative emotion he’s ever experienced. Just as he warns us not to leave the kitchen, we hear his screaming. 

Gabriel calls on his own Correspondence to try and link everyone. Which has the unfortunate impact of linking everyone (except Sophie) to Daniel… and everything he is currently feeling. Gabriel isn’t sure what’s going on and wants to know if he should drop it. “Father Vega” encourages him to keep it up, but Gabriel drops the connection. 

We realize two things: our Node has been corrupted, and something is very, very wrong with Father Vega. Daniel throws himself away from the evil light with such force that he launches out of the third-story lighthouse window and hits the ground below, fracturing his arm. Sophie yells at him to get back in the kitchen, while Leo calls for a blanket moratorium on magic until we figure out the Node. Sophie and Leo both realize that, as a werewolf, he has the best shot of cleansing it. Drake wants to try and ward Leo, but realizes the negative magic is strong enough that he’ll need some serious magic to break through. 

Meanwhile, Vega and Gabriel find themselves in conversation. Gabriel is concerned about Vega, while Vega is more interested in talking about combat and revenge. He runs his finger along the edge of one of the angel-wing blades, cutting himself. That’s odd, the curse didn’t affect him? He confronts Gabriel about being afraid, and suggests he should have one of the magic blades. He extends his hand to Gabriel, teleporting them both to the basement where we keep our AI. Only everything is dark. Vega illuminates just the barest amount of the room. He asks the AI to contact the other mages and have them meet in the basement. 

Back in the kitchen, Drake, Leo, and Sophie figure that if they go through the walls, they might duck some of the more unpleasant magical traps. Expensive, but probably better than dealing with whatever presents the wicked sisters have left behind. 

Meanwhile, the real Vega realizes his alter ego isn’t actually trying to hurt him. It’s trying to distract him. The spirit has split, probably trying to hurt Vega’s friends. Real!Vega attacks, weakening his evil self. Not before he curses Gabriel with a six-month longing to inflict violence on any Nephandi he runs into, or suffer physical pain, though. Gabriel doesn’t have enough time to process this, because hands erupt from every surface, tearing into Gabriel and inflicting aggravated damage. 

Leo crashes through the bathroom wall, soaking himself, and ends up in the gaming room. Another trap triggers, as every electronic item unplugs itself and launches at Leo. He’s blown back into the kitchen where he lands, smoking and unconscious. Drake brings him back to consciousness, but Leo is horribly injured. 

Vega wrests back control of his Avatar, at personal cost to himself. The entire house shudders, and there’s a spiritual shockwave. The traps, fortunately, disperse. Everyone except Leo and Daniel find themselves magically yanked into the study, where Vega struggles with both halves of himself. Gabriel touches Sophie and Drake on the shoulder, inviting them to see what he sees and the divided halves of Vega’s soul. Vega struggles to inflict damage on his evil half, while Drake attempts to bolster the padre’s morale. “Ugh, I bet you think you’re actually interesting,” says Sophie to Evil!Vega, who shuts the spirit down with Entropy.

While the mages help their ally, Leo makes a break for the lighthouse and the corrupted Node. He shifts into war form while running up the stairs, so quickly that the Nephandic trap on the staircase utterly fails to harm him. But standing in front of the Node, Leo realizes… he doesn’t actually know this ritual. He Parts the Velvet Curtain, looking to see if any nearby spirits might be able to help. Fortunately, he gets lucky and manages to attract Father Fenris’ attention. 

Fenris examines the Node, and agrees to teach Leo the ritual he needs to cleanse it. The light shines bright again. 

Meanwhile, Lacey and Tamara step back from the blasphemous altar, having finished their casting of Memetic Catastrophe, and welcome the evil Vega-tulpa that… we… created. Fuck. 

We find our unconscious interns piled in the basement. Sophie and Drake briefly discuss what the Wicked Sisters might have intended. Father Vega, however, understands they’ve been possessed by wraiths. No, demons. He insists on performing an exorcism before we wake them, which causes Sophie to nope out of the room despite Drake’s protests. 

Sophie patches Daniel up, then sends him and his medallion down to the basement. Down in the basement, Drake wiggles out of being present for this ritual. But, partly empowered by all the Lucky Devils who showed up at just the right time to hop on our hype train, Drake gets pulled into Sophie’s attempts to hide from the Divine by doing a Black Mass in her own room. 

Father Vega sets up an exorcism that’s strong enough to affect the spirit affecting Drake, though his efforts are countermanded by the Black Mass Sophie’s up to. 

Light appears from nowhere within the basement. Vega reveals the sacred symbolism on his vestments, and reflects purified sunlight onto the screaming interns. But then a section of the wall explodes inwards, revealing a blackened, scorched tunnel. The exorcism subjects collapse, screaming. 

Upstairs, Drake’s eyes roll backwards and he wakes up and says, “Hi,” to Sophie. Sophie recognizes a debased version of her dead cousin. Sophie guides Possessed!Drake downstairs, hoping that getting wrapped up in the energy of the exorcism will help. When “Alexa” reaches the basement, she sees the tunnel and begins chanting. Daniel tries to hush Drake up, but Alexa doesn’t like that and uses Drake’s body to kick Daniel directly into a concrete wall, knocking him out. Three purgatides appear in the tunnel and begin advancing. 

But Drake’s attack on Daniel bought Vega and Leo a little more time to complete their own ritual. Father Vega tears his cassock off, shining the power of his armor onto Possessed!Drake and stopping the chanting. But Alexa acts out, attacking Leo who responds by drawing on his reserve of Garou Rage and immediately shifts into Crinos. It helps a little bit, but Alexa!Drake still kicks him into the tunnel. Just as the exorcism completes. 

The purgatides blast away. Drake screams and then collapses. The tunnel, however, remains. Now we’ve got a tunnel to the Inferno in our house. It’ll be fine.

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