We have an official relationship with The Deck of Many.

The Deck of Many is the team behind the popular Deck of Many reference cards and Humblewood Campaign Setting! We strive to make awesome gaming accessories to improve your 5e games.

The Deck of Many (TDoM), is a product line that started with a focus on 3rd party 5e reference cards. It was launched on Kickstarter in October 2017 and was and overnight success, achieving 1200% funding in 30 days. Sourced from the Open Gaming Licence v5.1, TDoM launched with Monsters, Weapons Conditions and NPC’s. With the crowdfunding campaign over and initial orders fulfilled, the team is currently building new cards through their Patreon. With their patrons’ support, TDoM is excited to design new Monsters, Items, and Spells, along with a few other goodies that they can’t wait to share.

Since then The Deck of Many has released animated spell reference cards and their first campaign setting Humblewood!

Click this link and purchase products from The Deck of Many in order to help support the show!

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