Big fight this week, where L’Malthun takes charge to try and fight “El Pequeno Lagarto” on his own, only to corner himself with Pequeno and one of the albino mansters attacking him alone. He managed to trick the nearly blind manster into finishing off his own handler, by tricking it into believing the handler was an enemy. He then held the beastie off from attacking us while he planned on causing it to attack the other manster, while it failed in the end, it helped the group by holding it away for a few rounds. While this was going on, Garr, Devouk, and Yenei were getting beat down by the other manster, until Ssyusa comes in, charging Brillo through the door, and tearing through this manster. The other face dancer, as Muriel comes in to attack Garr, but finds Yenei a more suitable target, as they are nearly taken down with two swift attacks from Muriel. Ssyusa tried to rush over and save Yenei, by healing them for 10, but was not successful in preventing them from going down as Muriel ramped up her attacks on Yenei.

Following Yenei hitting the floor, it attacked Ssyusa, but faced divine retribution from Garr, as he blows a hole into her chest with radiant energy. After the second handler went down, the other manster died shortly after. Having been beaten fairly badly, the group returns to a previous chamber for rest. While taking their break, Devouk and Ssyusa make Brillo a saddle, as L’Malthun goes around testing various fungi, seeming very happy with his results. We continue forward, and find many human type bodies with holes in their chest where their hearts had been. They also find footprints of smaller creatures that Yenei states have likely been killed by a creature that slithered there and backtracked again. We find two smaller bodies, of youths, and then a third, whom they had been trying to save from their fate. We reach a large portal door, and open it, with hot muggy air flowing out, we step inside to hear the Dark Womb. “Welcome. Welcome to my Nursery. Don’t worry, you too will all be reborn. I will be your mother, and you will love me and I will love you.”

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