The party arrived at the chapel of the asylum, tired but still with work to do. Jean-Louis did a right smashing job preparing a day’s worth of firewood. Lord Kazimir made food that didn’t taste bad. Dr. Nackle tended to the injured, and Luca tried his best to sooth the minds of the mad. Before they did so, however, they were told of “the door behind the curtain,” and Lord Kazimir and Dr. Nackle had sate their curiosities. Behind the curtain was a sentient door with one massive eye, a retractable mouth inside of it’s eye, and the ability to cry ammonia. Dr. Nackle saw just how beautiful this specimen had become.

Once their tasks around the sanctuary were completed, the party spent the night resting, Nackle was healed of his disease, Lord Kazimir and Jean-Louis debate sin and redemption, Luca begins preening. Quickly, curiosity overtakes Luca and Jean-Louis, and they simply had to meet the magnificent specimen of a door, and Lord Kazimir insisted that they show the door what it had become. They show the door it’s reflection, proving it was beautiful, causing it to weep, and allowing the party to pass.

Just before they left, Jean-Louis explained to the leader of the sanctuary how best to protect the remaining survivors, Lord Kazimir and Dr. Nackle revealed in how. Fascinated they had both become, and Luca had explained to a small child how and when a child’s gender is determined: at the age of 20, the child transforms.

The party continued exploring the asylum, passing a room of indiscriminately killed patients, staff, and visitors as they entered a room haunted by a malevolent spirit. Lord Kazimir and Jean-Louis performed a tag-team exorcism, saving Dr. Nackle’s life.

The party was deciding which way was best to go, and Dr. Nackle insisted that they go through the garden, when the miasma outside was incredibly thin. This was not Nackle’s first act of hubris, but it would not be his last, as he was attacked by flying, parasitic worms. Two strategic vomits and a leather strap beatdown later, and Dr. Nackle survives.

They all agreed to never go outside again, and that they should head towards the library, where they learned more about the asylum and it’s history of working with the occult.
In the middle of their reading session, the party was suddenly attacked by fascinating rats with human faces! Tune in to Grim Hollow part 4 to see if the party survives.

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