As we take the the skies, we realize there’s someone already in the plane with us – a just shy of middle-aged man cowering behind a seat, wearing a slightly outdated and worn suit. He’s a bit scruffy with bags around the eyes, but does appear armed. Brock tries to energetically greet the ‘cowering man,’ who takes umbrage at such a name. He introduces himself as Dino. 

Our meeting is a bit frictiony, as Dino fears robbery. But Henry smooths everything over by pointing out the Zeppelin on our starboard side. Betty does some trick flying to avoid it, only to encounter two biplanes coming up on an intercept course. She shouts at her passengers to shoot out the wings – they’re canvas & will tear. The passengers respond by strapping themselves in and opening the side door to give themselves the chance for a good shot. 

Betty shifts to a more defensive type of flying, which is good, as one of the other planes opens fire. Thankfully, they miss. Cecil uses his intense mathematical knowledge to instantly calculate the forces acting on us, awarding Daniel a bonus for when he takes his shot. Henry decides to go full rage, ripping his own chair out of the plane and then hurls it at the plane. Daniel, firing at a nearly superhuman level, lands a direct shot on one of the plane’s engines. Dino occupies himself by getting rid of any excess weight to help the plane go faster. Including Brock. 

Brock does a mid-air barrel roll and catches the tail of the other plane, while Betty banks around to try and ensure the plane is under him in case the worst happens. She also throws the co-pilot’s parachute behind her, saying, “Someone’s gotta go get him!”

As Brock dangles from the biplane, he sees one of the two people flying get out of his cockpit and launch himself forward, trying to bull rush Brock off the plane. He doesn’t manage to knock Brock loose, but does end up in a grapple. That’s about when the Rocketeers come at us. But Henry, working with Dino, manage to prevent them from entering the plane. They do stick themselves to our plane. One of the enemy planes strafes us, though the other one begins to lose control. 

Brock continues fighting the man grappling him, managing to shake him loose. Cecil draws on his mental powers to afflict our enemy’s machinery with actual gremlins. Henry grabs Dino’s arm and yells, “There’s something on the wing of the plane!!” 

Daniel puts his hand on Henry’s shoulder and says, “I have an appointment with destiny,” and throws himself out of the plane. He aims for one of the men with jetpacks, hoping to acquire one of his own. He doesn’t quite make it, but Henry notices how the jetpack attaches and uses that to help Daniel. Meanwhile, Dino uses his gun to literally dis-arm a Nazi. Daniel falls off the plane, but it’s fine, because he now has a jetpack! He starts flying towards Brock. 

Something SLAMS into the cockpit, shattering the windshield. It’s a person, and he’s trying to climb in. The pilot being throttled by Brock comes to, just long enough to point the plane towards the ground. Brock moves quickly, wrenching the throttle away from him. 

Betty grabs the jetpack invader and hauls him towards the back of the plane, shouting, “Incoming!” Dino, seeing the jetpack Nazi slam into the rear of the plane, comments, “Weird, I thought I got rid of all the garbage in this plane already!” He tries to unbuckle the jetpack, but fortunes quickly reverse as now Dino finds himself pinned against the plane’s wall by this Nazi. Cecil sends his mind-fist towards Dino’s assailant, stunning him and forcing Dino’s release. 

Henry relieves this Nazi of his jetpack. Brock continues wrasslin with another jetpack Nazi, while one of the Nazis in our plane tries to grab Olga and the briefcase and another one tries to punch Dino in the face. 

Betty draws on her full Daredevil nature to do some extremely fancy maneuvering. She bounces, rolls, and otherwise manipulates the plane to shake one Nazi loose and rattle another Nazi while keeping all her allies, including Olga, inside the plane. Cecil takes advantage of the remaining Nazi’s befuddlement to deliver a psychic boot to the head. Dino finishes him off by gently guiding this Nazi to the plane’s door… then unloading his firearm into the Nazi’s stomach and shoving him into the sky. 

While all this violence unfolds in the plane, Daniel swoops in to save Brock from the falling airplane, immediately gaining a thousand feet of altitude. Now we have a Daniel cannon with a Brock turret. 

Back in the plane, Henry shoulder-checks the Nazi menacing Olga while yelling at Betty, “DIIIIIVE!!” The Nazi falls into the propeller, becoming a fine red mist. Betty dives to retrieve her companions, saving the briefcase. We’re down to only one jetpack Nazi left, and they’re headed for Daniel and Brock. 

Daniel throws Brock at the remaining jetpack Nazi. Brock fumbles in midair, and begins falling. Fortunately, Betty catches him with an airplane. “Good of you to join us!” greets Henry. 

The happy reunion is thrown off, however, as we hear gunshots. The jetpack Nazi is still in the air, and has taken out one of the propellors. Daniel goes after this Nazi while Henry comforts a very barfy Olga and Cecil. Dino slides into the copilot seat, where Betty works to stabilize the plane (helped by jetpack Daniel).

It’s over(?). At the very least, we have a chance to talk about what we’ve just been through. Henry gives Betty the moral support she needs to make it through the Nevada mountains and safely land at the Las Vegas airstrip. 

We deplane, and debrief Rexington, waiting for us on the ground. Rexington learns of the Professor’s demise, which isn’t entirely a surprise. We’re paid another $100 and directed to comfortable lodgings to further decompress from our adventures. 

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