Miss Wyrmwud; the most hated teacher in all of school. Both an Art and English teacher, some say she is so older they just built the school up around her. A squat woman with wide-rimmed glasses and a rumpled face like a frog, her voice is like the crackling of a thousand chalks on a thousand boards. She is the type of art teacher who during the “Egyptians studies” chapters, demanded that all art projects use the “lapis lazuli” colored crayon to color the lapis lazuli decorations in art. However, no such actual color could be found, as she had gone through all the boxes and taken them out and locked them away in her desk. Then she would yell at you about having the wrong shade of blue in your art project, “THAT’S NOT LAPIS LAZULI!” she would scream while throwing random handfuls of crayons at you.

“Monica!” she insisted on using Michiko’s ‘American name’ — yeah she’s one of those. “Your contractions are atrocious! Your analogies make no sense! And your prepositions are horrid!”

Welcome to ESOL with Miss Wyrmwud. None shall survive.

Michiko freaking out about possibly doing bad in school, irritates Miss Wyrmwud to no end — causing Miss Wyrmwud to make mildly racist remarks about Asians. Furthermore, Bug refers to clear up their speech and annunciation to Miss Wyrmwud’s liking, causing her to drag the two down to Study Hall. There are the rest of the kids, along with Miss Maya. Miss Wyrmwud, not liking Miss Maya’s style of teaching, chastises her and reluctantly dumps off the remaining kids into the study hall. THE KIDS ask questions about life from Miss Maya, and she answers to the best of her ability. More so, she reaches out to Michiko assuring her that grades are not everything in life.

Randy asks to go to the restroom, as does Timothy. Against her better judgement, Miss Maya sends them both. Randy diverts from the path to the front office, goading Timothy to act as a diversion while Randy makes jokes about Forrest, THE BULLY, over the intercomm. Before anything else happens though, there is a rumbling, the sounds of police cars, and gunfire. This all happens outside the front of the school where the THE KIDS rush to find, as the cops put it, “…a rampaging Rhino from the town over had to be put down.” THE KIDS were able to sneak and inspect it to find that it was not a rhino but a triceratops!

One of the locals, a known poacher and Forrest’s dad, Butch Caster, was explaining he happened to be in the woods when he saw the thing. The cops found his story suspicious, but THE KIDS picked up on the notion that there might be a baby scared and hiding in the woods. THE KIDS rushed off to the woods and sure enough, discovered a baby triceratops. They were soon set upon by the poachers angry they had not bagged the mother, but sure as fire wanted to bag the baby. The kids set traps, and foiled their efforts. Bug managed to get away with the triceratops, as did David. The remaining kids were taken by the police for questioning, but quickly got out of an obligations to questioning.

Back at THE HIDEOUT, Bug and David were trying to figure out what to feed their new pet triceratops.

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