Hello once again all your fine people out there in The Vorpal Tales interwebs.  It is I, Funky Thunderr, the funkiest of all the thunders here once again to discuss with you all things comic booky and awesome with this week’s installment of The Pull List!  We have a nice healthy stack to get through that is sure to be filled with stupendously awesome amazingness at every single solitary turn.  Are all those words? Maybe? Perhaps? Mayhaps? Ok, enough  insane Funky ramblings for now, on with the comics!

Mighty Morphin #6

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Marco Renna

Publisher: Boom Studios

The Power Rangers are working with the military in an attempt to break through Lord Zedd’s gigantic chaos energized force field surrounding Angel Grove.  After a failed attempt they are faced with the concept of having to fight off the military that is considering nuclear options to take down Zedd.  Zordon and The Rangers will defend Angel Grove from all attacks even if it is from the U.S. Government.  After Grace gets a message through to The Rangers they manage to get through the shield through a weak point and come face to face with a seemingly teamed up Goldar and Green Ranger! Mind controlled? 3vil? Who knows! Really great issue here, setting up what’s to come and I am personally all for it.  I say it often but I really love what Ryan Parrott has done with the 2 Power Rangers books story wise and Marco Renna’s artwork is absolutely stunning.  This was probably the best issue yet. 

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #11

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art: Paolo Villanelli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s The Great Hunt of Malastare and Bossk has allowed himself to become the prey in order to take out the competition for Jabba.  The Scorekeeper is watching so he does what he has to do in order to defeat his enemies and come out on top.  Even Trandoshan bounty hunters need a ride sometimes and Bib Fortuna is there to oblige him as long as he does Jabba The Hutt’s dirty work for him.  All the while Valance and Dengar come to an agreement to settle an old debt so Valance can find Boba Fett to free the captured and frozen Han Solo.  Really liked this issue, probably the best of the series yet and I  know my buddy Voodoo Arcade would  love all the Bossk action.  I am really looking forward to the big War of the Bounty Hunters crossover event that is incoming.

Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #3

Writers: Mike Mignola & Thomas Sniegoski

Art: Craig Rousseau

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Kid Hellboy, Professor Broom and their new shape changing friend Scarlett venture into the ancient temple in an effort to find some answers and hopefully find a way home.  What else could they find there except an ancient trapped vampire queen.  After a knock down drag out fight between Scarlett in her King Kong form and the vampire in it’s huge bat form Scarlett is seemingly killed by the vampire and all her magic is absorbed by said vampire queen.  Really enjoy this series thus far, only negative I can think of is that there is only one more issue to go.  Can’t wait to see how young HB and The Professor get out of this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juan Frigeri

Publisher: Marvel Comics

It’s a new era for The Guardians of the Galaxy.  They are no longer a small ragtag group of heroic types banded together.  They are now a galaxy level super team on call for any and all major threats that  may come up across the universe with multiple strike teams encompassing all your favorite members.  Responding to a threat from Throneworld aka the new home for the Kree/Skrull Alliance the team comes face to face with titan sized beings known as The Progenitors.  Personal favorite moment for me would be when Starlord used the element gun to fire sunlight into Groot to supercharge him and make him super powerful and awesome.  Really loved this issue, everything about this book has been great since Ewing took over.  Definitely gotta love the last page reveal pulling Doctor Doom into the book, can’t wait to see where that goes.

Batman: The Detective #1

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Andy Kubert

Publisher: DC Comics

It has been said in reviews that Andy Kubert’s Batman has never skipped leg day.  I am here as a witness to say as a fact that this Bruce set in the future is jacked.  He is off to London to investigate the murder of 147 people on a hijacked airplane.  All kinds of awesomeness ensues and he even punches The Gentleman Ghost with gauntlets he got from John Constantine.  After checking in on Knight and Squire he discovers the murders are being done by guys and gals in white Batman suits and the victims are all people he has saved in the past.  Really good opening issue here for this mini series, really looking forward to where Taylor is going with it and as always Kubert’s visuals are absolutely stunning.

Wolverine #11

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Scot Eaton

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Wayback in issue one, the vampire nation snagged our favorite canucklehead’s blood to help them walk in daylight.  Ever since then Logan has been taking out groups of vamps by the dozens in such ways that would make Blade proud.  The vampire’s sleeper agent, Omega Red has gone to Chernobyl to meet Dracula and X-Force is tracking him the entire time.  Dracula wants more of Logan’s blood and wants Omega Red to get it for him.  Logan turns to an old friend Louise  who is a member of The Nightguard, an ancient order of vampire hunters who herself is trying to combat being recently turned.  Loved this issue, nice to see a lot of the plot points they have laid out over the last year being addressed.  It is all coming together nicely , this book has really thrived since The Swords of X event ended and it could  focus on it’s own storylines.

Thor #14

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Nic Klein

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The thrilling conclusion of the Prey arc with superpowered and super crazy Donald Blake sees Blake coming face to face with The Destroyer Armor that is the current vessel of Thor’s spirit.  Blake is defeated by the combined forces of Asgard and is seemingly saved by Loki when Odin looks to erase him from existence.  God I absolutely adored this issue, absolute geek out  moment for me being when Beta Ray Bill wielded Mjolnir once again and looked amaaaaaaaazing.  Cates and Klein’s run on this title has been stellar from the jump and it’s always an awesome read.

Wonder Woman #771

Writers: Michal W. Conrad & Becky Cloonan

Art: Travis Moore

Publisher: DC Comics

Diana is face to face with the mighty Thor in the Halls of Valhalla.  No, not that Thor, OG red headed beefy Norse Thor who is kinda a dick if I”m being honest.  Off in search of answers, she heads to the dwarven forge and after fighting off some Murk Elves she comes face to face with Doctor Psycho?  After a run in with The World Serpent she finds herself near to where she can get the key to Valkyrie Tower so she can discover why they aren’t bringing fallen soldiers back from the battlefield.  All she has to do is trick the serpent into eating her. Lolz.  Pretty solid issue here, really interested in the story, feel like they are just hitting their stride in the storytelling and it is definitely enjoyable.

Daredevil #29

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Marco Checchetto

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Matt Murdock is in prison and has been poisoned.  All the while Elektra has taken up the mantle of Daredevil and is protecting Hell’s Kitchen from the new kingpin of crime.  In an all out fight for his life a poisoned Matt takes a knife to the abdomen and our last image is of him lying in the mud, possibly bleeding out on the prison grounds.  Man, what a cliffhanger! Is Matt gonna die? Is Elektra going to have to take up the horns permanently? Guess we’ll have to wait a month to find out.  Thoroughly enjoyed this issue.  This book never fails to deliver in any way and I am never disappointed.

Well folks, that as they say, is that.  Really awesome week of comics — tough life I have reading all these comics week after week.  Pick of the week this week is definitely going to have to go to Marvel with Thor #14.  They gave me Beta Ray  Bill wielding Mjolnir, ‘nuff said.  So from all of us here at The Pull  List, a big thanks to you for taking the time to venture through comic book awesomeness with me week after week.
So until next time, Stay Funky My Friends.

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