After Action Report 10/13/2033, filed by Agent Jacob Hardigan

09:45 Hours

Agents Armature 762, Dasha, Hardigan, Nedry, and Satori gathered in Supervisor Betsy’s office for mission briefing. Four engineers were taking from a local Orochi Facility. Dr. Nedry (no relation to Agent Nedry) is the lead engineer, her only outside relations was with a security guard who was killed in the assault. There is no surveillance from inside the facility. External cameras caught two helicopters, one assaulting the facility and one dropping four individuals entering through the roof. Two individuals are seen escaping through a window and running away. From that height, it is clear that they are RDs of some kind to be able to survive the fall uninjured. The timestamp on the external video shows the assault occurring at dusk ruling out the possibility of Hemophagic Entity involvement. 

10:15 Hours

Amalgam departs the meeting. Agent Nedry drives as the rest of the agents make prepare Enlightened Science Adjustments and Procedures. Upon arrival, the amalgam enters the facility and is escorted to the lab where the attack took place.

Agents Hardigan and Nedry discover corrupted code entered by Dr. Gail Nazarro, head of R&D, which shut down the building’s internal surveillance. Investigation shows Dr. Nazarro to be a Reality Deviant who has escaped custody into the digital web.

Agent Satori scanned the room for signs of life. The engineers were taken to Dr. Nazarro’s office and forced into the digital web. Agents Armature and Dasha discovered there were six assailants, at least one was a reality deviant. October 13th at 5 pm is heard. The agents make the connection with the timing of a public event being held by an Orochi subsidiary.

16:45 Hours

Arriving at the location through Hypertech Optimized Transport, the amalgam is greeted by T0 0 and unenlightened T1 operatives. They report the building has been secured and that the RD has been isolated. Per SOP, they had not engaged and waited for the arrival of higher-tiered operatives. 

Agent Nedry hacks into the system with assistance from Agent Dasha and Agent Hardigan to isolate the one RD inside, while Agent Armature adjusts a Hit Mark V to upgrade to deal with the RD. Security measures were controlled by inside the room but the amalgam disabled the room’s security to allow entry. Inside Dr. Nazarro is sitting at a computer terminal wearing a headset that is connected to it. Dr. Nazarro appears to be under Nephanic influence if not a Nephandi himself. 

The adjusted Hit Mark V approaches to apprehend the doctor. Having instructions to take him alive, Dr. Nazarro points a gun to his own head halting the Hit Mark from proceeding. Agent Satori disables the Dr. using combat training destroying the weapon. Agent Hardigan used his stun gun and an enlighted adjustment to render the Dr unconscious.

Agents with cybernetic enhancements feel the pull to commit violence. They are able to successfully repress the urge to act on it. The T0 and unenlightened T1 agents outside the room turn on each other with deadly force. Agent Dasha takes out the computer terminal as Agent Satori applies Zipper Ties to Dr. Nazarro. The Hitmarks outside the room disable the remaining agents outside. There were multiple casualties prior to them stepping in.

Agents with cybernetic enhancements fall unconscious. Agent Hardigan calls in an extraction team to secure and return the downed agents to the construct with instructions to monitor and report any potential unmutual activity. Agent Hardigan took Dr. Nazarro into custody turning him over to Psych Ops before reporting for debriefing

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