Vorpal Tales is taking part in the world’s first virtual horror tabletop RPG convention! Virtual Horror Con is back for a second time with three more days of tabletop gaming, panels, and actual play streams on February 19 – 21, 2021.

Virtual Horror Con™ is a three-day tabletop RPG online convention powered by Gehenna Gaming. This uniquely virtual convention can be experienced on any screen no matter where you are. We pioneered the virtual convention during 2020 with the first Virtual Horror Con, and we want to kick off 2021 with three more days of tabletop gaming and horror! This event will connect fans of horror and TTRPG players with game developers, artists, and publishers, with horror-themed actual play streams, live panels, workshops, and virtual TTRPG one-shot sessions running the whole weekend! A portion of the proceeds will go to Black Girls CODE and Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

Check out the convention information as their website: https://www.virtualhorrorcon.com/

Vorpal Tales will be participating in panels and Liveplays!

Saturday February 20th, 12:30 EST, Shawn (@SpacelordPJs), Duane (@MadeOfKimchi), Ever (@ChangelingEver), Zak (@zakrulz) will be participating in Pugmire, run by the writer themselves, Eddy Webb!

Saturday February 20th, 7:30 EST, Shawn (@SpacelordPJs), Patrick “Patty” (@PattyShakes_), Steve (@voodooarcade), Jane (@theconfusedcrow), and Harry (@salubricat) will be playing in Wild West Horse Opera!

Sunday February 21st Noon EST “How to Use Astral Tabletop” presented by Patrick “Patty” (@PattyShakes_) and Tyler (@EldritchEchoes)!

Sunday February 21st at 4pm EST, Steve (@VoodooArcade), Tyler (@EldritchEchoes), Ever (@ChangelingEver), Patrick “Patty” (@PattyShakes_) will be participating “All Flesh Must Be Eaten”!

Sunday February 21st at 8pm EST, Vorpal Tales will be participating in Vajra Enterprises presents: End Times!

More to come! Come check it out!

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