Previously, the team wrapped up their first gig and discovered Nomad’s garage in the badlands had been assaulted by the Yakuza. According to J, the AI living in his Firebird, the Yakuza were after a biometrically locked suitcase that Tera acquired and had forgotten about in the back of Nomad’s car. 

After a long deliberation about what to do, Lobo begrudgingly agreed to transport the Militech War Commando powered armor “mech” to the Combat Zone where Tera had been squatting. Cyanide and the rest caught a ride with Nomad and proceeded to go to their respective homes. Candy left with Rift after the revolutionary netrunner offered her a place to stay with The Irrationals. The group agreed to meet back up after 48 hours.

Tera made modifications to Rift’s weapon. On the day of the meet, Tera encountered some go gangers looking to steal what they could from the floor above. When he investigated, he managed to catch one of them off guard and blast them with his internalized shotgun. To his surprise, however, the gangers weren’t there for anything except to bring him in for his debtors dear or alive. He was able to flashbang the group and make a getaway to the container. After getting access to the mech, Tera did what he could to just operate its weapon systems to turn most of the pursuant gangers into a fine mist. The rest, realizing at last what they were up against, fled the scene. 

Cyanide visited a corporate doctor recommended by her agent. The doctor gave her a prescription supplementary dieting concoction to take with her food. Upon resting, she experienced a dream where she was attempting to help extract a Japanese man out of a building that was under attack. Trapped, this version of Cyanide jacked both herself and Yamane into a large virtual database through an old cyberterminal. With the punch of a key on her cyberdeck, both people’s consciousnesses were digitized and transferred into the database.

Vector found students from the demolished dojo at their door. They asked for help and protection and Vector agreed to allow them to stay in their home in exchange for help in repairing Candy’s clinic. When asked, the students replied that they learned of Vector’s home through Shogo, who was at the site of the demolished dojo. Furious, Vector messaged the fellow solo. A former student and adopted child of Vector’s family, Shogo reminded Vector about Giri; a moral obligation in Japanese culture. Specifically, his obligation to protect Vector and how their obligation was now to the students their parents took in and trained. Vector was now sensei after Hayashibara was murdered.   

Nomad woke up in his Firebird and drove around Japantown, saw the demolished dojo and learned about a man named Mr Voodoo and his connection to the Yakuza by bribing two local scavenger kids with candy bars.

Rift brought Candy to meet Annalisa, who was not subtle about hiding her jealousy. She offered Candy a seat at the table in exchange for a safe place to live and work. Candy privately confronted Rift, asking him if he had joined a cult.

Once they met up at Large Marge’s, the team commiserated over their individual issues. Candy accidentally let on that she believed Rift belonged to a terrorist cult, but then backtracked and said she had just watched a bad telenovela about cults during her “sleepover”. 

Tera repeatedly told everyone how he was shot at by boosters who were looking to collect his bounty for debt collectors and that the mech needed to be relocated.

Cyanide had Candy identify the contents of the powder like “nutritional supplement” given to her. Candy ingested the powder, forgetting that she had just done so until, after the 3rd attempt, she was stopped. After reading over the ingredients, she identified a complex compound that represses memories and is typically used in conjunction with therapy with subjects that had traumatic pasts. 

Nomad brought up the human trafficker Mr Voodoo and how his sex parlor, the “Arcade” was connected to the Yakuza assault on the Vorpal Family and Vector’s family dojo. 

The team also went over the communique they had received by an anonymous user named Alpha. In the message, Alpha provided satellite surveillance photos of an abandoned ILS called Promethea. Located northwest of Night City and situated on a high cliff overlooking the ocean, the Promethea ILS was said to be haunted by ghosts and occupied by demons. Though no one knows who truly controls the site currently, Alpha believes that one of their fellow AI brethren is kept captive inside. Each runner received 2500 eurodollars as an advance for this operation with the rest to be received after a successful run was completed.

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