After a few days to decompress, Rexington brings us into a meeting and reveals his greatest fear: someone betrayed his plans regarding Doctor and Olga Fisher to the Nazis. Since only members of the board of his father’s company knew his plans, there must be a Nazi among them. He proposes holding a gala, where we can schmooze (aka ‘interrogate’) the members of the board of directors and suss out who might be a Nazi. 

Brock slips out after Rexington leaves us to our own devices. “I quit,” Brock says. He knows Rexington is lying to him, though not quite about what. If Rex can’t be honest about his intentions, then Brock has no interest in working for him. Rex says that he can’t reveal everything, but assures Brock that he, also, works for the betterment of all humanity. Rex ducks back into the room and explains himself. Doctor Fisher was working on some kind of apparatus he promises has the potential to improve life for all of humanity. 

Cecil draws from memory what he remembers from rifling through the briefcase. It appears to be some kind of energy or power device. Betty analyzes it and sees it’s not an engine, but some kind of wearable tech? A power suit? Brock suggests it’s probably a strong navy blue if it’s a power suit. Betty and the rest explain it’s more a Telluric-powered suit, and we’re all relieved the Nazis do not have that technology yet. 

During our downtime, Dino checks into Rexington and the company’s background. They’re an average tire company, and it seems that most people assume Rex is an idiot. Daniel looks into the backgrounds of various company workers, but doesn’t come up with anything that stands out. Cecil of course spends his time in study, while Henry sees to our defenses. 

Now it’s time to party! We’ll have to find some way for the six of us to evaluate seven board members. After getting some brief biographical details on each board member, we assign everyone a member or two. Cecil, who is perhaps on the more introverted side, will stay on watch duty. 

At the party, Betty wanders over to where Jarred Russel and his wife. She changes her strategy and opens by complimenting Mrs Russell on her dress, and talks to her about the family business. The Russells emigrated a generation or two ago from Austria, and Mrs. Russell quite clearly has at least German sympathies. 

Dino bonds with Gordon O’Houlihan over complaining about the quality of the food – he’s not a fan of the pretentious canapes. He impresses Gordon by flashing some cash and talking about money, and talking about adventures he’s gone on with Rex’s father. While they bond, Daniel approaches Melvin Coolidge and his wife, greeting them energetically. 

Melvin seems a little confused to be so approached, especially Danny’s avowed fandom of textiles and constant mentioning of someone named John Coolige. “By the way, have you ever sold textiles to Nazis?” Melvin seems more and more confused by how this conversation is going. Melvin seems confused by life in general, but Daniel isn’t really helping. He tries to leave a message in baby carrots. 

Meanwhile, Henry greets veteran John Smith. John seems to still carry some shell-shock from his time fighting The Great War in France. John doesn’t seem bothered by the rise of German nationalism – after all, John loves his country, too. Henry can’t bait him into any overt anti-Semitism, but it’s not looking good for him, either. 

As Henry verbally dances around John Smith, Brock goes for Gary Trapper. They launch immediately into sports talk. Brock segues into adventuring and hero talk, but Gary isn’t buying it. Trapper quite clearly just wants to be left alone. But Brock continues needling him, going so far as to call him a “weak Texan.” As might be expected, that earns Brock a fist to the face. But Brock has skin like bronze, and the result is that Gary breaks his hand. Gary starts screaming, and hits Brock again when Brock provokes him again. 

Upstairs, Cecil has been keeping a close eye on everything. The only awkward conversation appeared to be the discussion between Betty and the Russells, though the John Smith exchange was also odd. We regroup and share information, but Cecil notices something is strange and he peels off to go eavesdrop. Cecil notices Jarred trying to shake Rex’s hands, and spots a glint of metal beneath his coat. Everyone (except Betty) hears the rumble of an engine from above, and something come fluttering down from the sky. 

Cecil immediatley punches Jarred with his brain and knocks him down. But before anyone can react, our tent begins collapsing, under the weight of the Nazi paratroopers. Our party has been ruined by Nazis. 

Daniel immediately launches himself at the Nazis, trying to tackle one. They get locked up for a bit, while Cecil deprives Jarred of his gun. He throws it in a perfect arc to Betty, who whips around and punches a few holes in one of the Nazi clones. Another Nazi immediately returns fire, injuring Betty, while the Nazi grappling with Daniel reverses the hold. Brock prevails on his attempt, however, to punch the stuffing out of another Nazi. Henry triggers a previously-set booby trap to trip up one of the remaining Nazis. Dino and his new drinking buddy open fire. 

Daniel breaks out all his physical prowess to not only punch a whole lot of Nazis, he steals one of their guns. Cecil not only mind-punches a Nazi, he does so with his notebook. “Getcha some learnin'” he declares. Now there’s a dead Nazi. Betty blows the arm off another Nazi clone, provoking a response from another Nazi. This Nazi tries to punch Betty but she easily ducks. 

There’s something happening up on the Zeppelin, and now it’s all screaming and crying and dying Nazis. We prevail, and ride off into the sunset, ready for our next Adventure! 

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