Mission Report 10/13/2034, filed by Agent Jacob Hardigan

13:00 – Construct Cafeteria

Agent Hardigan recaps the events of one year ago and briefs the team on what has happened.

During the past year, he has been assisting with retrieving and reprograming agents affected by the incident, after his own time in Room 101 of course. Due to the wide-scale fallout the Technocracy resources had been spread thin with Agents Dasha, Nedry, and Satori finally being cleared for duty. Agent Amature will hopefully be cleared soon. Agents Sorin and Thea have been added to the amalgam.  

Agent Hardigan informs that they have been asked to take up their original mission. After some discussion, the amalgam decides to follow up on the computer that the engineers were taken into. The team heads to the Valley building.

14:00 – Valley Building

Agent Dasha taps into spy network to look into compromised, unable to get additional details. Agent Hardigan digs in and finds additional information, hands it over to Agent Nedry. New code added w/location. It is decided that the primary mission will be pursued and the amalgam jacks into the Digital Web.

Agent Nedry gets the amalgam fully into the digital web, except for Agent Hardigan who hooks in through astral projection. Hardigan is able to locate 6 entering, 3 avatars, and 3 digital packets. Nedry tracks the dead drop to an MMO in a C-Sector. Agents Hardigan, Sorin, and Thea pursue the primary target. Agents Nedry leads Dasha and Satori after the location. 

Primary Objective 

Agent Hardigan leads the agents towards the missing engineers. Sets off malware alarm drawing security bots. Agent Sorin reaches out to summon a bot from another program. Security bots in the form of dogs attack, Sorin deflects three, Agent Hardigan deflected one, and Agent Thea was knocked down. Thea threw it off. Agent Hardigan redirected the tracking drawing three off of the agents. Sorin eliminated the other two. Agent Hardigan reported their location to the other agents as the mech summoned was able to breach the entrance to the Ghost Zone.

Secondary Objective 

Agent Nedry leads the agents towards the dead drop and finds it inside an Apex Legends zone. The agents are fired on almost instantly when they enter. Agent Dasha is stabbed multiple times but survives. Agent Nedry is able to take cover when he is fired at.  Agent Satori throws a grenade back violating the tenants of the game. Agent Dasha is able to blow up most of the other team. The remaining member logs out reporting illegal activity. A moderator is spawned. Agents Dasha and Satori distract the moderator as Agent Nedry tracks down the information. When they receive the location from Agent Hardigan, Agent Nedry transports the rest of the team.

This report was filed with the knowledge that Agent Amarture was close to being cleared for duty. The amalgam’s current location is included in this correspondence in the event he is able to be activated so that he can be deployed to the amalgam’s location within the digital web.

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