Ey Yo Party People! It’s ya boy Party Jack he/him here live in some fucked up cult temple. Some weird ass shit is going down, and it’s about to jump off. My N!Sight people need to know what is happening. Hell the whole world needs to know this shit. Now, where did we leave off for the last Opcast? Oh yeah.

Hotel Room Service 

So me, Emerald Enchantress, and Wall get back to the hotel room. Vinc’s got this dude locked up in the bathroom, some body puked, and Veil ain’t there. We only there so we can find out what happened with her, well I’m here to party, but ya know officially its about her. Whatever. I head up to the roof to recharge cause that ain’t the party I’m about. That’s what Vinc and Panda are here for, to do the dirty work. Now I’m not going to speculate about whether or not the dude started talking as a result of calm non-violent conversation, deal-making, or knives and other metal objects being stuck into parts of his body that didn’t have holes when he got there. Point is he talked, said Project Utopia is into some shit and that he was the one who blew up Veil and Ironskin’s car. Allegedly Vinc goes to let him leave and then pokes him in the spine. The dude blew the fuck up.

Now I get the vibe things are about to go sideways so I book it to the edge and jumped over to the next building. From there I can see bodies flying. Wall and J-Mont go out through the window, and it didn’t look like it happened by choice. Em-E went through the damn wall but she was all emeralded out so she seemed ok. Panda poofed next to me. Vinc went through the building. Not like he hit the wall and knocked it out, he went through like a ghost.

Now there was other people in the hotel. And we are heroes. So you know how we do. Vinc tells us where to find people and we go to work. I get some rats to find the way in and dig through the rubble. Panda poofs one out but he came back with a chunk of metal stuck in his arm. J-Mont got medical skills so he gets to work patching folks up. Not sure what Em-E doing, something about talking to the press and the crowd or whatever. We get all the survivors out so they can get fixed up. A lot of dead bodies though. Lot of people who had their last party. Vinc calls back to HQ to let them know Veil’s killer been handled. Someone got a call, maybe Em-E, telling us to head to Amp.

In the Club

We roll up and Ironskin, Jake, and Veil is sitting at the bar. Veil starts going on bout how she faked her death so Project Utopia wouldn’t be on her anymore. Phonics found out that they are behind this serum and are were going to use it as a weapon to depower Nova’s. I mean like, yeah we knew that when we came here. Apparently it gets worse. I just to take powers, it kills us. They got some cult in Marrakesh that thinks that Nova’s are angels and that they get powers from eating us. Veil says she was gonna go take ‘em out. So I mean yeah, if they killing folks that ain’t cool with me. Em-E goes nuclear on the bird app throwing out Project Utopia’s dirty laundry and shit so we have to ditch all our company-issued shit. I’m gonna miss that sweet earpiece. Vinc does his ghost thing cause he can’t just walk up like a normal person and whips out a bunch of burner phones. I called up the wife and let her know to get out. We had a plan for shit when if something like this goes down so she should be on the way to my parents with the kid. Side note, if you ever need to get off the grid, nudist resorts are great cause they work harder than just about any other place in the world from keeping peepers out. Just sayin.


Panda blinks the whole group there. The dude either gotta be running low on quantum or he’s stacked the fuck out cause he been doing that shit all over. Anyways, Veil changed into some old dude and threw on some robs. We creep through the city a bit and she leads us to this temple. Like six dudes are chillin outside. Now I been around Vinc and Panda enough at this point that they getting ready to start dropping bodies so I just straight up walk over to see if we can do this without the violence. Before I got there Em-E turns her arm into this big green shield and that sets ‘em off and they pull out their guns. And one of them is a fucking cannon. So much for a quiet way in.

Vinc goes over and fucks with the cannon while Panda goes on a killing spree, taking one’s head off and tail whipping two others. I didn’t even know dude had a fucking tail. This guy not wearing robes comes out from inside all hyped up and everything and injects himself with some glowing shit that looks like liquid Novacaine and roid rages out. Did he just make himself a Nova? I didn’t know baselines could do that. Maybe he’s a latent. I run up and tackle one, a couple of them pop off some shots and one hit Panda. Someone blew up the cannon. Bro. I can only guess that Vinc went all ghost to avoid the blast, and Panda poofed me and the guy I tackled out of there. Em-E turned her other arm into a sword and charged at Mr. Roid Rage. I make sure the guy I grabbed aint’ going nowhere while Vinc, Em-E and Panda go to town on the new Nova. Panda looked kinda hurt after so I guess the dude got a shot off on him before he died.

Dude I grabbed was rambling. I don’t speak Morrocan or nothing but Vinc did some MacGrubber shit and made a phone into a translator. It didn’t help much cause he kept spouting off some nonsense. Em-E knocked him out and we headed inside. You see this weird ass glass containers with some that glowing green shit that look like Novacaine behind me? There’s tons of this shit. And we can straight up see these cultists. They are fucking eating someone right now! I gotta bounce, we can’t let this slide. Make sure to check out one of my sponsor’s Trinity Contimum: Adventure! from Onyx Path Publishing now on Kickstarter. Why does that name sound familiar? Ya down with O.P.P.?  Remember party people of N!Sight, if your party is ruining someone else’s party, ya need to find a new way to party. I’ve been your boy Party Jack he/him, thanks for watching my Opcast. I’ll party with y’all later. Be excellent to each other.

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