Previously, our edgerunners were in the middle of their first run when Estrella Security guards and their resident netrunner became aware of their presence as they attempted to steal a container full of smart weapons.

Rift faced off with the resident netrunner and forcibly ejected him from the bottom of the network architecture, setting him aflame in meatspace with a hellbolt program. Afterwards, he dropped a virus which killed control of all drones and cameras on site. To anyone looking at the screens, it appeared as classic Pac-Man eating blue ghosts.

Once the mechanized crane became operable, Tera finished loading the container on the Queso Blanco. When one of the security guards threatened him with a sub-machine, the Tech climbed up and moved swiftly along the arm of the crane and down onto the ship’s deck.

Nomad covered for his crew mates by engaging two security guards in a firefight among the sitting containers.

Vector used the now lifeless slamhound to flatten another guard who tried to apprehend Candy. Candy used the guard’s zip ties to restrain him further.

Rift put a round in a few guards on his way to the ship before he himself was shot in the shoulder, damaging his mimetic polycarbon suit. No longer able to go completely invisible, Rift shot back and downed his attacker, finishing them off with a point blank shot to the face.

Nomad returned to the ship amid the gunplay and, with Tera, began loading the container’s units onto a freight elevator that shot the materials down to the minisub attached to the bottom of the vessel. Rift boarded shortly after Tera and Nomad discovered a Militech War Commando Powered Armor suit along with dozens of smart-linked weapons.

Candy and Vector entered the warehouse containing the netrunner. The Medtech successfully managed to lure one of the guards away from Nomad and Tera with a confiscated walkie talkie from the unconscious guard. Vector proceeded to throttle the netrunner with a roundhouse, knocking him unconscious.

The last remaining guard tasered Candy and hip fired their SMG at Vector, whose fast reflexes took over and allowed them to duck behind a cyberterminal for cover. The Solo fired their crossbow into the back of the shooter and finished them off with a palm strike to their throat.

With the cargo loaded, Nomad set the ship on a course and informed the rest of the team that they had seconds, not minutes, before he would navigate the Queso Blanco away from the shore with their score. Nomad then placed the ship on auto navigation.

Vector cradled Candy in their arms and vaulted onto the deck of the ship as it sped away.

With two port authority ships converging fast on their position, Nomad and the crew made their way into the minisub and went the other direction. The two ships used searchlights and even boarded the bridge in search of the runners. When they did, a large explosive trap established by Tera earlier went off and obliterated anyone onboard.

Nomad and crew made their way to the drop off site down the waterway. There, they encountered a car full of Ms Rain’s security escort. Identifying Nomad, they reached out to Ms Rain. Both Fixers proceeded to bargain with one another for acquisition of the Powered Armor.

Rendezvousing with the team, Cyanide helped Nomad negotiate with Rain over keeping the Powered Armor and a few weapons from the cache. Rain reluctantly agreed to it and had the runners drop the munitions atop an unfinished building.

Meeting with a smuggler named Lobo from his Vorpal Family, Nomad arranged for the War Commando to be transported using a large semi. Wanting to get back to his Firebird, Nomad and the team left Night City and entered the badlands just outside its walls once again.

As they arrived at the garage, however, the taste of their short lived victory soured when faced with a garage full of corpses left to rot in the desert night.

Lobo called it into the Family and sent an old man named The Assessor to find out what happened. Both he and Nomad got into a heated argument over who was to blame for the bloodbath.

Around this time, the robotic voice of the AI “J” began to speak through the Firebird’s speaker system. It explained that through its advanced systems it was able to pick up clues as to their attacker’s identity and motivation. It became clear that the perpetrators of the assault were Yakuza in origin.

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