Welcome back one and all to Funky Thunderr’s weekly menagerie of marvelicious and totally tubular comic book awesomeness known as The Pull List! This week’s reading is packed full of twists and turns and even maybe a few dipsy doos. We are in week 2 of DC’s Future State event and don’t discount Marvel either they got some goodie goodness for you to partake in and absorb through your eyeholes. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

Future State: Teen Titans #1

Writer: Tim Sheridan

Art: Rafa Sandoval

The comic premiere of cartoon only character Red X is upon us friends and it does not fail to impress.  We are in the future, Titans Tower is destroyed and Nightwing and Red Arrow search through the rubble and find Dick’s old Red X mask from way back when.  Plenty of flashbacks and flash forwards and flash middles ensue, but no Flash’s strangely enough.  The Titans are under Starfire leadership as we speak and she does not seem to be on good terms with Nightwing.  The new Red X is locked up in the basement helping Raven with tactical moves in a mental danger rooom type thing.  My first guess is maybe it’s Damian but who know’s we’ll see.  The end of the issue shows Nightwing releasing Red X from his cell and donning his own Deathstroke type mask  to come win the big battle no matter what it takes.  I really enjoyed this issue, the use of Nightwing as a defeated hero at his breaking point and the strained relationships he seems to have with all the other Titans, well the one’s who aren’t dead at least.  A lot of gravestones at Titans Tower.  The possible future of the DC Universe sure does seem to be a dark place which always can bring about some compelling reading.

Future State: Robin Eternal #1

Writer: Meghan Fitzmartin

Art: Eddy Barrows

Tim Drake is waging a one man war against the Magistrate of Gotham City.  With no chances of survival do you think he’s giving up? Hell no, not this Robin.  With some kickass camo tech that effectively makes him invisible kinda gives ya a Batman Beyond vibe especially with all the futuristic cyborgs and whatnot he’s fighting.  Pretty damn good issue here with Tim and Spoiler teaming up to take the fight to The Magistrate’s plan to make all his cyborgs immortal using essence from a Lazarus Pit.  I’ve always loved Tim Drake as Robin and this is no exception, really quality story writing here and some awesome art.  I had initially passed on this book because I assumed it was Damian at the time but I’m thrilled to see the change to Tim and really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Future State: Justice League #1

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Robson Rocha

The Justice League of the future is very successful but not the family of it’s predecessors.  After the old Justice League was betrayed from within they set up a new charter that kept their identities secret from each other and didn’t form personal relationships with one another.  Lame.  As they are investigating the deaths of the new Legion of Doom they are seemingly taken out by………..each other?  Do you smell white martians? Cuz I smell white martians.  Nice simple story here, nothing great but sets up for a good ole fashioned throwdown in the next issue.  Now the important part……The Justice League Dark story at the end of the book.  Merlin has returned, stolen all the magicks for himself and outlawed all kinds of witchcraft on the planet.  He sends out witch hunters to hunt down witches and supernatural beings, killed an angel this issue they did.  Bobo is bound to Etrigan now and surprise surprise John  Constantine is part of the resistance and they succeed in bringing back Doctor Fate.  Ok this story way more interesting than the main one.  I have always been a bit partial to the DC magic stuff but this was really good.  Can’t wait to see how they fight off Merlin and bring peace back to the realm……….maybe.

Future State: Dark Detective #1

Writer: Mariko Tamaki

Art: Dan Mora

In the future, Batman and Bruce Wayne are dead………or are they? Shot down in an alley by Peacekeeper 1 Batman is presumed dead and Bruce Wayne wanders the streets of Gotham after spending the last of his family fortune to get patched up by a back alleyway doctor of sorts.  Can he just disappear into the world and give up the fight? Can he stand idly by as innocents suffer? Yeah you know he can’t as Batman re-emerges and takes the fight to oppressive overlords that rule his city.  Pretty decent issue here, not great but solid.  Art was really good.  This  is a 4 issue mini so they got a bit more time to flesh out a story so i’m interested to see where it goes from here.

Mighty Morphin #3

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Art: Marco Renna

Issue 3 of the new Power Rangers series brings us to the Power Rangers and the new mystery Green Ranger getting thoroughly stomped by the new Puttie Prime laced with chaos energy.  Billy manages to save the Green Ranger and get him to teleport out before he is overtaken and the main team has to fight off a befuddled Adam who thinks they are the putties and the putties are his friends after getting messed with by Lord Zedd’s energies.  They manage to escape and regroup just in time to get their zords ready to go for the big showdown with super sized Puttie Prime in downtown Angel Grove.  Pretty solid issue here, still no clues as to who is underneath that Green Ranger helmet but it has to be revealed soon one would think.

Amazing Spider-man #57

Writer: Nick Spencer

Art: Mark Bagley

The final fallout from Last Remains finds Peter and his spider family attempting to pick up the pieces of their lives after dealing with Kindred.  Norman wants Peter to try to get through to Harry but Peter wants no part of anyone in the Osborn clan.  The spider family has decided to band together and form a group to help Peter when he needs it most and they are calling themselves “The Order”. Pretty good read overall but i’m definitely ready for the next story arc as the Last Remains arc has been going  on forever.

Immortal Hulk #42

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Alex Lins

I’ve said it before but this book just keeps getting weirder and weirder every month.  So Bruce Banner is being tortured inside his own brain by the Leader who has consumed Banner’s father. Hulk got all weak and stuff and Doc Samson is possessing Sasquatch and um………..I think i’ve gone cross eyed.  But anyway book is always good, I wouldn’t suggest picking it up now unless you have been following cuz it would be hella confusing but if you’re in with the story it’s all good yo.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #9

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Raffaele Ienco

The latest issue of the Darth Vader  series is really awesome and shows the real strengths of a Vader book.  Vader is being hunted by the Emperor’s assassin as well as killer droids and has salvaged parts to repair his own robotic systems and lays waste to them in pure badass sith fashion.  And instead of killing the assassin he uses him to hook up the sith wayfinder to take him to the Emperor’s secrets on Exegol.  I really do appreciate how they can manage to have you rooting for Vader cuz ya know everyone loves Vader but he’s still the same evil sith douche that will only not kill you if it benefits him. 

OK folks, that’s gonna bring an end to this week’s titles and the pick of the week for me this week is a tough one.  I”m gonna have to go with Future State: Teen Titans #1 as my pick.  Ya know any book with Nightwing is gonna get a vote from me and the interactions with him and the other Titans as they try to do something to save the day is really great.  And the long anticipated debut of Red X was also pretty damn awesome and who doesn’t love Nightwing with a Deathstroke mask?!
So until next time………….Keep It Funky My Friends!

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