Coming aboard your orbital craft, you are immediately greeted with the holo-image of your handler, Mark Twain; “I see you bagged and tagged one of them hive mind bastards — nice work,”. His image walks along side of you as you walk the wide hallway from the shuttle craft landing bay, escorting a body-sized plastic bag filled with the ‘specimin’ you picked up on your mission planetside.

“Hopin’ you do not mind, but I have taken the liberty of processing the data from your mission, and have it in the ready room,” Twain says as he ushers you into the main corridor that spans the length of your orbiter. He points up the hallway, “Medlab is that way; you’ve got yourself an issolation chamber to slice that bastard open. Otherwise I’ll be waitin’ for you folks down the way in the ready room. Take time to restock, reload, and refresh yourselves.”

Your minds are ponderous and you try to grasp what has happened so far; the data from the craft showed…something…a crew, a strange entity trapped inside a well-crafted box, the crew disappeared. The entity appeared to…explode? Exit the craft in the most graceless way possible? You were not sure. Aside all that, the craft felt out of time, out of place, foreign yet familiar in all the wrong ways.

Hopefully by sitting down an analyzing the data, you might make since of this strange case you have been handed.

Momoko rushed her specimen to the medlab, while Agatha settled in for a drink before making their way over to the medlab to observe Momoko’s work. Cassian stood in the containment chamber, obsessed with getting his bullet back either as a trophy or simply to reuse it. Meanwhile, Siddiqah (“Sid”) hovered in the back, intensely observing the operation. Mark Twain was quiet about the whole thing; his hologram fleeting around the room watching on from all angles. Momoko was able to pull off a rather successful autopsy of the alien being they collected. Her work also allowed Agatha to develop a device that could lock onto the signal of the entity that blew up the ship once they were close to it.

Utilizing the local flight data after having schmoozed a flight controller long enough for Agatha to hack the system, they were able to triangulate the trajectory of the entity as it sailed towards the nearby city. This led them to check local news reports and other boards for anomalies in the system. Particularly, there were high reports of Maya outages which caused an influencer/streamer to produce many “how-to” videos. They investigated “TJ”, leveraging the bribe of increased viewership of their stream for information. TJ confirmed the outages in the area, and said ordering chinese food from the local shop was difficult as their systems were constantly down the past couple of weeks.

This lead the agents to a Large Marge’s Donut Barn cafe. Huge and filled with dozens of peoples, they proceeded to case the joint, with Cassian stumbling upon their quarry. A young woman going by the name of Kelley. They interfaced with her for a bit, making her less wary of them. She promised to speak with them after her shift in about two hours. While waiting, a group of corpos showed up and took seats at the cafe bar, eyeing Kelley. The Agents ran interference, allowing for a nonviolent set of actions that allowed Momoko to flee with Kelley.

With the agents safely away, they wondered…what strange secrets could Kelley be holding?

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