We began our descent into madness by going over Lovecraft history, the changes this supplement brings, the Mythos gods available, and the new powers they bestow upon their Scions. The players also gave a quick summary of their characters.

The fun continued after break where the setting and history of the area was described in detail and our character determined how they knew one another.

Finally, our story began in earnest at Large Marge’s Donut Barn, where a dozen equals 14. Marius received a voicemail from his Scion friend, Ben Moore. He asked for help after looking at a painting and requested Marius come over. The group paid for breakfast and travelled to Armstead Spire, a scary apartment complex.

Once there, the group ascended the stairs and Marius picked the lock after Maria sensed there was decay in the room. The group walked into a scene of massive violence and gore and now the Scions have a mystery to solve.

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